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Hunger Games Story- Day 4 and 5

17thSep 16, 2020 by SeaViper
Double day today!


District 1 Male- Mark ( Mrkk)- 16
District 1 Female- Summer ( CruelSummer)- 17

District 2 Male- Ethan ( Itz3than)- 14
District 2 Female- Aleyna ( Jameslu)- 15

District 5 Male- Alvaro ( Varlto)- 15
District 5 Female- Joshina ( Joshgillespie)- 14

District 6 Male- Adam ( ColinCoco)- 18
District 6 Female- NPC

District 7 Male- Drew ( Tester)- 15
District 7 Female- Ivy ( BrainJak)- 15

District 8 Male- Manafa ( Manafa)- 17
District 8 Female- Kiara ( Kiara_Xoxo)- 12

District 9 Male- Chris ( Chris2pei)- 15

District 12 Male- Mike ( Wolven6974)- 12

-----ISLAND 1-----

*Chris wakes up on island 1 in time to see a sponsor gift flutter down towards him. He picks it up, revealing a large bowl of oatmeal- a common breakfast in District 9. He eats it up, before exploring his island further. After he's confident nobody else is on the island, he takes out a dagger, cutting through the rope bridge and letting it sinki into the water. He looks out across the cornucopia, but can't see anybody. He takes a look to the islands next to him, seeming interested by the pile of rubble (island 13). Just as he is about to turn away, he sees a figure, and the figure seems to spot him too! Paniced, he flees into the woods*

-----ISLAND 2-----

*Mark, Summer, Ethan and Manafa cross the bridge into the cornucopia, Summer, Mark and Ethan all occasionally nodding to each other, knowing the betrayal they are about to commit. Once they reach the bridge for Island 3, Manafa goes first. He seems hesitant as a lack of the other careers moving, but Mark nods and him, and Manafa keeps walking. About half way across the bridge, he seems to definetely notice the others aren't behind him. He turns around just in time to see Mark and Ethan cutting the rope bridge! he tries to run at them, but trips as the bridge plunges into the water. Being from District 8, he doesn't know how to swim, and frashes about in the water! The other three watch, before walking off to Island 7. Manafa struggles in the water, trying to make it to dry land! After an hour of barely keeping water, he pulls himself up on the shore of the Island*

-----ISLAND 3-----

*Aleyna has taken Nate's old pposition, watching over the factory. Manafa decides to sweep the perimeter, before looking at the door and taking a deep breath. He steps inside, looking around, seemingly stunned as the many robots. Aleyna's blood runs cold as she sees Manafa, thinking the rest of the careers would be right behind him. He grabs her chain, ready to attack if she needs to. Manafa keeps wandering around, looking at the machines making technology that aren't a million miles away from the ones back in 8. As he walks through the factory, he stops near one of the robots in a pod. Suddenly, the glass of the pod begins to go down! Manafa jumps back, meanwhile Aleyna watches with curiosity, not noticing the pod opening behind her. The robots step out of both pods. manafa lets out a little wail, while Aleyna keeps watching intently. Suddenly, the robot behind her lays a hand on her shoulder! She screams, alerting Manafa to her location, but it was already too late for Aleyna. The robot sends an electric shock through her body, instantly killing her*


*The other pods open, Manafa now surrounded by robots, each one with outstretched arms! he goes into a ball, praying for the fabric gods to save him...however no fabric gods come. The robots close in, taunting Manafa about his iminent demise. He begins to cry as the robots shock him at the same time, his body turning unrecognisable from the volts of electrisity. The robots step back, letting gthe corpse drop to the floor*


*As the careers hear the cannons, they grin in pleasure knowing one is most likely Manafa's*

-----ISLAND 6-----

*Adam decides to finally get off his train at a lake. His lips appear to be parched as he bends down, drinking from the lake. As soon as the water touches his mouth, a big smile appears on his face as he gulps down water, a satisfied look on his face as he lies in the sun. His chocolate bars have melted, so he drinks them as well, tossing the wrappers into the lake like a filthy litter bug :( He definetely seems to have forgotten he is in an arena, fighting for his life, causing the whole of District 6 to facepalm when they see that their tributes are an NPC and some dude taking a vacation. Talking of the NPC, she hasn't been shown this whole games, making many wonder if she's even a tribute?

-----ISLAND 7-----

*The remaining three careers, mark, Summer and Ethan, arrive on Island 7, looking around at the tall tress. Ethan investigates a log cabin, finding an axe. Summer and mark look at the map, summer poiting at a large tree*

Summer: We've got to be in Seven right now

Mark: if the pattern of a disaster a day is continuing, it means those two cannons were probably from Manafa and someone else in whatever happens on the third island...

