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  2. what am i uspposed to do in hunger
  3. Can’t wait for my May NYC meetup
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  6. Is this guy gay?
  7. the fat
  8. is THIS guy gay?
  9. is this guy gay?
  10. what the fuck?
  12. we really out here
  13. how you gon lose a fight
  14. any other shims here?
  15. this website is so full
  16. tell me somethin.
  17. NYGa snapped
  18. So, by request...
  19. its so crazy
  20. its so crazy
  21. imagine being zachbbs
  22. to answer your question
  23. if you love god
  24. at least i dont
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  27. The Invisible Man
  28. theres a premade in stars?
  29. konaohavillage1 is a PUNK bitch
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  31. waiting desperately for 211
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  34. what time does staws enrollment start
  35. Please. I am begging you.
  36. is this guy gay?
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  38. dont quote me on this but
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  40. post a gif of you negging fighterman

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for every +50 Jan 21, 2019
i will take a deep breath irl
please help me meditate

+50 thank u that one was refreshing
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what am i uspposed to do in hunger Jan 20, 2019
can somebody exblain
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Can’t wait for my May NYC meetup Jan 13, 2019
with konohavillage1 and Stering_butter and Yaxha and doodyful and boyfriend and Insanity and Gardenia and Clone

We're going to go to the Pokemon store, get ice cream cones and ALSO the ice cream cone pokemon Vanilluxe, and go gay clubbing in Brooklyn, and do 71 pushups! Can't wait :D
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everyone shut up Dec 31, 2018
bunnycat is back nobody else blog just listen
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It's been about 8 months since I first met you, Clone. We've been able to maintain that friendship and make it to where we are today. When I first met you we clearly bonded and got along with each other well. Then from there we started playing Tengaged Games together, which resulted in us talking/watching shows and movies.

Likewise, there is no way i could express just how much you mean to me either. it's a nice feeling knowing that there is someone who will have your back and be there for you when you need them. It's nice to have someone you can rely on and depend on. Robert, you really are like a brother to me. I really hope we can be friends forever. You will and always will be a friend worth having. Thank you, for being one of the most amazing people I've ever met. You are beautiful person inside and out, and I hope you have an amazing day. With Love, Slice.

I love you too (>^_^)>

Below are some comments from some of Robert's closest friends. [DISCLAIMER: I didn't get to talk to everyone I was intending to, so please don't be offended if you are not below]

[If you read this please wish him a happy birthday/trend him so he can see it :) ]


Robert :D happy birthday you sexy boy. Just like the 20 other tengagers who are in love with you, I too think youre gorgeous and fabulous and sexy as fuck. I hope you have a great birthday and get heaps of new toys and birthday cam sex from all your toy boys. Youre amazing and i love you. :* youre lucky im not there or youd be covered in kisses. Xoxo love from Foxox.

~ ILoveSleep


Robert, we met over league of legends and I am usually a shy person. I don’t typically like meeting new people, but you made it easy. You were so friendly right off the bat and I felt comfortable talking to you. I look forward to the weekends where I can play league with you because we get to go on call and talk. I remember when I first met you I thought you were like a god at league(especially Elise). You showed me how to be a good player and I learned a lot from you. I am glad we are still friends and ya you are just awesome. Happy Birthday =]

~ konohavillage1


Happy Birthday Robert, you New Zealand piece of ass! ;) Robert, you are an extraordinary human, and friend, whether you know it or not. We met as shop owner and designer, and that relationship of businessman and factory worker soon turned into a beautiful, lasting friendship. I'm so glad to call you one of my greatest friends, Robert. Every time we chat, it makes me so much happier, although you really SHOULD reply faster. xD I love going on calls with you, and just having a great time. We could be talking about ANYTHING and make it fun. I really enjoy playing games with you as well! I don't play as many Frookies as you do, but I wouldn't mind playing one with you in it! :D You have a vibrant, happy-go-lucky personality, and you exude optimism. I think that you are one of the most genuine people on this site, and this little write-up doesn't even come close to showing how much you mean to me! Robert, you are one of the greatest people a friend could ask for. You're overall just a wonderful person! Anyways, I hope you have a fantastic birthday! You deserve it! :) Love you! (hug)

~ doodyful


Oh Roberto. First off Happy birthday you little cunt! (we still need to finish all the HPs since we are always procrasinating and blowing them off LOL). But anyways, again, happy bday, and best of wishes for you on your special day. I am glad that over the past months or so, we have talked a lot more and gotten to know each other better, and I am glad to call you a friend of mine. Regardless of all the pointless hate you get sometimes from irrelevant people, I appreciate what we have, and I am glad that we grow closer by the day! Loves ya :*

