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Mar 8, 2015 by aiwfwyattroh
Just got a letter from my school that I have the chance to go on the school trip to Cuba this tuesday! I missed the cutoff but someone backed out.

Very excited were going to spend four days doing charity work, Two days learning Cuban culture in a restaurant and a store, then the last day we "work" on a boat that gets seafood.

I'm very excited for this, I only had like 15 mins of internet access a day but that rly dosen't matter I'm just blessed that i have been offered this chance.

If you know of anything I should try to do while over there plz post it below :)


:) Sounda awesome. I'm so glad you'll be able to go on this trip! You'll finally back in your Cuban homeland and get to experience the culture your parents grew up with. I also know how much you like communism so you'll be able to ezperience that. Have fun!
Sent by DylanBTBT,Mar 8, 2015

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