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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Stars 300

1stAug 5, 2014 by Tengaged_Moderation
Since we are approaching our 300th stars this weekend we figured it might be fun to add a familiar twist to it – banned stars.
We understand randomize has not had the time to do much lately but we are trying to do with what we have and are able to do.
The way it works is rather simple. The person who is evicted ends up being banned for the duration of the stars game. The ban could happen at day change, a bit after day change OR it could happen when the percentage is revealed. This has the potential to add another twist with voting and making sure your votes are locked in at all times.
The final 3 will not be banned and will receive an additional prize in T$.
1st place receives an additional 150
2nd place receives an additional 100
3rd place receives an additional 50
That and you get to have bragging rights that you won Stars 300 and join the users who won Stars 100 and Stars 200.

Winner of Stars 100 was BlackWidow

Winner of Stars 200 was konohavillage1

The bans will not count as anything towards your ban history. If you are one of the users whose next ban is permanent then you are still eligible to join and it will not count.

If you have any questions please post below and I will make edits or use or I will post this blog again on Friday.
Best of luck to those joining.

Edit: We can not drop the level for joining. Only randomize can do that.
Edit: We are taking suggestions for future stars and some suggestions are already being considered.
Edit: Depending on the raffle winner, especially if a newer player, we will mail them personally asking if they still want to participate or if they would like to opt out.


Sent by McBenjamin,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by blakejenkins14,Aug 5, 2014
oh no i was second
Sent by blakejenkins14,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Carsonl,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Zuelke,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Aug 5, 2014
this is sickening
Sent by Stering_butter,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Carsonl,Aug 5, 2014
I'm joining lool
Sent by tayman14,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by MelihV,Aug 5, 2014
LOL that's not really a twist. that's just an excuse to ban people :S
Sent by McBenjamin,Aug 5, 2014
lmao u should do more than that but sounds fun xx
Sent by joe1110,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by mradamman12,Aug 5, 2014
McBenjamin Shut the fuck up, LOL!
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Aug 5, 2014
im crying
Sent by JudiCamille,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by faygo,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by seapoose,Aug 5, 2014
I love it
Sent by Danny12,Aug 5, 2014
danielkennedy111 uhm, is it not though? there's no reason for them to get banned. No benefit comes out of it :S
Sent by McBenjamin,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 5, 2014
I am always open for suggestions joe1110. But without randomize we can only do so much.
If I needed an excuse to ban somebody it would not be hard to find one McBenjamin
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Boots22,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by violet7676,Aug 5, 2014
McBenjamin Except that it's the first interesting thing that has happened to the games on this website since The Hunger Games came out...
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Aug 5, 2014
this is either going to be amazing!!! or really really bad!!!
Sent by g1ng4,Aug 5, 2014
Can you remove my 5 games lock LMFAOOO
Sent by Funnehliner,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 5, 2014
Tengaged_Moderation I'll be joining so you'll probably be banning me again LOL
Sent by McBenjamin,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by ricktworick1,Aug 5, 2014
Lmao the shade
Sent by Bradyman7,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Whoa,Aug 5, 2014
Can you lower enrollment back to silver?
Sent by Danny12,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by CourtneyYates,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 5, 2014
LMAO this is actually rally creative, i love it. Something for me to include in my Stars Cast Assessment :)
Sent by LeXXXy,Aug 5, 2014
Make more twist stars pls ;o
Sent by tyboy618,Aug 5, 2014
I like the idea of the T$ prize.
As for the banning though, I don't think it really does anything for the game, like maybe banning at percentage reveal woulda little but idk. What would be cool is getting whoever is nominated banned right at DC, and they are only unbanned once the percentages are revealed. Just an idea
Sent by MichelleObama,Aug 5, 2014
Great idea MichelleObama. We will use that for the future.
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
Suggestion: Algo Stars

Everyone who gets enrolled gets banned for the rest of the week and the nominations are based on pure luck
Sent by Funnehliner,Aug 5, 2014
tengaged_moderation take half of the T$ that whoever lost the poll has and give them to the person who survived against them.

