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1stJul 1, 2012 by Wonderland


Because I love Big Brother , and i would watch it everyday =)

And I've known you longer than any of these bitches.
Sent by Savcodushe,Jul 1, 2012
me because u nommed me for 13th in that rookies once and it would be the perfect way to make up to me lol luv u amy
Sent by semajdude,Jul 1, 2012
Sent by JUM40BUM40,Jul 1, 2012
allieboballie because I really enjoy watching big brother and I tried to be your friend once but you kind of like pushed me away idk.
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Jul 1, 2012
You should let me have them
I have nothing better to do with my life and I am tired of using ghetto feeds :/
Sent by Brandonator,Jul 1, 2012
I would like to have them because I'm ginger and awesome If you pick me
my skype
Sent by MinsiTits,Jul 1, 2012
HUMP cause i spent a shitload of $T on your eyes
Sent by Hump,Jul 1, 2012
I've never really had them and maybe this will be my first expierence with them!

If I like it i'll start buying them! :)
Sent by Dzenan00,Jul 1, 2012
Blake, because I've signed up the past two years and have never won, and even though I can't say that I'm the biggest Big Brother fan on this website, I am a fucking diehard fan of Big Brother and it is my favorite show. If you don't give them to me, I understand, but I'd fucking love you for life. < 3
Sent by BlakeIsBack,Jul 1, 2012
me bcuzzzzzz i watched them before and didnt give them out to anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

< 3333333333
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jul 1, 2012
I would like to have them because it is my favourite show and I think you are soo sweet. I know we havent really talked at all but I would really like to become friends with you. Gl on your decision sweetheart :* ♥
Sent by Monomial,Jul 2, 2012
Well I love Big Brother, but I'm not allowed to pay for it. I never wanted to apply for these because I knew you wouldn't pick me but I wanted to be courageous. I need to spend the money from my job for my family and for school, so I can't afford to pay for them. If you do give it to me, I would just be so blessed because I've never seen feeds before EVER in my life. I've only seen the show, so I would just be so blessed and thankful if you did pick me.
Sent by Danielvk,Jul 2, 2012
I would like big brother feeds because i am a huge big brother fan. i know I'm just a green level but i really want these. i will not waste the feeds at all like some other people would. i am saving up my money for nicer things. plus my family is short on money. life is getting hard and i would love some big brother entertainment feeds to release stress and just laugh. if you do pick me i will be the most appreciative. thanks for at least the chance! :D
Sent by jasoncutie7542,Jul 2, 2012
Oh also, I'm not just a noob.

I was Sizzle_xD ok =]
Sent by BlakeIsBack,Jul 2, 2012
I am a huge fan of big brother. I am only 15 and i dont have a credit card and cant buy them. I could ask my parents i guess, idk what they would say, but they are not interested in big brother or any of my shows. So i have never had live feeds. I would very much appreciate if you chose me, but if not it's all good and grats to the people you do choose (:
Sent by Lemjam6,Jul 2, 2012
But only if they are mobile because i am mostly on my ipad < 3 so if they arent, please dont pick me (:
Sent by Lemjam6,Jul 2, 2012
Disneygeek, I know we fought but u have to understand...America is going through tough times and I don't have a lot of money :( I want to watch it but it costs alot :/
Sent by disneygeek,Jul 2, 2012
I wanna win and im cute
Sent by Halloween,Jul 2, 2012
Me, hmmm i guess nothing much to say besides that I have always supported you and think you're a good person xD
Sent by kimmal8,Jul 2, 2012
I adore big brother and I hate how big brother makes ass wholes look good and the nice people look shitty. So i would love to see the people for who they really are, not who there made out to be.
Sent by black0ut247,Jul 2, 2012
Im a huge big brother fan... and i usually dong get my allowance in the i cant get feeds :(
Sent by Dusty12910,Jul 2, 2012

Hi Amy. I know that we aren't necessarily a fan of each other, but you should give me Big Brother feeds because I'm a trustworthy person, so I'm not going to give everyone your feeds, because that is highly unfair, especially after you trust me with them. Also I'm a huge Big Brother fan and have never gotten the feeds and I've always wanted them so I can really get to know the house guests and I would actually use them, so I'm not a waste of a person you're giving feeds to. I hope you take me into consideration and hope you pick me! Thank you!

