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Hello, my name is #SlytherinGoddess

**** Group Games I have Won****
{1st}-Cubsguy's Thailand- 4/5 Jury Votes (Villain of the Season)
{1st}-Smiley's Arbria- 3/5 Jury Votes
{1st}-Cmack's BB6- 6/8 Jury Votes (Player of the season)(Never faced Eviction)
{1st}-CK11's Thailand- 3/5 Votes
{1st}-Cole's Skype BB2- 4/7 Jury Votes
{1st}- Janelle's Germany- 5/7 Jury Votes (Fan Fave/Entertainment Award)
{1st}- Bingo's Krygstan- 4/7 Jury Votes
{1st}-Jimbo's Survivor: Navarre( Flops vs Fresh Faces)- 5/8 Jury Votes
{1st}- Tanner's Hunger Games World at War Year 18
{1st}- Nick's Big Brother 6- The Secret Six- 5(6)-4 (Stratgeist/ Best Move of Season)
{1st/50}Cmack's 50th: Last Man Standing- 4/7 Jury Votes
(Best Allaince (WhoreHouse), Stratgiec Player, Worst Social Game, Villian of the Season, Player of the Season)
{1st}- Julian's Survivor Hryle- 8/9 Votes, Player of the Season
{1st} Cutthroat (Fast Game): A Valentine's Day

*******Group Game Finals(Lost)*******
{2nd}- Mattkown's Paulu- 3/9 Jury Votes (Villain of the Season)
{2nd}- Janelle's X-Idol #3- As Christina Grimme
{2nd}- Kyle'sDBB5- 2/7 Jury Votes
{2nd}- Suitman's St.Lucia- 2/5 Jury Votes
{2nd}- Leli's Second Chances- 2/9 Jury Votes
{2nd}- TTJ's Polynesia- 2/5 Jury Votes
{3rd}- Bowling's Pokemon Survivor, New Moon Island- 1/9 Jury Votes- As Rhydon
{3rd}- Mearl's South Africa- 2/9 Jury Votes (Player of the Season)
{3rd}- Lower Level Stars 21- Survived 2 Polls
{3rd}- Survivorfan11's Big Brother- Too lazy to spam

****** Groups I won an Award for******
{3rd}- Cubsguy's Marquesa- Hero of the Season
{3rd}- Survivor233's Faoe Islands- Villian of the Season
{3rd}- Dryerfish's Greenland- Player/Villian of the Season
{3rd}- Cmack's Congo-Allaince/Statgeist/Physical/Villian/Player of the Season
{5th}- Survivorfan37's Indonesia- Villian of the season
{6th}- Loganworm's Madagascar- Fan Favorite
{6th]- Suitman's Aiya Thekla- Fan Favorite
{7th}- Benlinus's Survivor Vietnam- Villian of the Season
{7th}- Janelle's Cayman Islands- Co-Villian of the Season
{8th}- Cmack's Gabon- Co-Villian of the Season
{9th}- Link's Egpyt- Player of the Season
{9th}- NJKooda's Survivor Nepal- Fan Favorite
{9th]-Coolnarwhale's All-Stars- Villian of the Season
{10th- Coolnarwhales Koh Sook- Villian of the Season

******Favorite/Notable Games******
{3rd}- BHD's Peru
{3rd}- Bingo's Second Chances
{3rd}- Blats Hunger Games #55
{4th}- Suitman's Redemption Island
{4th}- KyleDD Big Brother All Stars
{4th}- Mattkown's All-Stars
{4th}- Spinner's Phillipense
{5th}- Cmack's Caramoan (As Favorite)
{6th}- Suitman's All Stars
{6th} Gaia's Eteria FvF
{6th} Turney's Big Brother 10
{7th}- Blat's Hunger Games #57
{13th}- Suitman's Entitled vs Earned (RWACKS)

***********Notable Ranks*******
- Cmack's Hall of Fame
-Suitman's Hall of Fame
- Made a BB group without ever facing eviction (Cmack's Big Brother 6)
- Made it to the end of a Survivor Group without getting a vote (Suitman's St.Lucia/ CK's Survivor Tailand/ Mearl's Survivor South Africa)

*********** My Groups Winners************
Survivor Panema: Somats (5-2)
Survivor China: AdamBongo (7-1-1)
Survivor Guteamala: Davewilly (4-3)
Survivor Cook Islands: WavykidQ (5-4-0)
Survivor Amazon: DragonJason (4-1)

---------------- Gen 2-------------
1-Survivor Tocantains: Juilan (Thesexiestdude1990) (4-3)
2-Survivor Japan: Will (Survivorfan37)(6-1-1)
3-Survivor Nicagura: Andrew 'Karni' (Manipulation)(5-4)
4-Survivor Rocky Moutains: Stoner (Gaiaphage)(6-1)
5-Survivor Blood vs Water: Michael (Michael31)(5-2-2)
6-Survivor Egypt: Anthony (Bones0027)(4-2-1)
7-Survivor Vanautu: Dave (Dfalc7)(4-3-1)
8-Survivor All-Stars: Bingo 'Jarrod' (Bingo21)(5-4)
9-Survivor Germany: Nick (Archerskyfire)(5-2)
10- Survivor Fans vs Failures: Natalie ()(4-3-3)
11-Survivor Cagayan: Mearl (Mearl)(6-1)
12-Survivor Libya- Battle of the Worlds- Cole (Cole91)(8-1)
13Survivor Berumda Trinagle- Duos vs Rivals- David (4-3-2)(Survivorrulz96)
14-Survivor Cambodia- Yonna (usernamee)(6-1)
15-Survivor One World- Dakota (dak236)(4-3-3)
16-Survivor Revolution- Chris (Carriad73)(4-2-1)
17-Survivor Greeve: Jacob (kekgeek)(6-1)
18-Survivor Great Britian- Friends vs Favorites- John (Jxhn)(5-2)

------------- Virtual Survivor------------
1-The Azores- Robert R. (Robulusjgreisonne) 4-3
2-Caledonia-Dan B. (Duke) 5-2
3-Vietnam- Zach T. (Tuter32) 4-3
4-Kenya- Mearl E.(Mearl) 4-3-1
5-Hawaii- Jacob S. (BOBROCKS330)- 6-3
6-Jordan- Joel W. (JoelW55) 5-2
7-Masterminds vs Underdogs- FireDragon 'Drake' A. (Alaskanfiredragon) 5-2-1
8-Austrilia- Mearl E. (Mearl) 3-2
9-Venzuela- Tico F.(ticofernandez)
10-Pearl Islands- The Final Season: Michael (Michael31) 5(6)-5
11- Ghost Island: NJ (NJKoda1998) 8(9)-1

****************** Virtual Survivor Hall of Fame***********

Tengaded Accomplishemnts:
- Started a Neg Day
- Reached Gold Level
- Best Merge Streak: 2 Merges
- Had a #1 Blog
- Had #1 Group
- 10'd A tribe ( )
- Own all 4 ads
- Top Fashionista (4-28)(8-18)( )

- Joeker

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