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After 9 long months... (Meetup!!)

1stNov 20, 2023 by Washed_Ravioli
My long distance girlfriend ( hamburgerbunzz) and I finally met up and it was better than we ever could have imagined! We had such a romantic evening down by the water, and everything was just perfect...

I love you so much, sweaty. Can't wait for the next nine months together and then the rest of our lives!! Ur so special to me


Sent by ikaw0ng,Nov 20, 2023
Sent by bamold1999,Nov 20, 2023
Sent by 3pi14159,Nov 20, 2023
I love you so much <3
Sent by hamburgerbunzz,Nov 20, 2023
Sent by Jengaged,Nov 20, 2023
Sent by salmaan,Nov 20, 2023
yall both so hot
Sent by Batya,Nov 20, 2023
Rachael is so pretty omgg u guys atee
Sent by peace123,Nov 20, 2023
so worth the wait. loved every second we got to spend together and can't wait for the next time I see you for our move in date <3
Sent by hamburgerbunzz,Nov 20, 2023
Sent by hwest14,Nov 20, 2023
Did you mean to call her sweetie? Or sweaty?
Sent by SultanPeppershaker,Nov 20, 2023
Omg this is the cutest 🥰
Sent by Thumper91,Nov 20, 2023
Sent by Bluejay7622,Nov 20, 2023
Sent by biminibonboulash,Nov 20, 2023
So cute
Sent by David2560,Nov 21, 2023
This is amazing, hope it works out for you two
Sent by JonSnow000,Nov 21, 2023
WE WON. love you both <3
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Nov 21, 2023
🧡🧡🧡 So happy for both of you :)
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Nov 21, 2023
Sent by Matte,Nov 21, 2023
Omg the 9 months made me think you were announcing the birth of a baby
Anyway you two look so cute <3
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 21, 2023
Oh not the Brooklyn Carousel...and you both didnt reach out?  wow.. just wow.  Just kidding, looks like you guys had fun!
Sent by jhelsdon2478,Nov 21, 2023
Sweetie **** you basically called your girls a sweaty pig 🐷
Sent by Crayadian,Nov 21, 2023
So cute
Sent by Geoo,Nov 21, 2023
Aww lovely picture!

Sent by Cromatique,Nov 21, 2023
Who took the picture..
Sent by xcharliex,Nov 21, 2023
What crayadian said
Sent by Survivor8,Nov 21, 2023
Now kiss
Sent by staymellow,Nov 21, 2023
Mom and Dad!!! love!
Sent by OATTY3,Nov 21, 2023

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