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Reporting Issues

8thJun 2, 2010 by Tengaged_Moderation
Edited to add info about challenge problems!

Just to make things easier, so we don't have to constantly request more information, we'd like to ask for the following when you report an issue.


If you are reporting offensive comments, harassment, etc., in a game, please send us a link to the game (and, even the specific message, it's an image) and also a screenshot including the offensive comments. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, here are instructions:

Windows -
Mac -

You may then upload the image to any image-hosting site (Imageshack, tinypic, etc) and send us the link.  We need to see context around the messages, ideally the FULL screen.  We reserve the right to ask for better screenshots if the one you send doesn't include enough info to judge it's legitimacy.


*Important note* We encourage you to click the report button if you see an offensive image.  HOWEVER, this does not mean that Tengaged_Moderation will be notified.  The report button is a self-moderating tool which helps users remove offensive content, but we still ask that you report the message to TM as well.  This is the case for blogs too.


We have an automated system that takes care of multis, automatically banning or red-nosing them.  TM doesn't handle this.


Same rules as games apply - send us a screenshot of the message AND of your mail folder showing the message in it.  In general, your first step before reporting someone for harassment over mail should be simply filtering them.  If you tell us you continue to receive offensive PMs from someone but haven't filtered them, we aren't going to be sympathetic!


Unfortunately, TM isn't the techie of Tengaged! We can't do anything about challenge issues.  If your challenge is lagging, we suggest clearly in your cache, closing any other windows with flash content running, and/or reseting your browser before you play.  If there is a technical problem, please contact Randomize, but TM can't fix your score or let you replay your challenge.  Sorry! :(

Hopefully this will clear up some things and save all of us time!  If you have an questions, let us know!


1st! :O
Sent by jhaybiie,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by jhaybiie,Jun 2, 2010
LOL this blog is being raped by negs
Sent by xAdam93x,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by MarkiePoo,Jun 2, 2010
In before not top blog?
Sent by qwert2,Jun 2, 2010!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 2, 2010
Idk who you are, idk idk idk
Sent by Cosgrove,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by william3,Jun 2, 2010
Fix the competition issue in castings where if your system lags at all you saved score goes to 0.  That's crap

Sent by ninja_bunny,Jun 2, 2010
Lol, I plussed it :P
Sent by dav_o_79,Jun 2, 2010
+9 :)
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 2, 2010
best blog ever!
Sent by nelson1987911,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by Lindz,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by imxrated93,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by Ev32,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by HollySandwich,Jun 2, 2010
Awwww- thanks for actually replying back to me <3

I did contact Randomize regarding the issue, because it happened to 3 other ppl in my game, but he ignored the email.

