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I don't blog

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Since Jourdan is doing it Mar 16, 2022
Lets see her actively supporting a narcissist, ignoring all the horrible things she did to my family, and I, including causing $1600 worth of damage to my car, getting it written off, then fleeing the scene without leaving a note because:

"correct me if i鈥檓 wrong but this whole thing just seems like you鈥檙e trying to ruin the life of a girl with a brain tumor cuz she dented ur car" - Jourdanbabyxoxo

Just because you have a tumor, doesn't mean to get to be a dumb bitch, and damage other peoples property without repercussions.
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I miss having skype Mar 15, 2022
so I can spam my blogs to all my friends for plusses ):
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These past 3 weeks Mar 10, 2022
have left me seriously depressed.

My car is getting written off as a total loss, and I might be without a vehicle. Found out my brother is dating a narcissist. My petty ex-neighbor called the cops on me. My new landlady told me smoking weed is "offensive, and I will not be doing it anymore", so I texted the other landlord and he gave me the thumbs up to continue. My box spring didn't fit down the stairs so I had to buy a new split box spring. My new landlord/lady told me I could move in a few days early, but that never happened, so I got charged for 3 days on my uhaul rental. My mom got my uhaul stuck in the snow, and I had to wait 4 hours to get unstuck. My facebook and possibly my main email got hacked. No one is bringing up the $1600 damage the narcissist did to my car because she'll use her PTSD to run away from the situation. Probably the worst is that I don't have my boyfriend here to cry on.

Plus side, I've having a sleepover at my friends house, and my bf is going to come and meet them for the first time as long as the roads are clear. Then on Sunday I'm having a friend date with my coworker Devon, we used to go out to eat together before the covid rules hit.

Ik I like to isolate myself when I'm depressed, so I'm making an effort to put myself out there. I've also told my boss/coworkers about my problems, and they'll come to check up on me, and try to cheer me up :) My work bff Carlos gave me a pack of berry skittles and told me to cheer up because he doesn't like seeing his Prima looking sad.

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I watched Community again Mar 8, 2022
imageand now I'm sad it over, even tho the last 2 seasons were sad without Pierce, Troy, then Shirley.
I remember that void it left in me lmao
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My brother called Mar 5, 2022
me 5 times at 12:15am then texted me saying "Did you get the cops involved [with his gf damaging my vehicle]? Courtney please tell me you didn't".

So I screenshotted the insurance website stating I literally had to file a police report, and that filling out a police report wrong is a crime.

He also knows his bitch isn't allowed at the house after what she did, and he had her over the next day but with $90.00 worth of pizza.
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I'm seeing if Mar 4, 2022
I'm able to get Jessica and her mom charged for doing a hit and run, and her mom for being her get away driver, leaving the scene without a note or notifying anyone about what she did to my car.

No one messes with me and gets away with it xoxo
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