*He points at the fourth. The picture is of a large wave*

Mark: Something tells me island 4 won't be existing much longer...

*Summer also notices what looks like a hole in a Dam for the fifth island*

Summer: Right, so we're going to be safe here for a couple days

*She looks at the picture for 7. It appears to be a tree collapsing*

Summer: but as soon as it appears six has happened, we move to Island 10

*She points to the island*

Summer: if it is Districts like we think...then I'd expect a lot of people to be on there and 11, because that's where the most food is going to be

*As Ethan returns, the pair hides the map. Two sponsor gifts, one with 1 and the other with 2 on the side flutter down. The group opens the packages, seeing what appears to be a big cardboard box with an M on the side. They open them up, revealing Fries, burgers and various sources. All three look puzzled at the gift, until Ethan finds a note stating "MacDonald's is a commong treat in District 10, as well as the Capitol. Enjoy!"

Ethan: Well, District 10 seems to be smiling on us!

Mark: probably rewarding us for killing off their waste-of-space tributes!

*Mark laughs at his own joke. Summer and Ethan don't seem amused. The three of them tuck into their MacDonalds*

-----ISLAND 10-----

*Alvaro, Joshina and Mike are talking in the barn*

Alvaro: We've not seem anyone else come worries me

Mike: I swear I saw another figure on the Island next to us yesterday, but I was tired, so I might have been mistaken

Joshina: Whoever it is is hopefully friendly, but I'm not so certain

Alvaro: We've been lying low here and it's worked. I feel like moving would be worse for us. For all we know, the careers are guarding the center island

Joshina: I agree, we've been safe here for so long, but I am also quite worried about them finding us!

*Mike seems to come up with an idea, getting a string and creating some kind of mechanism by the door*

Mike: if someone tries to come in here, they'll fall over this tripwire which will alert us

Alvaro: The thing looks like it'll break if a mouse comes in

*Mike looks embarrased as he tests it, the string snapping harmlessly as he pretends to be an intruder. Just then, a sponsor gift flutters down. 12 is printed on the side. Mike looks suprised he got a gift, but open it, revealing a full trap making kit! he grins as he brings it up to Alvaro and Joshina to show them. As the day progresses, Alvaro and Mike set up the traps around the barn, but positioning them in places where an animal won't get stuck, as requested by Joshina*

-----ISLAND 11-----

*Kiara comes out of the shed, looking around and seems relieved not to see anybody. She brings her hoe, just in case. She sweeps the island, realising she's safe. Grabbong her hoe, she moves over the bridge to the next island along*

-----ISLAND 12-----

*Kiara arrives on Island 12, her hoe in hand as she looks around at the grimy village around her. A large mine enterance is in front of her. She ignores it, searching through the houses for something she could use. She grabs a picaxe, a nice upgrade from her hoe. Leaving the hoe in the town, she goes back to Island 11*

-----ISLAND 13-----

*Ivy screams in pain as the baby seems to want to come out again. Drew is searching the area, trying to decide where to go*

Ivy: Please Drew, we have to move!

Drew: Trust me Ivy, we're safe here!

Ivy: There's nothing here!

*Just as Ivy says that, Drew falls down the hole into the secret room! Ivy yells his name, trying to move to the hole. Drew had fallen into the secret room, bumping his head slightly. He helps ivy down the lagger, and they look around, seeing that it's a secret base*

Drew: You were saying...

*The bunker looks like it's ready for nuclear war. Drew closes the bunker enterance as Ivy finds a light. The two look at each other, relieved they finally have hidden shelter*


*That night, the fallen are shown in the sky*

The Female from 2

The Male from 8

*The careers celebrate at seeing Aleyna and Manafa both dead. Other seem relieved that two big threats are out of the way*

-----DAY 5-----

-----ISLAND 1-----

*Chris keeps looking at the rubble island, but the figure he thought he saw is gone. He finally decides to investigate, swimming over to the island, caautiously. Suddenly, as he swims, the ocean turns violent! He struggles to get to shore, but when he does, he sees it...*

-----ISLAND 6-----

*As Adam lies by the lake, he notices the ground behin the shake. The water is the lake begins to slosh everywhere. He jumps up, getting away from the water. Over the tree lines...he sees it...*

-----ISLAND 7-----

*The careers are eating their breakfast when the ground shakes. Summer guides the group away from the tree, just in case the earthquake was to trigger anything*

Ethan: What's going on?

Mark: Holy shit...


*A cannon loudly fires, shocking all of the careers as large waves crash over the shore, drenching the three of them. They scramble back in land, where a tree has fallen. Only Ethan saw what had happened on another island*

Ethan: Something bad just happened...

