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i feel bad for israel Nov 26, 2023
like they would鈥檝e gotten away with colonialism and apartheid if they did it like 100 years earlier.

too bad we don鈥檛 really condone that anymore, or at least those of us with basic morals
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bitches will call me anti-semitic Nov 26, 2023
cuz i told a bunch of white settlers to go back home馃槶馃槶 that rly was when it hit me that arguing about real world issues with those who choose to be willfully ignorant is a dead end

y鈥檃ll don鈥檛 care about human life this is all just politics for y鈥檃ll it鈥檚 sad
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it鈥檚 very concerning to me Nov 26, 2023
that they would let morant become a therapist when he鈥檚 actively saying he doesn鈥檛 want female patients 馃槶馃槶

it鈥檚 rly scary to me that these bigoted therapists and doctors that r just given so much power over marginalized ppl when they hate them so much
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i think the most sinister thing Nov 24, 2023
zionists have done is weaponize anti-semitism. any criticism against israel is deemed antisemitic, its so perfect for them. to use something as horrific as the holocaust to justify even more oppression...just so evil :\
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do you condemn hamas? Nov 24, 2023
no actually i think any resistance to oppression is justified!
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No title Nov 18, 2023
stars again? colter please..
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