~ Gardenia


Robert when I first saw you in the "ded rewd" chat I wasn't happy because you were just mean to my "brothers" account in a casting earlier that day, also because you were snix's friend.
but after I backstabbed you in a fasting I felt better and we started talking more and playing games together. I really loved when we talked a lot and even though we don't talk as much you know i still love you < 3
You're 51% straight, great friend to talk to and a great survivor ally, dont ever change xx

~ Insanity


Happy birthday handsome! Robert ever since the day I’ve met you I know you’ve taken a shine to me and believe it or not, the feeling is mutual. You’re such a little sweetie pie and sooo cute. I think our timezone difference greatly affects how often we communicate but we’ll work around it because we do have good banter when we’re together. You have a good nature about you that I hope you never lose. I want you to have a great birthday and welcome to adulthood. You know what that means ;)

~ Stering_butter


Robert, I hope you enjoyed my birthday gift! You are a pne of the few people on here who I know isn't a STUPID BACKSTABBING FUCK and I appreciate your kindness. Even though you're from possibly one of the most irrelevant countries ever, I'm glad we're friends and I hope we can be friends forever :)

~ Marlo


Robert, I can say alot about you. Your such a nice guy all around, you have given my alot of advice on haters on here and stuck up for me by writting blogs, it trully means alot and I couldnt ask for a better friend in you. I also enjoy our skype calls when we watch drag race together (we never like the same people) but thats okay. I just wanted you know I am so greatful for the friendship we have built, I love you so much! Happy birthday!

~ Brandonator


Dear Robert, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It has been amazing getting to know you recently. I remember when you were a noob and we play frookies together. You have grown as a person and a friend since then. Sometimes we cant talk cause of time zones, but I always look forward to talking to you. I think you are going to be an amazing graphic designer and photographer. I hope your birthday is amazing. I also look forward to getting to talk to you more. You truely are a great person and friend.

~ MichelleObama


Omg Happy Birthday Robertttttt!!!!!!!!! I could probably go on for hours naming amazing qualities about you, but I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Robert you're one of my absolute favourite peope on the whole of tengaged (despite the fact you are from New Zealand). You're really kind, caring and put up with all my crazy antics haha. Lets not forget you're incredibly sexy and put up with all my sexual advances on you hahaha. I wish you the best in life and hope you have the most fantabulous birthday possible. Love you Robert you sexy beast < 33333

~ Yaxha


As much as I like calling you trash, you're a good definition of class. From Skype Calls, MC, Habbo, LoL, to watching movies/shows, and of course Tengaged. You're awesome, have a great personality, and have a great sense of humor. It seems as if we got along well from the second we met, the rest is history. I'll never forsake our friendship, because you're a friend worth having. Sorry for always falling asleep on you, it's my trademark. You mean a lot, I hope you know that. We are definitely Inspired Best Friends(If you get the reference). Loves ya, Robert a.k.a Lil Rob.
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Is this guy gay? Nov 5, 2018
imageI just want to run into Patrick319 on my jog back home from the gym. He'd be walking down the street, I'd be jogging by him and I'd notice that he gave me a look.
I'd turn around and see his twinky vanilla looking ass looking gay as fuck in a little tank-top he picked up from Pacsun and probably some florescent ass Nike's.
I'd grin and then start jogging in place, slowly coming to a stop and walking over to him.

"Hey man, how's it going?"
"F-fine I guess, just taking a walk"
"Oh yeah, taking a walk? You look like you're somebody's twink and it's kind of late."

He would give me an odd look at the mention of the word 'twink' and wouldn't reply.

"Come on, I know that you know what a twink is dude. You're kind of the perfect twink -" at this point I'd be close to him, my hand creeping down his basketball shorts and roughly squeezing one of his ass cheeks.
"I-I should get going home. We're-we're in the middle of the street someone cou---" at that point I'd give his ass another violent squeeze and pull him closer to me

"We're gonna have fun tonight baby, just you and me boy. We're going to have tons of fun, you're going to come home with me and I'm going to make you my little slut. You're going to get in a jockstrap that's all you'll be allowed to wear for the night"
"I didn't say you could speak bitch. From now on I want you to answer with 'yes sir' and 'no sir' - so tell me butt boy...want to come home with me tonight?"
At that point my face would soften and I'd plant a small kiss on his lips, reassuring my slut that he'd be okay.
"Yes what?"
"Yes sir"
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