Sent by hoodieboy7449,Jul 2, 2012

Wassup Amy? Well, I've watched Big Brother since BB9, tbh. So i was a little late haha. However, I have never been able to see the live feeds. I would pay for them myself, but i'm up to my shoulders in college debt, and i'm going into the medical world, so i have 6 more years of debt to add. So this would be a great little present i can enjoy now, when i have the freetime in the summer to enjoy it :D
Sent by qwert2,Jul 2, 2012

I know we're not super close friends or anything, but you've entrusted me with access to the feeds before, and I didn't betray that trust.  I enjoyed the feeds very much, and I was extremely grateful of you for choosing me.  I'd completely understand if you'd like to give someone else a chance, but I would honored if you chose me to view the feeds with you again :)
Sent by realitynerd,Jul 2, 2012

Hey Amy. I know we haven't met eachother yet, or even talked for that matter. So, Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy!
I've been watching big brother since BB8 and I think I should get the feeds because I've never experience big brother on the live feed and I think it'l be fun! I also am a very trustworthy person.
I do not have the money to buy them on my own, so thats why I wound up here. I really hope you choose me, but I don't expect you choosing me.
Thanks for your time.
Sent by Eman003,Jul 2, 2012

i really like big brother and im not doing much over the summer, so i would definately take advantage of the feeds and watch them like all day cuz im that much of a loser i will also gift you when i get the chance ;)

i swear i will
Sent by Rebelman2227,Jul 2, 2012
I have never seen Big Brother before, but I actually intend on watching it this time out of pure interest for the drama that is said to be instilled in the game.

I would like to be able to break the game down more and follow it in order to possibly become a true fan of the show, and inside access to everything going on would surely help me in doing so.
Sent by Seal,Jul 2, 2012

Well, I really enjoy big brother, but I can't afford to pay for the feeds because I don't have a job yet. I would really love to be able to watch the feeds for once, and hopefully I will be able to pay for them myself next summer.
Sent by Megan,Jul 2, 2012

I have never been able to watch the feeds and I am obsessed with big brother. I wish I could personally buy the feeds but I cant my mother would never go for it. gl with your decision
Sent by DanishEyes,Jul 2, 2012

Hi OMG this is an awesome giveaway to be honest. REALLY nice of you to do. It's something different rather than the usual gift giveaways. But yeah, I have been watching big brother for many seasons, and so does my whole family. Not only I, but my whole family, would LOVE to be able to see what goes on off television.  We are unable to buy them on our own, so this would be like a lifesaver!
I would love to be selected for this, it would really change my summer!
THank you for reading :)
Sent by redsoxjc,Jul 2, 2012

Okay first off .. Hi :D... Okay. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Brother and i have NEVER had live feeds before becase i dont have a credit card to pay with :)...I have seen all 13 seasons and like i said before not once have i watched live feeds. Please give me that oppurtuniy :).

And once again. Thank you soooo much. You are a really nice person OMg
Sent by JetsRock12,Jul 2, 2012
Ily Amykins
Sent by tonym101101,Jul 2, 2012
In Australia Big Brother I thought was like amazing, but watching Big Brother U.S oh god please bless Big Brother Australiaaa.
BB U.S is really good, the drama is like 100% better than Australia, one drama was like a young person arguing with the oldest person in the house which was uselesss BB Aus you can't even talk about nominees, dulllll.
Sent by lionnudes,Jul 2, 2012
My name's like down there beside the sent by thing, but if I win you can like mail me for my original account and bleh.
I'm like obsessed with big brother, every year for the past like 3 I've watched it, and checked jokersupdates like every few hours. If I didn't have to check jokersupdates, and I got to actually watch some of the competitions, then that would save me a shitload of time, and yeah. I don't even know what happens so they might not even happen (the competitions) This beats gifts and shit, so yeah, doing this is really nice and all. Well ok I don't really think you even like me but I like to type/write so I'm still doing it. Okbye
Sent by Assassin,Jul 2, 2012
prince_Eric because I always get super excited around big brother time since its like the only reality show I actually get really into:L and ive had them from you once before and I really enjoyed watching them:D
Sent by prince_Eric,Jul 2, 2012
Dear Wonderland
i have never gotten to go through any season of big brother with access to live feeds
it is to expenisve and i cant pull money together for it to EVER work out:(
Even if its just this once i want to be able to expiriance the live feeds for one summer
i would appreciate it aton and its something id never forget
so please take me into consideration
i am a huge fan of the show:')
Sent by austino15fffan,Jul 2, 2012
Big Brother is a part of me. I've been watching since BB3.  And I'm 14 now so I've been watching it since I was a toddler. It's been my favorite show since forever and I understand that you have your friends but I've been DYING to get the live feeds since then. My parents never bought them and I had no money of my own. Whenever I was younger I would always pretend to be doing little kid stuff on the computer, while I was always reading recaps of what happened on the live feeds. No matter whether the HGs were talking strategy or just sleeping, I was hooked. To me Big Brother is not a TV Show. It's a journey. From watching people we love get into sticky situations and hoping they pull out of it, and the joy of if they actually do get out of it. From hating HGs and falling in love with them down the line. From watching people's character develop. From watching the confetti falling at the end of the season and no matter who it falls on, getting a sense of happiness. All of this magnifies by a lot with the live feeds. It would be an honor if I was able to view them. If not, I understand.

