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newest tv star! Dec 26, 2023
i decided to buy tv star for the hell of it and i want to thank everyone i played a game with in 2023, even the people who got me out at times. everyone had their part to play in getting me to tv star and helping me earn karma and T$. i don't usually tag on these blogs just because i'd have to tag so many people, but i'm sure if you made an impact then you know who you are.

feel free to neg, plus or comment.
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who missed me? Dec 25, 2023
merry christmas duh! thanks to everyone who voted me best frooks player of 2023 while i was banned too. i wasn’t even expecting to win.
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my 1st place streak is over. Dec 10, 2023
truly sick. i will be retiring from frooks with immediate effect.
"as many of you know… I am a frooks addict. Since coming back to this site in late June, I have played close to a hundred games. At least 80% of them being frookies. For a period of time there was not a single day that I was not in at least one frooks, sometimes up to three or four. I have played frookies in bars, driving in cars, at the movies, in a room full of friends, parked next to the place I picked up my sushi, on a beach in hawaii. I have taken an exit on the highway to park my car on the side of the road just to get my fix (and I won that game too)! At some point you have to realize there’s a problem. Because of the rotation and games being so limited, for so long I felt the need to join every game because it could be another day till the next (and seeing a frookies filling is so thrilling), but recently I’ve taken the time to step back and realize like damn it is not that serious. I genuinely have an amazing life and the only reason I play these games is because I am extremely competitive and this site is so unique in the fact that you’re constantly competing against real people. I will still definitely play frookies but I am slowly trying to distance myself because I’ve realized I have put getting that validation from others over my responsibilities , friends and the rest of the shit going on in my life. Like yesterday I had a two hour drive to my college town for country night and I got there almost an hour late cause I wanted to finish my frooks game before the trip and made my friends have to wait for me. This is kinda cringe don’t judge me that hard but I hope some others can relate at least a bit" - motherbird. realer than we needed at the time.
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hey Dec 6, 2023
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for the blogs page Sep 28, 2023
kinda bored
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can someone Sep 20, 2023
get bengie not to send me randomly hateful mails like i know he wants to say that i should kill myself but, to his credit, he’s reigning it in!! for a 33 year old to be so weird is crazy like you’re not even in the game why message me telling me that “everyone is against me”?? weirdo

as soon as i write this, he comes up with an excuse but it wasn’t that long ago that you went super low on the blogs page and were banned for it?? of course you’re going to be less obvious about what you want to say
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