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9/11 ended ellen degeneres' career

May 26, 2022 by Slice
-> 9/11 inspired gerard way to start my chemical romance
-> mcr inspired stephenie meyer to write twilight
-> twilight is the basis of el james' fanfic tht became 50 shades of gray
-> the 50 shades film adaptation skyrocketed dakota johnson's career
-> dakota johnson called out ellen on her show for lying abt not being invited to her birthday, sparking the fire that started ellen's downfall


I heard about this, I love butterfly effects
Sent by Fetish,May 26, 2022
Oh yes, every event, even the smallest one, can have far-reaching consequences. Science fiction books like to think about this. I have encountered this more than once. And recently I had to write a fantasy text. I used for this. They came up with an idea. Someone left the house five minutes late, another person got into the elevator later because of this, and did not meet with the publisher who could publish his book. And the book could influence millions of people and change life on the planet. It turned out great.
Sent by oomVie,Apr 22, 2024

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