Its cruel but fun xx
Sent by joe1110,Aug 5, 2014
Hey tmod how are you !
Sent by chibideidara,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by xBostonx,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by aimers,Aug 5, 2014
i love this idea omg
Sent by Queenisha,Aug 5, 2014
Only rando can do that joe1110
Like said, we are very limited with what we can do but we are trying to do something with what we have.
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
i dont really understand what this changes LOL
Sent by AustinRules6969,Aug 5, 2014
I wanna try but when i get evicted i will b banned and cant post in shops =[
Sent by Lucinda,Aug 5, 2014
oh so u can add T$ but not take? cryin wellll i can u need to give more T$ to the winner i mean its like 370 to enroll and winner gets 400 i think it should be way higher than 150 but ok lol

i can't rly think of anything else maybe you should make a blog asking for suggestions
Sent by joe1110,Aug 5, 2014
Yea shop owners are at a disadvantage. Guess you can't have your cake and eat it too Lucinda :P
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
i thought everyone would get banned at the start and then get unbanned as they get evicted
that would be more fun x
people would be freaking out because they wouldnt have control over whats going on
Sent by Bix123,Aug 5, 2014
its nice to see that SOMEONE cares enough about this site to make it more interesting. I like the idea.
Sent by mattmon3365,Aug 5, 2014
Aww I was planning on joining :/
Sent by gematria,Aug 5, 2014
idgi how does banning some1 that got evicted affect the game
Sent by lemonface,Aug 5, 2014
People will evict based on who they cant stand around lemonface
Sent by Funnehliner,Aug 5, 2014
i should join... lol
Sent by Jirachi,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Rockslide,Aug 5, 2014
The Algo Stars sounds like a good idea tbh!! :P
Sent by Carlisle,Aug 5, 2014
Unfortunately there is a chance someone could enroll who didn't see this blog, and what if they didn't want to play in a stars where they'd be banned, because say for example they're on a survivor tribe and can't risk that? Just seems like a good idea that won't pan out well.
Sent by Aquamarine,Aug 5, 2014
Yay something fun and new on this website :)
Sent by Zrtuy,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by blueu22,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by YouKnowMe,Aug 5, 2014
We are posting this blog again on Friday Aquamarine with the hopes that it will stay as a top blog so people who join should be aware of it - again.
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
could u make like everyone win the raffle so 16 random ppl would be in the game of any level
Sent by avatar3939,Aug 5, 2014
Shoot damn randomize, I wanted to play
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Aug 5, 2014
Sounds great! :D
Sent by Loopulle,Aug 5, 2014
Yeah @avitar3939 has a good idea Tengaged_Moderation!
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Meyaar,Aug 5, 2014
Heeeeeyyyyy it's Meyaar, wassup?
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by MrEthan123,Aug 5, 2014
But what if Emmaleigh comes back at 5:55 on Saturday and doesn't know are you gonna ban her if she got evicted by a miracle???
Sent by Aquamarine,Aug 5, 2014
Absolutely Aquamarine. How dare she come back
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
good job Tengaged_Moderation at least someone is trying to fill the shoes of Jubbzy
Sent by NexusCain,Aug 5, 2014
Please don't say the name Jubbzy. That XavierR83 will start begging again for his position
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014

and no but seriously isn't there a way to do a random selection or something to auto enroll 16 so that someone who wasn't aware doesn't get put in?

I hope BlueLagoon506's frat gets the seat and sends that bitch in to get her banned
Sent by Aquamarine,Aug 5, 2014
How about instead of banning people you make new games on this site.
Sent by Wiseman,Aug 5, 2014
LOL Wiseman you know T_M has zero control over anything other than bans and T$ right
Sent by Aquamarine,Aug 5, 2014
Wiseman Only randomize can do that, and he's been gone for a while
Sent by magge555550101,Aug 5, 2014
The only way that would happen would be if people waited until those 16 joined and people would just enroll Aquamarine
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by TheGoodMan,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Cromatique,Aug 5, 2014
you forgot to mention the winner of stars 199 ;)
Sent by ianfitz0012,Aug 5, 2014
is there gonna be a fair system because you guys could literally ban the people you dislike before dc & keep people you like around until after dc, so if they can change their votes if they wanna

so basically this could turn into a biased situation
Sent by dmann,Aug 5, 2014
That is just stupid dmann
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
i agree but everyone knows how biased mods are so i was just asking
Sent by dmann,Aug 5, 2014
No this is just you and your passive aggressive way of insulting us, as always dmann so just stop.
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
y is everyone shitting their pants? lol
Sent by mikec51,Aug 5, 2014
i am not insulting you......
i was just asking if it was gonna be fair & you are getting defensive LOL!

