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I've been helping

Jan 8, 2022 by SpiderBoom
imagethe homeless people out in my area these past few months, and I feel like it's changed me in a very positive way 馃槉

Tonight I bought 20 two packs of hand warmers and gave them all out in 2's.

I got money for my b-day, so I made little care packages with snacks (in cute little heart bags), and emergency blankets. NGL I think I rolled up on a legit gang (The PA Terror Squad) when I was looking for people, but they were very grateful and their body language all changed when I asked "Does anyone need a blanket or some snacks?". They all said "Thank you Blondie" as I was driving off lmao

There was a guy in my alley kicking snow away so he could sit down. I dug around my place and made him some tea, put in some snacks, energy drinks I won from circle k, a nice button down jacket I don't fit anymore, and a waterproof picnic mat I put in a reuseable bag. He was so nice, I said "Sorry for bothering you" when I talked to him, and he's like "Nah you can bother me all you want".

I gave one of my coworkers 20 balls of yarn and she's going to make some hats I can give out.

Tomorrow I'm going to hit up the second hand stores and look for some decent gloves cause those little stretchy knit gloves do nothing for your hands in Canadian winter.


For more people like you in the world
Sent by Robynn,Jan 8, 2022
Love this
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Jan 8, 2022
Sent by _Finesse,Jan 8, 2022
Thats so nice of you
Sent by panda13,Jan 8, 2022
Love this. That鈥檚 amazing. 馃憦
Sent by Lynn12,Jan 8, 2022
Such a cool thing to do
Sent by woeisme,Jan 8, 2022
mother teresa could never
Sent by Pogo11,Jan 9, 2022

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