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yk the brainwashings bad when Dec 11, 2023
bitches like funny will be like "im not pro-israel" and then advocate for a 2-state solution 馃槶馃槶 its from the river to the SEA palestine will be FREE馃嚨馃嚫

watch him call this slogan anti-semitic
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charities go against the whole point Dec 11, 2023
imageof betting, like no lets GAMBLE, i want to feel that dopamine RUSH when the person i bet all my money survives the block at final 7 and i get to feel relief as i was not ready to lose that 32T$
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im laughing Nov 30, 2023
the psychos turned on each other
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im very anti-zionist Nov 30, 2023
I know sometimes people confuse that for anti-semitism because of all the propaganda israel has done but intellectuals know whats up 鉁岋笍

not all jewish people support israel and israel is not only composed of jewish people, remember that
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wrapped Nov 29, 2023
image1 sza
2 tinashe
3 chase atlantic
4 drake
5 doja cat

and yes my psycho ass listened for 100k minutes 馃挴
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wait morant is Nov 26, 2023
imagememphis grizzlies? that explains so much LMAOO some people rly have no outlet in real life so the blogs page is their only form of social interaction

honestly i鈥檒l let him have it because i have plenty of other people to talk to, lemme go watch a movie with my friend while he blogs alt right propaganda 鉁岋笍
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