have a good day tmod
Sent by dmann,Aug 5, 2014
This is like a quarter quell for hunger games :O
Sent by LUPIE,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by ItsAustin,Aug 5, 2014
Love it!
Sent by GoodPlay,Aug 5, 2014
LMAO yes! You should put a twist on hunger games too like if you get killed you get banned or something :o
Sent by JGoodies,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Etienne,Aug 5, 2014
right after the game enrolls, there should be random nominees for 16th. sort of like how fastings glitch sometimes and 2 people are nominated at the start of the game without people actually nominating
Sent by holllyy1230,Aug 5, 2014
This is becoming more like 1937 Russia by the minute
Sent by rowan22,Aug 5, 2014
My dear rowan22, if you do not like it there is a beautiful log out button that you can press and not be here anymore.
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
@Tengaged_Moderayion Hello :)
Sent by minidude13,Aug 5, 2014
I personally think this is a great idea. This will be the only Stars that I keep up with often.
Sent by Forest_Knight,Aug 5, 2014
wait tengaged_moderation are you going to get rid of the 5 game barrier? i was in 297 and i want to try to join :(
Sent by nikki101,Aug 5, 2014
this is stupid as hell but i want to join now
Sent by obscurity,Aug 5, 2014
LOOOOOL YASSSSSS... Wish I could join but whatever. But YASSSSS
Sent by jojo7784,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by unkown,Aug 5, 2014
THIS TEMPTS ME MORE TO GET IN! witch i wont but will be fun to watch l0l
Sent by DrIcicle,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by baza76,Aug 5, 2014
I love this idea so much!! Wish I could join. :'(
I'd get evicted for 16th and banned but still have a pristine ban record. ;) :P
Sent by Yoshitomi,Aug 5, 2014
Amazinng twist haha
Sent by RaverKid,Aug 5, 2014
please let me be the twist tengaged_moderation put ME IN :)
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 5, 2014
tengaged_moderation I'm a Stalinist
Sent by rowan22,Aug 5, 2014
Omg can you imagine the ban message

Ban: Temporary

Sent by BigBruv,Aug 5, 2014
Hell no.
Sent by CheapCheep,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Daytime,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by Daytime,Aug 5, 2014
ban shouldn't happen at percentage reveal because they're not actually out of the door then.
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by pikachu142,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by konohavillage1,Aug 5, 2014
Nope konohavillage1 :P
Sent by Tengaged_Moderation,Aug 5, 2014
Getting that stars seat :S
Sent by cereal222,Aug 5, 2014
Wish enrollment was at my level I'd totally join :/
GL y'all getting banned
Sent by snowflake3,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by LongedShorted,Aug 5, 2014
This (like Tengaged_Moderation) is moronic.
Sent by Finesse,Aug 5, 2014
I like this a lot
Sent by SuperFreak,Aug 5, 2014
Alright I'll take it!
Sent by kimmal8,Aug 5, 2014
Thanks for at least trying to do some things to make this site more interesting. tengaged_moderation
Sent by blazermaniac94,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by temponeptune,Aug 5, 2014
We should do opposite stars
where the people with the least amount of votes would get nominated, and the person with the lowest percentage gets evicted
Sent by realityfreek,Aug 5, 2014
wow for a stars idea wanna do duos (as in you were just to make everyone in the cast have a duo, which they and only they are aware of unless they tell the rest of the cast) and if a duo makes final 3 together, everyone else in the cast gets banned for a week??