Thank you for considering me :)
Sent by best,Jul 2, 2012

Wonderland, Big Brother is basically me life. This is all I talk about everyday and even my whole family know that I love Big Brother and knows how much I love to be in the show. I NEED the live feeds because my parents are buying a truck atm and they dont have the money to buy me live feeds this year. Me and my friends LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch the HoH Challenges live its so much fun. Big Brother is the whole reason why Ive been waiting for summer. Not because of school being out or swimming or whatever. Its because of Big Brother. I really want these Live Feeds and I 100% would not waste them. Actually I would probably watch them all day. And I stay online for a long amount of time so I can assure you they wont go to waste.

Thanks for reading, hopefully Im picked but im not a very good writer :x.

< 3.
Sent by iDannielle,Jul 2, 2012

Wonderland, My name is Jordan, you probably dont know me, but I am a huge Big Brother Fan. Seriously. I should be on My strange addiction.(: Anyways, I just want the feeds, because last year, I missed all the times Kalia went to the fridge and ate pudding. Thats not fun.(: I do need to know when people eat pudding.(: haha. I dont know. If I got the feeds, I would be very deserving of them, and take advantage of them. Thank you for allowing people to get this.(:

Sent by krazyjordan7,Jul 2, 2012
i have watched big brother since season 2 and never have my parents allowed me to get the live feeds.  i have literally never ever seen any big brother except what they put in the episodes.  i always feel ashamed to call myself a big brother fan because i never watch the feeds!  however, if you give me your info for the feeds, i will finally be able to immerse myself in the big brother world!  and trust me, it will NOT go to waste. :)  thanks for your consideration, and i look forward to hearing your decision.
Sent by AmyPond,Jul 2, 2012

Pretty much. My Mom will never let me get the stream. Im not going to BS you with some BS like i Big Brother is my life. I mean i do love big brother but it not my life. The main reason is i would love to get chance to really see who big brother works. So wont to base my opinion  on the housemates on from the just the show.
Sent by koolmanmadden,Jul 2, 2012
Hey Wonderland,

I believe that I deserve your feeds because there is no one who has been through what I've been through on this website.

My name is Publicnoob and during the last year I have been fully immersed in the world of Big Brother. For some people, this reality TV show means everything. It is a form of entertainment, a form of drama, a form of escape from the pressures of everyday life. For others, it is simply something to watch on TV during the long summer holidays. But to me Big Brother is a whole lot more important than that: it has been my escape from the cruel reality that I face every day. You see, throughout my life, I have always been a very unpopular kid. I've always received bad marks in school, been ridiculed for my lack of friends, but what has been most painful have been the remarks made about my brother. Three years ago, just as the bullying and harassment that I experience each and every day finally began to cease, I got a phone call. A phone call that altered my life as I knew it. My brother, the only person who truly meant something to me in my life, had passed away in a tragic car accident that left him dead in just hours. At first I thought I was living out a bad dream.

But slowly, as the painful days that lay ahead transpired before my eyes, I realised that this was not the case.

My brother was my guardian because my parents had passed away years earlier, and soon I was taken under the wing of a new household figure, Aunt Bernie. Don't get me wrong, she was nice. But nothing compared to my brother.

I went to the same school from before and was bullied relentlessly. People would make jokes about how my brother had died just so that he could get away from me. It was horrible and disheartening, and the only thing I could do was grit my teeth and bear it. Because I knew that there was something that gave me a reason in life. Big Brother. It was the show that me and my brother used to watch when we were younger, from seasons such as the Summer of Secrets to the All Stars featuring Doctor Will and Mike Boogie. It was OUR form of escape.

And then, when my brother died, it was just mine.

That's why I joined Tengaged, so that I could share my thoughts on Big Brother. Please, could you consider me, Publicnoob, to receive this gift, because it would help me to live out the good memories that I once had while watching this show many years ago.

Sent by Publicnoob,Jul 2, 2012

Because I've never seen a Big Brother episode in my life, and I would like to know what it's all about, even of it was just for one episode, please pick me :D
Sent by JoshJosh123,Jul 2, 2012

i love watching feeds for the entertainment and my birthday is july 8th i have never been able to buy feeds since i don't have a credit card and my mom won't buy me anything around my birthday. also i enjoy staying up and watching the endurance comps.
Sent by HeavyRain,Jul 2, 2012

