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not the 2023 transphobia ??

Mar 9, 2023 by Runaways
the level of transphobic vitriol on this site is truly evil to witness considering the way in which LGBTQ rights occurred happened through the actions of trans people. this sort of dangerous rhetoric being spewed might seem harmless to some people who love to use the “respect my opinions” crutch but stoking the flames of transphobic hatred exemplifies the chances of real life violence fuelled by transphobia.

i haven’t even been on this site for that long but the same think pieces and bad arguments to discuss whether trans people should exist or have rights has to be not only dehumanising but also exhausting for the trans people on this site to consistently have their identities debated.

there’s a real lack of brainpower from a lot of people here who love to keep showing it. there is no excuse for being this uneducated and ignorant in 2023.

Tengaged is definitely not the place i would suggest for any escapism for your real life but i don’t doubt a lot of people do come here in order to find a community that accepts them in ways they maybe can’t be accepted in real life for whatever reason.

people love to forget that their are real people behind the screens and say whatever stupid stuff they can without thinking about the consequence it has others like ??

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