-----ISLAND 10-----

*Joshina, Alvaro and Mike are eating breakfast as it happened. The barn starts violently shaking, as though itm was about to collapse any second. The trio run outside, where all of the animals are making paniced sounds as the ground shakes. The three look on in horror as they see what is approaching them*

-----ISLAND 11-----

*Kiara is walking around the island. The sudden shaking causes her to drop her picaxe, very nearly missing her foot. She watches in horror as the orchard starts to collapse...then she sees it, heading straight for her*

-----ISLAND 13-----

*Drew and Ivy are safe in their bunker as the ground begins to shake. Suddenly, Ivy screams as she feels the pains again, but this time it's real! Drew rushes to her side as the baby comes. Ivy screams in pain as it's little head appears. Meanwhile, Chris is on top of Island 13, watching is horror as a giant wave comes straight towards him. he gets down, gripping onto an old wall for dear life. He wispers a prayer as the wave covers the island. He screams as the wave covers him. He flies back, smashing his head on a piece of rubble, killing him instantly*


-----ISLAND 10 (Again)-----

*The Island 10 trio see the wave coming*

Alvaro: RUN!

*The three of them climb on top of the barn, it's the only safe place. Joshina looks sad that all of the animals are about to be swept away, but seems more grateful that she hopefully won't be with them. The wave hits, fortunately not quite high enough to reach them on the barn. The barn sways, but stands. The wave had lost most of it's size from tarvelling so far. After it's passed though, the farm had been destroyed. One singly chicken and an injured how were all that remained, as many other animals were out at sea, struggling. Alvaro manages to rescure a chicken, which seems to make Joshina happy. They look at thje damage done to the barn, and are disappointed to see the lower half destroyed, but the upper half in tact*

-----ISLAND 11 (Again)-----

*Kiara watches as the tsunami comes. She springs into action, running into her little shack. She knows it won't protect her, but she can try. The wave passes over, destroying the shack with Kiara in it. The wave washes her out to sea. She coughs, looking at where she is. It's a struggle as the wave, which was even weaker than on Island 10, had swept her quite far our to sea. She is now acctually closer to Island 12, so she swims to it. It's a struggle, but she pulls herself up, relieved. The island had been damaged, but not that badly*


*As everyone sleeps, the islands reem to repair themselves. The barn repairs itself, as does the rest of the farm, and the other damaged islands. Islands 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 aren't badly affected meanwhile Island 4 is completely destroyed, and islands 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 seemingly repairing themselves*


*The deceased appear in the night sky*

The Female from 6

The Male from 9

-----END OF EPISODE-----

RIP Chris :(

Hope this double episode was alright at least. Congratulations final 10, because you are the final 10!


24th: Calf (D10F)- Stabbed by Sensa ( Lemonface)
23rd: Butch (D10M)- Stabbed by Summer ( Heavyrain)
22nd: Bloom (D11F)- Drowned by Manafa ( SennaRichards)
21st: Bbd (D3M)- Neck snapped by Nate ( BbDamian)
20th: Penny (D12F)- Stabbed by Zachary ( PennyTrationStan)
19th: Zachary (D11M)- Cut apart by Mark ( Dbonee)
18th: Sensa (D4F)- Crushed by Rubies ( Zeptis)
17th: Kat (D9F)- Cut apart by Mark ( Hellocat)
16th: Byte (D3F)- Shot dead ( Alexclow345)
15th: Nate (D4M)- Strangled by Aleyna ( Nateclove)
14th: Aleyna (D2F)- Robots ( Jameslu)
13th: Manafa (D8M)- Robots ( Manafa)
12th: NPC (D6F)- Tsunami
11th: Chris (D9M)- Tsunami ( Chris2Pei)


Omg I was so scared for kiara lol
Sent by CruelSummer,Sep 16, 2020
let's go f10
Sent by Mrkk,Sep 16, 2020
the npc is finally out!
Sent by varlto,Sep 16, 2020
Varlto Ah, forgot to mention the revival...The NPC is still winning btw
Sent by SeaViper,Sep 16, 2020
Rip Chris

I was so scared that I was done because I didn't initially see Chris' name at District 13
Sent by Tester,Sep 16, 2020
lets get it !!!!!!!
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Sep 16, 2020
RIP Chris :(
Sent by chris2pei,Sep 16, 2020
ossing the wrappers into the lake like a filthy litter bug :( He definetely seems to have forgotten he is in an arena, fighting for his life, causing the whole of District 6 to facepalm when they see that their tributes are an NPC and some dude taking a vacation.

Look, no trash cans around.
And the part about vacations...yeah im gonna have to facepalm too.
Sent by ColinCoco,Sep 16, 2020

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