First off I'd like to say how generous of a person you are to even buy and give up the live feeds!!! I think i would be deserving because like everyone else, I am a huge huge fan of big brother.  I have never seen the feeds before and I know what they show on tv doesn't show everything that's really goIng on.  I think I would be able to get a better grip on what's happening if yo had the feeds.  I would like to thank you for this opportunity and I do not expect at all to get the feeds.  But to whoever gets them I hope you'd enjoy them half as much as I would!!!
Sent by acftw,Jul 2, 2012

im 15 and cant buy them.... Ill get a job next year to get them... going through parent divotce atm, and family stalker, and all this negative stuf... good luck everyone
Sent by tannerandkaleb,Jul 2, 2012
Me because I love Big Brother and I can't afford feeds ever!!! I really want to watch thank you if you give them to me ily.
Sent by Playgirll,Jul 2, 2012
you know what, i don't need this. i'm just cheap. if i wanted to, i could buy these for myself. i still have both my parents, i still get to do fun things, i'm not bullied in school. so i'm asking you to give it to publicnoob . i want someone who genuinely needs something good for a change to get it
Sent by porschefan101,Jul 2, 2012
I know a site where I can get the feeds for free. But this is very nice of you.
Sent by TheJesseHudson,Jul 2, 2012

I would love that! I am very busy but I want to have them! :[[[[[
Sent by Matthew09,Jul 2, 2012

i want them and thats all i can say lmao! but pick me plz and gl all
Sent by baileyboy1,Jul 2, 2012
Um... amartin
because i love big brother and can't afford feeds on my own lol.
I have two kids okay :|
um...and i'm nice. and wont give out the login or anything to anyone.
You can ask awesome2210
i'm a good person (:
Sent by amartin,Jul 2, 2012
my parents are dead

and i'm the batman

feeds pls
Sent by Yaxha,Jul 2, 2012
I just want them cuz they're fun and I cba to pay rofl

gl with ur decision or w.e ^(^_^)^
Sent by finklestein123,Jul 2, 2012
I LOVE Big Brother and don't always get a chance to catch it because I live in Scotland, UK.  With the live feeds I'd be able to see more about the social gameplay that I never get to see, because I only see the competitions.  I have looked on the website and people in Europe are allowed to watch it so you dont need to worry about it being invalid.  I'd really appreciate it!
Sent by iceprincess100,Jul 2, 2012
I only really got into Big Brother USA last year when season 13 aired, but since then I've watched EVERY season! I LOVE IT. In the UK we usually stay in school until the end of July, meaning I wouldn't be able to watch half of it, but this year I finished a few months early. This means that I have the whole Summer available to watch what seems to be my new addiction. Unfortunately, I can't even access clips on in the UK, yet alone buy the feeds. :( It's a shame because I truly adore the show. You know you can trust me when I say I won't give the login details out - pretty much all my friends hate BB USA anyway. :P Really hope you pick me! < 3
Sent by Johneh,Jul 2, 2012
I LOVE YOU. (Back off tubby)

Sent by AlexRyder,Jul 2, 2012
I never get to see feeds because i'm not from USA and i always wanted to =[
I'm a big fan no fakeness in some big paragraph :/
Sent by joe1110,Jul 2, 2012

I'd like the feeds, because I'm on here anyways and I need something to do with my time on here, instead of wasting it on Tengaged. Oh and also because you love me ;)
Sent by The_Domany,Jul 2, 2012
I have watched big brother since season 8 and i love the show, i have always wanted to watch the feeds and see what goes on in the house past what the big brother producers let us see, you so we can see clearer who is the nice person, and who is doing stratagy. I would love to watch them play and have different conversations so i could make a better decision on who i think should win and because i love the show it would make the viewing process just amazing :) I really appriciate atleast the chance to get these and tysm if you chose me < 333
Sent by william3,Jul 2, 2012
I love Big Brother, I have much extra time but I can't afford the feeds by myself. I would love you forever if you gave them to much seeing as I am in another country for the summer which makes it hard it for me to watch he show, I'll never give the logins out.
Sent by JuliusCaesarRevenge,Jul 2, 2012
idk if it works outside the USA but it was a pain in the ass last year to find the live feeds getting streamed online somewhere as the links kept getting shut down :[
Sent by Jouix,Jul 2, 2012
me becuz i can't buy them if I wanted to, I don't have a bank account or a paypal and my mom won't let me buy things off the internet :(
Sent by moup94,Jul 2, 2012
me because i really like to watch big brother and never had live feeds before. i would really just like the opportunity to watch big brother on feeds for once because i can't afford them myself.
Sent by choochoo,Jul 2, 2012
omg me please because I'm really poor in real life and I don't have the time to watch BB because I have to work during the times that BB usually airs to support my family after my mom lost her job
Sent by Calculate,Jul 2, 2012
I don't want it, but I want to tell you that I love you and this is a nice thing you're doing ^_^< 3
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jul 2, 2012

