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I've been watching

Oct 29, 2021 by SpiderBoom
videos about cop misconduct, and it's beyond crazy how powerful their union is.

One cop was recorded planting drugs on a black guy going for a walk, and then chased after the girl who was recording him after he realized we has caught. She ran into her house before he caught her.

I've seen a few different officers pull PoC over because they didn't see a plate (100% of the time they had plates on their vehicle), then harass the person because they can't own up to their mistake and feel embarrassed. Also needing to call in backup because you're upset you're being recorded, or the person knows what you're asking of them is illegal.

Or you could have a history of sexually assaulting women in police custody, and your police buddies will defend you because that's what you do in the force.

I can't get over how often an officer will place someone in handcuffs because their bullying isn't working, and the person will say "What am I being arrested/detained for officer?" and the officer will almost always deflect the question or say "I'm thinking of one" then will fucking actually say "You're being detained for resisting arrest", and they won't respond to "What did I initially do to be placed under arrest?".


I AGREE !!!! i hate cops so much. they have a god complex in their head that they have to be above the rest of society and many think they can do whatever they want. and they actually can do whatever they want too ! in chicago they all blow through red lights here. you ate them up in this blog. cops are terrible pigs with egos they need to control.
Sent by YasGaga,Oct 29, 2021
Sent by tonym101101,Oct 29, 2021
It鈥檚 cause most cops go into the force to feel powerful and not for the safety of its citizens. It鈥檚 honestly so sad.
Sent by EEstrada17,Oct 29, 2021
Yasgaga I had some relatives who got t-boned by a cop running a red light. The cop lied about what happened, but their were like 4 people working at the gas station near the intersection who stepped in and made sure the cop got in trouble.

@EEstrada27 I know predators will weasel their way into positions of power. It's just sad there isn't more screening done to keep the public safe.
Sent by SpiderBoom,Oct 29, 2021
Sent by SpiderBoom,Oct 29, 2021

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