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cannabis is not the enemy Sep 3, 2023
just like guns and terrorists and abortionism, its about the bad apples that do EXTREMIST actions and make everyone look bad/ruin it for everyone, now that its 9/11 month i think its irresponsible to ignore our history and just start demonizing weed when its the ONLY one bipartisian issue eeveryone can agree on!
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a lot of people lie on their resumes Sep 3, 2023
and are underqualified/not certified to be doing the jobs they were hired to do so they have NO CLUE what to do at work ANDD they're wasting everyone's time/money on top of the fact that they're MISERABLE and constantly stressed at work that theyre gonna get found out like this is some high stakes undercover csi mission LMFAO couldnt be me ever
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sometimes its the people closest to you Sep 3, 2023
who want the worst for you. they'll secretly sabotage you and disguise it as them looking out for you just so they can keep you down at their level, they know your potential lies outside their control, and they'll do anything to maintain that control, sad. watch out for those who don't celebrate your successes but are quick to point out your flaws.
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biggest lie i ever said
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its so trendy to be Aug 3, 2023
imagegenderfluid and nonbinary and genderqueer and autistic and dyslexic and adhd nowadays, huh?
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