i'm not going to make an excuse or beg for them, but i'd honestly like to win. thats it ;D
Sent by speechless,Jul 2, 2012
You shouldn't pick me cause I don't have a computer but here is a +13 lol :)
Sent by Bradyman7,Jul 2, 2012
Make a sneasel hoodie instead
Sent by superkevin79,Jul 2, 2012
cause im fucking awesome.
Sent by TylerK,Jul 2, 2012
I usually get the feeds every year. I recently lost a close family member so money has been tight this summer/last college semester. i am not sure how i will be able to buy them otherwise, so it would be awesome to get feeds for free!!
Sent by MakeMeBelieve242,Jul 2, 2012
Because apparently you "like" me which I don't believe for a second it seems like all just an act. Lol ok jk, but really this would be cool because I've never had them and I neeeeeeed something to do because I have so much free time. Hey maybe i'd want to meet you more irl if you gave this to me ^_^ haha I just really want to finally be able to see the feeds cause it sucks so badly always having to ask people what happened or overheating people in games or blogs say spoilers that then ruin the excitement for you :/ blah I really want this Jon lol so pick me :((( thanks
Sent by egaga911,Jul 2, 2012
LOL Oh. Now my message doesn't make sense at all. Nevermind what I said about Jon, he spamme me this blog so I though it was his. Oops... :S well I'm screwed
Sent by egaga911,Jul 2, 2012
Sent by avatar3939,Jul 2, 2012
I LOVE Big Brother! I have watched multiple seasons on Youtube, but have never seen a season happen live. I got into BB right after it ended last year, and I want the first time live to be a great experience!
Sent by Donutdude556,Jul 2, 2012
I would love to have access to the feeds because I've never been able to get them, because I have no way to get them.  I know I'm not close to you or your "friend", But I would love to have them, and I would forever be grateful.
Sent by THGFan97,Jul 2, 2012

I'm a pity case :/ please save me. And be in the arms of the angel.
Sent by Jarst,Jul 2, 2012
me cuz were in love!!!!!!!!!11111
Sent by SexGoddx,Jul 2, 2012
Hey Amy
Sent by sw33t,Jul 2, 2012
Please let me have them.
Sent by mikec51,Jul 2, 2012
I actually don't want them this year but I love you and thank you so much for lending them to me the past couple of summers < 3.
Sent by Amanyaman,Jul 2, 2012
I would love to have the feeds this year because i haven't any other year. Sadly i am from the UK and tbh i feel BBUSA is better than our version. I watch the show religiously, have helped out on many fan sites and i plan on visiting a BB eviction show in a couple seasons - even going through the trouble of booking the flights and such which. I am such a dedicated BB addict and sadly us viewers in the UK never get the oppurtunity to buy BB USA feeds :( Last season i had to wake up at 4 AM my time to watch the episode that aired the previous day in the USA... i think that shows how much of a die hard fan i am :D So to have the feeds would just make my summer, nothing else would be close to beating that < 33 To have more and more of my favorite show that i live for :)!!!

Thanks < 33
Sent by LeXXXy,Jul 2, 2012
Hi Amy, well first off i've been searching for someone to borrow feeds from for about a month nonstop haha.  I am one of the biggest fans of big brother that you will meet, and I've gotten the feeds almost every year on my own.  This year is different though, I can't buy them because my mother is out of work and we just can't afford that right now.  She's been out of work for 7 months but yeah i'm not going to give you a guilt trip that's just how life works sometimes.  Anyways, i'm like addicted to this shit and NO one in my family/friends even watches the show.  If I don't have Big Brother feeds i'm going to like die irl lol i'm so used to logging on and I usually go on at least an hour a day :/ 

I just want to say how much I admire what you are doing by giving your password out and trusting these people on here, and how truly generous as you are as a person.  Honestly even though we haven't really talked much, I've always admired your generosity and kindness.  Whether it was gifting someone on tengaged, helping someone with their problems, or even letting them use your amazing designs that I never get :PP  So thank you for the oppurtunity :)

Anyways,  you have no idea how grateful I would be to receive these feeds from you, I'd love you forever for this, because I NEED to get these somehow, I have too much drama in real life.  Honestly these past 6 months have been the most stressful, depressing, and heartbreaking six months of my life.  I really just need this to keep all of this bullshit in my life off of my mind, ugh.  I'm not gonna go into detail with this, it's not everyone's business but if you wanna mail me about it you can =P

Thank you again so much for this chance, and good luck with your decision, I know how tough this is considering I did the same thing last year haha :P < 333333

Sent by vikejk17,Jul 2, 2012
Me , because I love big brother. I think It's the best show ever :* I can't wait to see the cast. I hope Rachel is on it again.  She is fucking fierce!
Sent by evil_derrick,Jul 2, 2012
I am a huge fan of BB and you, you are an inspiration to Tengagers all around

