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Ya'll won't believe this lmao

Feb 27, 2022 by SpiderBoom
So my freak of a neighbor threatened to call the cops on me 45 minutes ago because my uhaul is blocking part of the drive way, but he can totally still get out.

I told him I'm not moving it because he can get out still, and he said "It's inconvenient for me", then mentioned calling the cops.
I told him "Go ahead, call them".
Then he said "What? Seriously? You want to involve the cops in this?".
I said "You mentioned the cops, so go call them".

So now I think we're waiting for the cops to show up 😑🙄

ps. His car has backup cameras, so I don't really see the problem. He's always been difficult, and very creepy.


I mean if you’re parked in front of his drive way…he has a point lol but he could have not been a dick about it
Sent by Buttercup13,Feb 27, 2022
ughhhh im sorry you have to deal with this bestie. that’s so annoying. and the fact he said that dumb shit about involving the cops AFTER he said he was ab to call them….

people really have nothing better to do than bother other people ! tell him to back inside. the uhaul doesn’t have shit to do with his inside life bestie

hugs you sm tho
Sent by YasGaga,Feb 27, 2022
buttercup13 I 100% would have moved it if I knew he could not get out, but he clearly can. He lives in the top suite, I live in the basement suite.

Yasgaga I'm still waiting on them, and always love your support < 3
Sent by SpiderBoom,Feb 27, 2022
Yikes good luck. Seems like an overreaction on his end.
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 27, 2022
You’re  kind of a piece of shit
Sent by Crayadian,Feb 27, 2022

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