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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

can someone

15thSep 20, 2023 by Runaways
get bengie not to send me randomly hateful mails like i know he wants to say that i should kill myself but, to his credit, he’s reigning it in!! for a 33 year old to be so weird is crazy like you’re not even in the game why message me telling me that “everyone is against me”?? weirdo

as soon as i write this, he comes up with an excuse but it wasn’t that long ago that you went super low on the blogs page and were banned for it?? of course you’re going to be less obvious about what you want to say


I thought he was 31
Sent by SexyTex,Sep 20, 2023
I said why do you play with everyone against you? Okay drama queen
Sent by countrysavage,Sep 20, 2023
Post receipts or you're lying!
Sent by titos,Sep 20, 2023
titos did you even read the blog LMAOOO?
Sent by Runaways,Sep 20, 2023
I also never got banned for anything on tengaged severe
Sent by countrysavage,Sep 20, 2023
okay well you should’ve been banned for mocking someone’s rape?? weirdo
Sent by Runaways,Sep 20, 2023

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