Plus, i'll gift you when I get the chance
Sent by Cmack311,Jul 2, 2012
I have never had the feeds before, and I have always wanted to know what it was like to be able to watch the feeds. I am a huge fan of big brother, it's the whole reason I came to this site. I haven't really gotten anything out of this site so far, and I think this would be a huge good thing to happen to me. it would be greatly appreciated if you chose me, because I don't have much to do this summer so it will defenatly keep me busy if I am ever bored. I really hope you didn't skip mine because you don't know me, but imagine the feeling of giving a stranger a completely nice surprise instead of giving one to your friends who probably always get a nice surprise from you. that's all I have to say, don't stress yourself out too much with this decision, and goodluck choosing :)
Sent by jimboslice,Jul 2, 2012
Because we are bffls and you were my first ever rookies finals when I was yellow =]
Sent by hwest14,Jul 2, 2012
I didn't get to watch feeds at all last year because I was out of the country and would love to have them this year!
Sent by tofutime,Jul 2, 2012

i have had the feeds from you two years in a row and i have never abused them once, i have always stayed true to your guidelines and never did anything to mess with your account. I hope after having the feeds for two years i have gained your trust for you to allow me to continue using them. I again like the other two years you have generously given me feeds will use them respectfully and will never alter anything with your account data. So amy please let me continue having feeds and i will continue using them and allowing you trust me for each new yeard of big brother to come
Sent by smi9127,Jul 2, 2012
Because I have never EVER had the feeds. I've always wanted them but my family isn't the best financially and it would be rude to ask my parents. Tbh, it is SO nice of you to do this every year even if I don't get picked thank you.
Sent by NoWeave,Jul 2, 2012
well... i obviously han't ever met you but I would love to experience it. I don't really have a lot of money right now. I need to save every penny I have for college. I have never experienced the live feeds which kind of sucks because I am such a huge fan of the show. It would be really awesome to finally get to try out the live feeds. I promise I wouldnt abuse it. Also this is really nice of you to do this. whether I get it or not I dont think I have ever heard of anyone doing this.
Sent by Sparticus142,Jul 2, 2012
we dont know each other but being able to watch the feeds would mean alot to me. im a huge big brother fan and i think about it all year round. its almost like an addicting to be honest but im only 16 and my parents are really strict. they wouldnt really go for something like me buying the live feeds so really i have no way of ever watching them till im out on my own in a few years.
i dont know exactly how it would work but i do understand that its your account log and you spent money on it and whatever rules or you asked i would follow. i feel like if you were to go out of your way to give someone that benefit you should have control of how they are used and i would listen.

so it would really mean alot and this is really the only way i could watch live feeds so yeah.

thanks for listening and giving the opprotunity for some people. :D
Sent by andrew8975,Jul 2, 2012
your best friend

uhm we talk ALL the time, and you really love me because I put you through so much stuff and that's obvz WHY you're such a strong person..because you know what they say! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Sent by snoofle,Jul 2, 2012
Sheena! I love big brother, it's my number 1 favorite show :) last year during bb13, I've thought numerous times about how I wish I had the live feeds. I've tried asking my parents, but they say that they won't buy anything online. I used to stay up until midnight, JUST so I could watch big brother after dark, although I'm an early sleeper. I love big brother and I would love love if you could share your feeds with me. ^_^
Sent by Sheena,Jul 2, 2012
Me because I bought them last year and forgot to cancel my membership after it was over and lost all of my money so I won't be able to buy it this year, but I love watching the feeds. :)
Sent by JBC8,Jul 2, 2012

If you ask any of my friends they wil tell you I am the biggest reality television fan, especially when it comes to Big Brother and Survivor. My parents usually watch the shows with me and if they always have questions about the shows. They could ask me who the first HoH was of season 8 and I could give them an answer within moments. I would actually be applying to be on Big Brother if I wasn't more focused on school. My adviser said I could potentially graduate a year early so there is a possibility of me applying before I get my degree. I think getting it would be great so I could watch what goes on that most people don't see. It would also be a great help for me deciding if/when I am going to apply to be on the show.
Sent by brosky17,Jul 2, 2012
BrittanyMatthews (doing rtb)

I would honestly stab myself for those feeds, no lie.
I'm just a loser who sits on the comp at night with nothing to do and I'm a HUGE bb fan.

