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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Cris Crotz

I: Huge sports fan i watch pretty much every sport my favorite is college basketball and i am very big into mma,pro wrestling.

A: I hold a red belt in tawkwondo and I used to play poker online for money a lot and now I buy storage units to make a living while I'm in college

M: I am very honest and loyal i never backstab EVER unless you play me dirty !!!!!!

STILL: Ilove big brother and mtv challenge and i plan to get back into survivor and amazing race :P

TH: casting: (1) 1st place, (4) 2nd place and (5) 3rd places

E: Group game record of all games good and bad:
Yankeeman survivor us vs. world 1/16 (5-2)
Yankeeman survivor all stars 4/18
Yankemann survivor brain vs. brawn (brawn side) 20/20
Spinner/Gaia survivor south pacific 7th/18
Spinner survivor Fiji 2nd of 18 (4-3-1-1)
Gaiaphage survivor Comoros 2nd of 25 (10-0-0)
Gaiaphage survivor all stars 19th of 23
Gaiaphage gen 2: Qatar 2nd/16th (3-2-2)
Gaiaphage's winners vs runner ups 19th of 22.
Js21 survivor one world 5th/16 (everyone had immunity or idols but me)
Js21 Rwanda dynamic duos 6th/16
Benlinus survivor Marquesas 11th/18
Benlinus second chances 3rd/18
Mearl Survivor mearl islands 4th/18
K: Bingo survivor Tuamotus 14th/16
Bingo21 second chances 2nd of 21 (6-3-0)
Suitman survivor Brunei 1st/18 (4-3-0)
Suitmans morals vs merciless 1st/20 (4-3-2)
Turney Survivor Bahamas 10th/18
Cmack survivor mexico 1st/18 (7-2-0)
Cmack survivor winner 17th/26
Lifer survivor island of champions 32nd/100
Turney1805 survivor second chances Seychelles 2nd of 20 (7-1-0)
Bingo21 mates vs mavericks 7th/20
I: Suitman's Survivor: Conqueror's Crusade 10th of 24
gaiaphagee Survivor 48: Belarus- Fans VS Favorites 3 1st of 20 (7-1 jury vote)

L: Big brother
1. Sparticus142's Big Brother:7th of 13
2. Djtropicana big brother warm welcome:5th of 9 (partnered with BCLRocksChamp)
3. Djtropicana big brother all stars 8th of 13
4. Eamon big brother 3rd of 14
5. Rsf gen 2 season 4 Big brother mystery room 12th of 14
L: 6. kpnna big brother season 13 the joker 1st of 16 (5-4 vote)
7. Kpnna big brother season 15 all stars 3 4th of 13
8. Kpnna big brother season 16 ultimate all stars 14th of 14

The challenge-
Rsf- season 9: CUTTHROAT 1st of 34 (with johnoliver96 )
E: Rsf- season 11: The Gauntlet 17th of 32
Rsf- season 13 battle of the seasons 12th/15 (with michael222)
Rsf- season 15 ruins 10th/28 (round 3 elimation)
Rsf gen 2 season 2- Cutthroat 2- 5th/24 (round 7 elimination)
Nbkiller's fresh meat- 12th/15 (with jordonk)
Rsf- gen 2 season 6 free agents- 28th/28
Nbkiller's season 11 cutthroat 2nd /30 (with lafiercebrittany, mittens and ryan_jambe)
Turney1805 ttrs season 30 the duel 6th/15
Turney1805 ttrs season 34 free agents 7th/15
Turney1805 ttrs season 38 cutthroat 1st/30
Turney1805 ttrs season 40 Friends 1st/14

R: Other games:
NickSaysRawrxD Unanimous season 1:2nd of 9
NickSaysRawrxD Unanimous season 2:1st of 9
NickSaysRawrxD Unanimous season 4:1st of 9
Thebookthief amazing race 2nd of 10 (with 12345)
NickSaysRawrxD star's 2nd of 13
the house 20 : 4th of 11
Danielvk random stars 1st for 12
Lifer107 100 to 1- 22nd of 100
Chantra1 Endurance Greece:2nd of 7 with Splozojames
Chantra1 Enderence all stars 5th of 11 with Splozojames
rsf season 10: the castle 9th of 42
Rsf gen 2 season 3 solitary: 4th of 13
Turney/Nbkiller amazing race 6th/14
Ryan_jambe reality roulette (mixed formats) 1st of 20
nbkiller the mole 5th of 20
rshow opposite worlds 3rd of 18
Ryan_jambe amazing race 13 9th of 13 (team stage,26 ppl total, partners with timster)
Rshow's the quest 1st of 15
Turney1805 ttrs37 legends of the hidden temple 4th of 15 (partnered with Frenchmaid)
Turney1805 the apprentice long skype game 1st of 12
Rshowfreak redneck island 2 3rd of 30 (with cryptspartan/nick9811/jaxon)
Rsf American grit (cadre) 3rd of 5
Turney1805 ttrs48 whodunnit: killer (winner:TBA)

My Games 44 games played

31 Aug, 19
27 Feb, 17
28 Jun, 16
4 May, 16
1 Sep, 15
11 Jun, 15
5 Apr, 15

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