Sent by ninja_bunny,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by Johnsmith32,Jun 2, 2010
Lol I Didn't See Your Blog :P
Sent by pepsi_cola,Jun 2, 2010
ok thanks
Sent by Vessa,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by konohavillage1,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by p0tt34,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by tymu888,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by toro,Jun 2, 2010
Your soo bias its not funny. like uhmmm noo your not going to to anything about the REAL Problems like Bio basicly called mac a pedo in his blog and he dont get banned but yet i get banned for saying sl*ce?
Sent by whatman33,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by Zacharyy,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by James1985,Jun 2, 2010
Sent by Mankini,Jun 3, 2010
Its not a top blog with 20 billion points! :O
Sent by Johnsmith32,Jun 3, 2010
What about underaged users?
Sent by tofutime,Jun 3, 2010
sounds good!
Sent by ParvatiShallow,Jul 24, 2010
hi my name is carlevans i'm here to complaint about bullies not giving me a chance to stay in the game they have also been spamming in the game also the casting game number is 16235
Sent by 123carl123,Aug 2, 2010
I have a red nose please make it go away
Sent by christidpage,Aug 5, 2010
I have a red nose can u please take it off of me!
Sent by amber26fan,Aug 29, 2010
i still have a red nose i had it for a month TAKE IT OFF
Sent by amber26fan,Sep 12, 2010
i still have a red nose i had it for a month TAKE IT OFF
Sent by amber26fan,Sep 12, 2010
I also still have a red nose for monthss!
Sent by ItsAnthonyBitch,Nov 25, 2010
Sent by ItsAnthonyBitch,Nov 25, 2010
Sent by ItsAnthonyBitch,Nov 25, 2010
hod do you git the red nose off
Sent by DylanHill,Nov 27, 2010
Sent by dylangame,Nov 27, 2010
after you read this i want you to consider what has been said, there has been a overflow of banning and unfair convictions taking place on this site. Please message me back what you think, this is really important and most of it comes out of the United States Constitution.
Thank You
Sent by dudetb3,Dec 7, 2010
Lazy Mo Fucka
Sent by tomhartnell,Dec 20, 2010
Hello, I made this account but I forgot the password, So I made a New Account. My sister and I use the same computer. But Sometimes use it at her home or mine. We brought my cousin into the game, to show her what was it about, so we three went on the same game to kind off guide her through it, how the game worked. But now the three of us have been banned. So I had to look all over for this account's password to message you because the other one dosen't let me log in. How do we get unbanned? Or I can't?
Sent by Rue21,Jan 30, 2011
I need you to be a recipricol friend because i hate this Red-Nose and i need to mail you about it
I had no idea about the multiple account rule! I only did it to get into quick games more often!
I apologize and i need this Red-Nose Cleared! Its so lonely on here with it, because i cant join Castings ):
Sent by TylerK,Feb 12, 2011
you keep banning ashely evann i for multi accounts and we dont
Sent by rachealgirl246,Apr 2, 2011
i have a red nose. can you please remove. it was supposed to be removed as this is my first offence and created a 2nd acct by accident as i put in the wrong e-mail address and wasnt able to get my validation code. thanks
Sent by johnnnie,Apr 16, 2011
Sent by Zedd,Apr 28, 2011
Sent by Keitho44,Apr 30, 2011
Sent by Quentin,May 9, 2011
can i please get my red nose off  because it's been a week and i can't play a game and the red nose should be off by now
Sent by player12,Jun 4, 2011
from drummerdude5 7 hours 25 min ago
im about to shoot u
i got this message but my gate way wont let me take a screen shot in any of the ways on wiki how...:(
Sent by popstarpanda,Jun 6, 2011
aug 05 2011
fallingtear23x was here
Sent by fallingtear23x,Aug 5, 2011
Oh no you know love. This doesn't let me print print screens.
Sent by JoeyR,Dec 24, 2011
Myself,my two sisters, my cousin, and my brother go on the same computer. Please unrednose us plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Sent by Russell11,Mar 17, 2012
My siblings and I use the same account and now I have a red nose can i get it removed its been more than 48 hours
Sent by MalhieekDePina,May 14, 2012
Please remove my red nose.
Sent by EvKirk,May 25, 2012
can you get rid of my red nose it would mean a lot to me that you for your saport
Sent by DEMONICANGLETV,Jul 9, 2012
Sent by BBCANADA,Aug 24, 2013
i hate you so much tm
Sent by GoodPlay,Sep 14, 2013
Please Remove my Red Nose. Next, send the message and in 2-3 days, your Red Nose, should be removed. Hope this helped!
Sent by big_brother_4_days,Nov 18, 2013
Right I'm very very annoyed! I invited my two friends round and we wanted a game on this. One of them already had an account; Siavash13 but my friend needed a new one so I set one up for her; GloriaPrice. I was unaware this was breaking the rules and as a result, I've been placed with a red nose which could very well have ruined my reputation because people think I'm using multiple accounts. I would greatly appreciate it if it could be removed ASAP as I am not a multi user :( this has really really upset me!
Sent by Dwaynee,Feb 16, 2014
I don't know why this happens, or why i continue to experience this, but i have repeatedly been recieving red noses for the past week, I just enrolled in my first game, and in the middle of the game i recieved a red nose, nobody uses my "ip address" but me, nobody uses my computer but me, and nobody uses this site on my system BUT ME, and yet this whole situation is starting to become somewhat of a conspiracy because i continue to be unable to enroll in the castings games and any other game that is in my intention to play. If this continues, I might as well smash the system myself and do something else that is worthwhile besides having to stare at a green man with a red hole right in the middle of his freakin face. There are other games all over the internet that are better than this. Please remove the freakin red nose and you can go off and everything will be happy again
Sent by scar,Jul 17, 2014
Why are their people always cursing on the site, its very rude and harsh.
Sent by TheIconicBlackout,Jul 18, 2014  The gamer Chenko and Lisa are the same people aka multi's how do you go to fix this?
Sent by TheIconicBlackout,Jul 18, 2014
Like if you're reading this in 2015
Sent by ghrocky100,Feb 2, 2015
^ you can't like shit on here lol
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 15, 2015       thekingsniffer is being sexual
Sent by emilymay123,Apr 26, 2015
wooooooow so u dont actually mooderate multis huh
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 25, 2015
ur useless
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 25, 2015
and a lair because u told me that games have been clear of this issue..
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 25, 2015
u deserve to be banned and removed from this site , you red nosed liar
Sent by Crayadian,Aug 25, 2015
I message you guys 3 days ago about me and my sister being red nosed. I love this game and would love to be unbanned
Sent by DSTUDLY,Sep 5, 2015
Sent by jhoffheat,Sep 8, 2015
my roomate and i live together and we have only one wifi router. we are both red nosed. can that be removed or do we need to play in different places?
Sent by TheKatnissEverdeen,Sep 22, 2015

Multiple accounts Anna and ari. She clearly stats this is the comments at the end. Look into par games and Ari, Anna, and Alex play together everytime
Sent by jellywho,Jul 9, 2016

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