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Main Group:

ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE COMPETED IN ANY PREVIOUS SEASON OF MINE CAN ENTER(You will be removed if you are currently in a season)

It's not really your average Viewers Lounge, it's more so just a group for people to comment on what is going on in the game, and what they think is going to happen

I am disclosing NOTHING regarding confessionals, idols, voting, alliances, etc. in this group. There is no use to have a slight, small chance of someone leaking information, so why not just have there be no chance at all? Exactly

There will be fun things happening each season, such as:
-Pick the winner: An interactive way for you guys to enjoy the game and root for someone to win it all
-Ask the Host: Where the alumni can ask me questions about the game, players, or my thoughts on what is going on
-More things added as we go

India: Tico(ticofernandez) picked Darcy(Boots22)
BvsW: Zach(tuter32) picked Jake(Lemjam6)
Tocantins: Dana(totstrashy) picked Shadi(Chastain)
Africa: Andrew(AndrewWeltner) picked Alan(alanb1)
Malaysia: Mel(me2013) picked Mike(Survivor8)
Palau: Christian(HipposUnite) picked Cedric(teamjacz)
Bolivia: Brandan(Maladus1) picked Alan(alanb1)
Indonesia: Tico(ticofernandez) picked James(jamessmith5)
Congo: Qaz(Qazwdxedc) picked Nick(Brandt69)
Generations: Gamo(ThisIsMyGame) picked Erik(YoundAndReckless)
Fiji: Sean(Caliboy) picked Christian(Christian_)
Panama: Jake(Rodrigues75) picked Crae(Craeola)
Madagascar: Kasey(Kaseyhope101) picked Ethan(Ethan000)
Last Chances: N/A picked Brady(bradyspaulding16)
Battle of the Champions: Tim(terose) picked Rhys(AndThenThereWasOne)

Overall, enjoy this lounge...and enjoy the free popcorn, provided by the cast of Cmack's Survivor:Morocco!

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