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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

⭐ Stars 751 Blog - Meet Runaways ⭐

3rdApr 2, 2023 by Runaways
i decided since i'm in Stars and since basically nobody knows me to do an introduction blog and this is the result of that. everything said here is entirely factual, honest and true. so support me?



ur british ? gagged
love the effort u put into this blog so i will be supporting
Sent by Fendimania,Apr 2, 2023
Ur the only one i support gl
Sent by semajdude,Apr 2, 2023
Here we go again yall
Sent by salmaan,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by daveycool,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by temponeptune,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by temponeptune,Apr 2, 2023
Sent by countrysavage,Apr 3, 2023
Plussed. Supporting!
Sent by Alyssa95,Apr 3, 2023
Sent by Mackey,Apr 3, 2023
Sent by MattM,Apr 3, 2023
hope u get 13th
Sent by Maxchaos,Apr 3, 2023
the plus 86 is crazy. whoever mass negged this is weird
Sent by daveycool,Apr 3, 2023

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