I never told anyone this before, but when the cast pics come out, i go to Microsoft Word, copy and paste, and i print out their pictures and record every fucking thing they did in the house.

yeah I'm fucked up but oh well. I just don't want to be bored this summer :/
Sent by BrittanyMatthews,Jul 2, 2012
because I love Big Brother , and i would watch it everyday =)

And I've known you longer than any of these bitches
Sent by biluisback,Jul 2, 2012

i will love the feeds, because i have no money :s, and my i have football practices at night, and i dont have a dvr to record big brother, so i will be missing alot of episodes :(:(, and the feeds will give me an oppurtunity to catch up on the show, and enjoy big brother

i hope you do, and if you do thank you soo much :)
Sent by eddy84217,Jul 2, 2012
James McLaughlin

Short and sweet: been a fan of the show for years! Started watching when I was about 12, first season was season 8! Never been able to buy the feeds myself, and my parents are very frugal when it comes to these sort of things. Going to be working during college, will have some money for next season, but I'm hoping to be able to kick off the feeds this year! Thanks for any consideration!
Sent by JamesM,Jul 2, 2012
Taylor St.Louis

Because i've have never got a chance to buy them before since my parents are really porn about online buying crap so i never get to see them. I need a break over the summer to just chill back and watch something. I've been a big fan of the show since i was like 8 and would always sneak downstairs to watch it because my parents would never let me watch it! Thanks for doing this and giving others a chance(:
Sent by Krey,Jul 2, 2012

I dont really want these so I am going to use my comment to say that bbdamian should have them. He deserves them more than anyone on the site because he is always nice and he does anything he can to help others. So please give him them, he is spamming your blog so I am presuming he wants them
Sent by hippydude126,Jul 2, 2012
me please i love big brother my parent i would buy them but my parents wont let me please
Sent by aguidavi,Jul 2, 2012
I would love to have them! I got them once last year, and loved it! I watched it constantly, and loved seeing all the drama :)
Sent by brandonpinzu,Jul 2, 2012

Lexxxy  he really loves Big Brother!
Sent by Brad101,Jul 2, 2012
I am Tykeal, and I would love to have the Big Brother Live Feeds because it is my dream to be on Big Brother. My parents won't buy them for me, and I'm upset I'm missing out. I have written three seasons of Big Brother stories at home in my free time. I've also hosted Big Brother games on and off Tengaged. I have never won a Big Brother ORG, but I have made several All-Star games. The Big Brother 14 house is beautiful and I would absolutely love to have the live feeds to watch 14 all-new houseguests play my favorite game in my favorite house. Thank you for your consideration, and no matter who you give it to, thank you for your generosity.
Sent by Tykeal,Jul 2, 2012

i LOVE big brother it is one of the only things that make me happy in life and why only get 3 days of it wheeni can have 7n :(
Sent by Nick24678,Jul 2, 2012

Just because I would actually like to see a big brother feed. Hopefully I can get the opportunity to watch it
Sent by UltimateBBFan,Jul 2, 2012
I never have the feeds so it'd be nice to have em and actually see how they work plus it'd give us a chance to become friends and get to know each other a bit as we bond over bb and the feeds :]
Sent by Piddu,Jul 2, 2012
Sent by BlackPants,Jul 2, 2012
me because i love big brother :) fair enough
Sent by Ted0Bear,Jul 2, 2012
Idk what this is :L but
Me because i've grown up watching Big Brother. From the age of 12, i've admired reality tv shows and Big brother is a show where personalities are portrayed to collide and show how teamwork can overcome living with strangers and tackling challenges
Sent by IamZaynMalik,Jul 2, 2012

I love Big Brother USA and I live in the UK so I have to wait an extra day for someone to put it on youtube so I think I should be able to see the live feeds !
Sent by Tammy214,Jul 2, 2012
Me because I love Big Brother so much and just watching the tv episodes doesn't give you the full picture.
Sent by Chima,Jul 2, 2012
I would like free live feeds but for educational purposes! I am taking a film class in highschool and when we get back to school next year, we have to make a topic about tv editing. I think me having the live feeds will be a great help and will help everyone see the difference between what is real and what is edited! < 3

I, aswell as others here, am a HUGE BB fan, so I would also watch it for my entertainment LOL. That is all. Thank you wonderland! < 3
Sent by CocoaBean,Jul 2, 2012
I want the live feeds 'cause this is the one and only time of year I don't have a life. That, and I'm gonna be short on money for a few weeks.
Sent by BowlerKid26,Jul 2, 2012
I would watch the feeds 24/7 (unfortunately :P) and I wouldn't hurt your account. I'm a kid so I cannot buy my own feeds because I don't have a credit card. My parents are Big Brother Haters and I am pissed because I miss out on so much. I am a Big Brother addict and have hosted a lot of games on Tengaged and spread the word to a lot of friends irl. If you would share your live feeds with me, my friends and I would make good use of the money. Thank you so much for your consideration. And if I don't get it, congratulations to whoever gets it. Still, I would love to watch my favorite show 24/7 rather than 2 hours a week.

