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america is rly gonnna watch Nov 9, 2023
a sikh man in a turban win big brother

15 year old religious me is shaking
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my doctor Nov 6, 2023
who is salmaan said i have to quit weed

i feel like i need a 2nd opinion, what do yall think? how could something that makes me feel so good be bad for me in the end? is it truly harming me or is that a scare tactic?? like i could take some time away but forever? i might not b e strong enough bc i just love 2 to get 2 on :(

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eggnog slays Nov 2, 2023
when u dont got a bitch in ur ear telling ya its nasty
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you act like you love this american shit Nov 1, 2023
imagebut really the truth is you're scared of the 6
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BibiGomez Nov 1, 2023
imageperhaps the first latina that can't keep a man?
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