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Since Jourdan is doing it

14thMar 16, 2022 by SpiderBoom
Lets see her actively supporting a narcissist, ignoring all the horrible things she did to my family, and I, including causing $1600 worth of damage to my car, getting it written off, then fleeing the scene without leaving a note because:

"correct me if i鈥檓 wrong but this whole thing just seems like you鈥檙e trying to ruin the life of a girl with a brain tumor cuz she dented ur car" - Jourdanbabyxoxo

Just because you have a tumor, doesn't mean to get to be a dumb bitch, and damage other peoples property without repercussions.


def a bad take from Jourdan.
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Mar 16, 2022
sorry but that鈥檚 genuinely how it reads to me. it feels like a lot. probably should鈥檝e minded my business tho so sorry
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Mar 16, 2022
what does this have to do with anything??
Sent by lemonsalsa,Mar 16, 2022
So you took the time to write this blog and expose jourdan for not being emotional over the denting of ur car while she鈥檚 dealing with transphobia and shit? Like read the room holy shit
Sent by Fetish,Mar 16, 2022
You took the time to diminish what happened to me because of what happened to her? lol Fetish get a life.
Sent by SpiderBoom,Mar 17, 2022

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