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my biggest pet peeve

Mar 1, 2023 by Runaways
is people calling me runaway. this is relentless?? even i know who runaway is and it’s not me!! there’s one letter on the keyboard that you have to press. just one more. it hurts me inside to be called runaway because it looks unaesthetic to me. i’ve tried to ignore this but it’s so annoying!!

this was a PSA from RunawayS


Sent by Alisowned,Mar 1, 2023
Runaway and save your life....
Runaways if you want to survive....
Sent by Alisowned,Mar 1, 2023
me not knowing there was ever a Runaway and thought u just liked Runaways
i could of went my whole life not knowing
Sent by Smoothiez,Mar 1, 2023
why am i the only original one here. i j gave u a nickname
Sent by daveycool,Mar 1, 2023

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