It would be ~fun~ idk when you'd do it, but it would be easy to do because you'd only have to mail people their duo once and it would impact the game and be nice and affect their gameplay by trying to figure out who each other's duos are!
Sent by Milkisgood,Aug 5, 2014
I like your idea!!
Sent by Diva1,Aug 5, 2014
Everyone I would want to play is currently more worried about their Survivor Streaks, so of course they will not join :(
Sent by A_La_Fac,Aug 5, 2014
whats the best way to get into stars by raffle tengaged_moderation
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Aug 5, 2014
inb4 people join illegally and it will be 20 person STARS
Sent by Brad13535,Aug 5, 2014
Great idea Tmod! thank you for making the site interesting!
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Aug 5, 2014
I'd join for sure if I didn't have a 50+ merge streak.

Glad to see somebody actually gives a fuck now.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Aug 5, 2014
Just permanently ban everyone who goes into it; it's likely they all deserve it for one reason or another anyway, and no one would miss them!

All the same, it's fun to see one of the mods doing something special for a milestone Stars. Shows that you care about your site and want to have some fun with it and its silly users. Can't wait to see this unfold; should be hilarious!
Sent by Tailslover13,Aug 5, 2014
Are u participating tengaged_moderation ?
Sent by dubstar,Aug 5, 2014
i was going to join stars this weekend but now ill pass
Sent by ticofernandez,Aug 5, 2014
I love this idea! I actually thought of this same idea but i think it was for a frookies instead. This should definielty be brought into other games. You could have like ever 100 games is a banned game meaning if you don't win or make finals you get banned for a week or day depending on the game. Tengaged_Moderation
Sent by Nick33,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,Aug 5, 2014
Is Stars still most likely gonna be available for only tv stars? :/
Sent by sihz,Aug 5, 2014
o nvm just read the edits
Sent by sihz,Aug 5, 2014
A blog of yours I actually like
Sent by Gaiaphage,Aug 5, 2014
Sent by chelss,Aug 6, 2014
Sent by OhNatalie,Aug 6, 2014
A for effort!
Sent by HighNoon,Aug 6, 2014
Sent by doodyful,Aug 6, 2014
This sounds ace, might join!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Aug 6, 2014
tengaged_moderation and randomize should play aswell
Sent by iamtrey,Aug 6, 2014
can you make the bans perm?? That will be way more fun.
Sent by HelenCoops,Aug 6, 2014
Randomize said this was going to happen once (during the cheater stars) and it didn't. LOL
Sent by Nicolette,Aug 6, 2014
Sent by RHOG,Aug 6, 2014
Holy shit helencoops idea is fucking gold can that happen please?
Sent by Koin,Aug 6, 2014
Sounds good. Reminds me of The Hunger Games (The Quarter Quells)!
Sent by SexyBanana,Aug 6, 2014
can you make the bans perm?? That will be way more fun.
Sent by HelenCoops,Aug 6, 2014
Sent by BlueberryJuice,Aug 6, 2014
It was done before, but
Secret Pairs - The pair that lasts the longest both get an extra amount of Ts (maybe what they paid to get in, which might actually entice people to work with their partner)
Sent by Phenomanimal,Aug 6, 2014
14ts wow
Sent by avatar3939,Aug 6, 2014
inb4 glitched stars lol
Sent by DrIcicle,Aug 6, 2014
CANT WAIT! this will be the first actual stars Im watching LOOOL! :)
Sent by anthonyds__,Aug 8, 2014
I hope the cast is very interesting This year.
Sent by anthonyds__,Aug 8, 2014
SUGGESTION: Stars is completely normal but once final 3 hits, have the jury (4th place to 10th place) (only gonna do 7 jury to prevent 3-3-3 ties) vote one of the final 3 as who they think deserves to win based off game-play or what not. Then reveal the winner and they get an additional 50T or something for their hard work :')

Note: The public is still voting every round and will still vote for the winner, the jury is just like an added thing
Sent by Piddu,Aug 13, 2014
also ALgo Stars. ban everyone as soon as it starts and let the algo work its magic, no speeches, no locking in noms, no nothing!

Added Twist: Maybe unban everyone for hte first 5 mins of daychange and let them scramble then ban everyone after 5 mins so they have 5 mins to scramble for votes LOL!
Sent by Piddu,Aug 13, 2014
suggestion stars 350: have the person who places last come back for the next stars
Sent by ghrocky100,Aug 14, 2014
this idea was trash
Sent by iTy990,Feb 14, 2016
Sent by wintermagne,Oct 16, 2016

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