Please share your live feeds with me! I would be willing to gift you here on Tengaged. I will even go out and buy you an iTunes gift card and PM you the code. (So yah I'll pay you $10 to share :P)
Sent by Kpnna,Jul 2, 2012
I have watched Big Brother since Season 6. I kno we don't talk and I'm not going to put in a exagerated story, but I have watched episodes with my family for a long time now and it's kind of like a get together. I really want the feeds to see what their like. I would definitely appreciate the live feeds. I do realize friends come first and if there is enough spots left to give I would really appreciate the consideration. I do not expect to get this but if i do it would be a great surprise :))
Sent by Jake6991,Jul 2, 2012
Because I like giraffes... you like giraffes, this season should just be 13 giraffes. LOL
Sent by Mangos808,Jul 2, 2012
Cray because I can't afford live feeds or else i would by them myself
Sent by Cray,Jul 2, 2012
I love big brother, and you gave me the feeds last year, but simply I just cannot afford them. I would be extremely grateful if you gave them to me, though.
Sent by Cali,Jul 2, 2012
I would like to have them because I've never had them before, I have no life in the summer so they would be used all the time, and I can't afford them at the moment.
Sent by gxvgxv94,Jul 2, 2012
Tbh I feel like fritzyyyyy deserves to be given a second chance in Big Stars Giveaway. He was robbed of a spot in the very first round of voting. I truly believe he should receive his spot in Stars because I know he could be a competitor, and yes I know he may be young, but I think he could represent himself very well. Thank you.
Sent by mattygeee,Jul 2, 2012
friends come first huh?
then why put on this contest to rack up t$?
Sent by talldude_1031,Jul 2, 2012
benkrutch-because i love big brother and i have never seen the live feeds because i cannot afford it and ive always wanted to ever since theyve been available but i just havent had the extra cash so please i would love to have them and im so nice and ill help you in any games we play in :)
hope you pick me cause i cant afford them myself since im still searching for work during these tough timesss
Sent by benkrutch,Jul 2, 2012
And because its my birthday on the day that BB begins and id love them as a gift!
Sent by benkrutch,Jul 2, 2012
because i'm a big brother ÜBER fan, from overseas.
there's NO ONE in Portugal who knows how cool BB USA is, but i'm trying to make them see the bigger picture. i've already bought 2 friends to tengaged (dexterie and lgmeo). they got hooked into BB USA (same with lgmeo's wife).
when it's my b-day i throw a BB party game irl where we even record our diary-room sessions.
i've never been given access to the live feeds before, so i'd love love love to check them out.
Sent by Akron,Jul 2, 2012
also, as you can see from my latest blogs i'm obsessed with BB pre-season rumours. :333
Sent by Akron,Jul 2, 2012
because im hot
Sent by astone929,Jul 2, 2012
Hi im camdizzils! Theres a bunch of reasons id like the feeds. Well one, I AM A DIE HARD IG BROTHER FAN!! But your going to hear that like 10,000 times, so id also like them because i really do like live feeds but i have to search EVERYWHERE to find free ones and half the time they suck and dont work and i really like to watch them. SO DRAMALICIOUS. But i cant exactly afford to buy them for myself so this would be really really helpful. And im hoping for great things this season so hopefully this will be the season i get them! Hahah! Thanks!
Sent by camdizzils,Jul 2, 2012
Me because I am one of the biggest fanatics of big brother! I got the show time feeds last year cuz of the directtv promo of when you join you get 6 months free of show time! I have never gotten live feeds and it would mean so much to me to show that some people on this site are civil and have a tremendous heart! I respect your decision whatever it may be! :) thx
My name is ELLESEYMOUR. The reason that I feel that I deserve to get the login is because I really love Big Brother so much. I watched every single FUCKING SEASON. Some people like to say they watch it for friends. Fuck that, I'm a lifetime fan, I'm in it for the long run. I would love to get access to see what is going on in the house. Please allow me to have the login, I will design clothes for you, I will literally do anything you want. I hope this is enough. I really do want this.
Sent by ElleSeymour,Jul 2, 2012
Meow Amy, Wonderland

It is your brony friend, I hope I'm not too late. I would love to get the live feeds because I live in Canada and I don't think I could even sign up for the feeds nor do I have the money for it. I am a huge big brother fan and enjoy watching feeds on other shows like The Glass House! I've never seen a live feed of Big Brother and don't think I would ever get the chance anywhere else too, so I thank you for giving out your login so people can view the feeds also, very generous. So please pick a brony :3 I would LOVE to be able to watch live feeds! Thank you so much Amy,

meow xoxo
Sent by MelloJello,Jul 3, 2012

Not only do I have the reasons above, but I have also just been blacklisted.. If I don't have BB feeds to distract me, I might start cutting myself =/
Sent by gxvgxv94,Jul 4, 2012
Because as a poor college student, I've never been able to afford them. And I'm taking three summer classes this year, so I need to creep on people all the time. Also because I am pretty. And such.
Sent by Katieface,Jul 4, 2012
fat slob
Sent by Radiohead,Sep 26, 2012

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