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Random.ORG Stars Archive May 5, 2011
Most Finals: RiDsTeR - 8
Most Firsts: Diva1 - 5
Most Seconds: RiDsTeR - 3
Most Thirds: Brandonator - 3
1st: Jenii_Valenta, 2nd: dannyjr0587, 3rd: jm101
1st: LaQuawnda, 2nd: BOBROCKS333, 3rd: DanielKennedy111
1st: Blitszims, 2nd: LaQuawnda, 3rd: mahogany
1st: Survivor8, 2nd: amf7410, 3rd: Dash
1st: Dash, 2nd: Dzenan00, 3rd: _Aria
1st: BOBROCKS333, 2nd: LaQuawnda, 3rd: amf7410
1st: dorkishbarbi, 2nd: BOBROCKS333, 3rd: sharkskin
1st: Survivor8, 2nd: MORKMINDY, 3rd: Brandonator
1st: amf7410, 2nd: RobbieRIOT, 3rd: smi9127
1st: sarahnva, 2nd: konohavillage1, 3rd: bellajennaxo
1st: Xbac5, 2nd: SuperJosh, 3rd: jdog
1st: Bridgette77, 2nd: Scrafty, 3rd: Bonkers
1st: Randori, 2nd: Malibu, 3rd: RiDsTeR
1st: RiDsTeR, 2nd: Nunley, 3rd: Brandonator
1st: Tits_McGee, 2nd: Emmaleigh, 3rd: Brandonator
1st: DCSooner, 2nd: Delarmes, 3rd: dmann
1st: LaQuawnda, 2nd: dorkishbarbi, 3rd: Bridgette77
1st: Bridgette77, 2nd: Trust, 3rd: ThePinnapleGod
1st: Phenomanimal, 2nd: jtotalturtle, 3rd: MTMan
1st: Alyxandra, 2nd: SuperJosh, 3rd: konohavillage1
1st: Diva1, 2nd: konohavillage1, 3rd: Milkisgood
1st: Diva1, 2nd: Bridgette77, 3rd: realityfreek
1st: amf7410, 2nd: MelloJello, 3rd: dustin24688642
1st: Quackerz, 2nd: zimdelinvasor, 3rd: jdoerr123
1st: Phenomanimal, 2nd: SexGoddx, 3rd: Dash
1st: Phenomanimal, 2nd: Hump, 3rd: Insanity
1st: Insanity, 2nd: Etienne, 3rd: mrkkkkyle
1st: Kentuckyy, 2nd: smi9127, 3rd: fluorescent
1st: smi9127, 2nd: RiDsTeR, 3rd: Janelle_Pierzina
1st: konohavillage1, 2nd: pinkwaffle, 3rd: Survivor8
1st: Phenomanimal, 2nd: Insanity, 3rd: RiDsTeR
1st: RiDsTeR, 2nd: Sparky9171, 3rd: Mutiny
1st: Bo_oM, 2nd: coreypanda, 3rd: jesus
1st: connorthomson, 2nd: amf7410, 3rd: DarkTyphoon23
1st: ronron313, 2nd: ladybug5, 3rd: connorthomson
1st: RiDsTeR, 2nd: torimarie, 3rd: Maxi1234
1st: Emmaleigh, 2nd: RiDsTeR, 3rd: Shabootyquiqui3
1st: Matthew09, 2nd: Monomial, 3rd: Slice
1st: Diva1, 2nd: Brittney, 3rd: Prophecy
1st: _Aria, 2nd: chameleoneyes, 3rd: JetsRock12
1st: beautifulbones, 2nd: Insanity, 3rd: JesseM
1st: Lucinda, 2nd: ToughNubbs, 3rd: Sparky9171
1st: connorthomson, 2nd: Jouix, 3rd: kimmal8
1st: NoelSarah, 2nd: connorthomson, 3rd: Nikkayy
1st: TheGoodMan, 2nd: Inkread, 3rd: xCelestex
1st: ShayyBayy, 2nd: Foxox, 3rd: joey96
1st: SuperFreak, 2nd: Jenii_Valenta, 3rd: Trust
1st: Dzenan00, 2nd: RiDsTeR, 3rd: connorthomson
1st: BengalBoy, 2nd: zimdelinvasor, 3rd: Zoeygasms
1st: connorthomson, 2nd: SexyBanana, 3rd: konohavillage1
1st: Diva1, 2nd: BengalBoy, 3rd: connorthomson
1st: MikeRORO, 2nd: cody_, 3rd: horrorite
1st: connorthomson, 2nd: JJJJ, 3rd: LucyX3Jean
1st: Diva1, 2nd: Emmaleigh, 3rd: StacyPlant
1st: sokerdude7, 2nd: xCelestex, 3rd: Maxi1234
1st: Bo_oM, 2nd: mahogany, 3rd: owee13
1st: Lucas1993, 2nd: sallyyisfabulous, 3rd: Orlando652
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