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Stars 751 - Nommed for 8th

9thApr 6, 2023 by Runaways
okay so i already made what was essentially a plea blog in preparation for this but i haven't quite worked out the poll box since i was unnominated so i will relink it here.

plea blog here:

i think i've played a game that shows when it is right to make an actual move and i knew i was going up here regardless because of how i hadn't touched the block but at least i took out an actual threat and flipped the game. i was the driving force behind that and that's okay to admit. my unnominated reign is finally over but i still say i'm the biggest contender left in the house aside from the king of discord, ryanlaps.

previous blog here:


Sent by Fendimania,Apr 6, 2023
LMAOO the heavy negging on this bye?
Sent by Runaways,Apr 6, 2023
Sent by Maxchaos,Apr 6, 2023

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