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Dancing With The Stars S28 Power Rankings (Round 6)

Oct 26, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageThis week was a shocker. Not only is the S.S. Spicey Train still running, but we saw Ally and Sailor (two of the season’s highest scorers) fall to the bottom of the voters and Sailor was sent packing. It was a bit shocking, especially since Sailor was stronger than Ally tonight. But alas, let us rank the routines we saw tonight.

9. Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold- Definitely your best. But your best is everyone else’s worst. So.

8. Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten- Like we saw last week with both Karamo and Lauren, the Samba seems to trip lots of people up. The same may have happened with Hannah. I think the strength of the cast this year shows in the ranking, considering Hannah is right above the bottom spot, but I don’t think that reflects Hannah’s talent. She is a great dancer. This just wasn’t her strongest, and while the personality definitely shined through, the footwork and rhythm was a bit more shaky than normal for her. She’s still the one to beat, but this may have been a step backward.

7. Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber- Ally and Sasha took a bit of a dip for me this week. THIS BY NO MEANS THAT I THINK THEY SHOULD GO HOME, NOR SHOULD HAVE SAILOR. There were worse dances than theirs tonight, and while they were far from the top for me, Sean is the no brainer to go home this week. Ally definitely brought energy, but with the quicker dances, there’s still a bit of sloppiness on the dance floor, so she just has to work on that for the future. But I do love the energy they bring to the dance floor and think they’re still in it to win it.

6. Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson- Kel was the top for me last week, and while he didn’t necessarily reach it for me this week, I still think he brought lots of great dancing this week. I definitely see what Len meant about not relating to each other during the dance enough, as Kel seemed to look out front and to the camera more than to Witney, but the actual dancing and content was really great. He was on each and every step and really delivered on most of the quickstep elements. I just hope the next dance can really focus on chemistry and partnership.

5. Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson- Karamo did incredibly well this week, and I’m really proud of him. While he was a bit stiff in the very early moments of the routine, and there are still other routines that I think outshined him tonight, I can’t commend Karamo enough for his improvement. Each and every lift was strong and there was so much love coming from Karamo. I think he may be back in the running.

4. Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Valentin Chmerkovskiy- Sailor was a firecracker out there, showing off some really great moves, and showing the most personality she has all season. Too bad she’s gone, but I never really felt like she earned her place there, since she was simply a substitute for her mom. But she made her proud, and I think she was sent home too soon.

3. Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov- Kate was brilliant this week. Pasha knows not only how to show off Kate’s dance ability, but make it look clean, swift, and elegant. He also was able to throw in as much impress choreography as he could. It may not be the most entertaining in theme or flashiness, but the amount of content in the dance was incredibly impressive. And Kate pulled it all off. She was incredible tonight. I’m really happy for her.

2. Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko- Lauren showed a really special, emotional side to herself this week, and I think it definitely paid off. It’s hard to rank contemporary routines because they’re so different than other ballroom, but it was graceful, gracious, and one of the best of the season. If only the competition weren’t so fierce, I'd say she had this week in the bag. This was a special moment.

1. James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater- Who knew James was an EDM fan? It clearly showed. James was electric on the floor tonight, and I think, after a few weeks of being great but not the top, he finally regained his status at the top of the leaderboard (it also helps that Sailor left, Ally was in the bottom two, and Hannah had lower than expected scores). James moved with such strength, confidence, and especially swagger. I loved his routine.

While I’m upset that Sean is gone, I was never the biggest fan of Sailor, so I won’t be entirely upset that she’s gone. But in no world should Ally or Sailor go home this early on when Sean is still there. The good news about this season is that people who were on the near-bottom at times (Karamo and even Kel earlier on) make it toward the top and people who are usually high (Hannah, Ally) end up slipping a bit. That just shows how strong all 8 dancers (aside from Sean) are and how tight the race is. Right now, I think James, Hannah, and Ally have the highest average totals, but I could see Kate being a dark horse here. Kel and Lauren are on their heels, and then there’s Karamo, who just broke through tonight and could be a surprise contender. Am I forgetting anyone??????


Going Home- Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold 




1. James & Emma (+4)
2. Lauren & Gleb (+5)
3. Kate & Pasha (+1)
4. Sailor & Val (+2)
5. Karamo & Jenna (+3)
6. Kel & Witney (-5)
7. Ally & Sasha (-5)
8. Hannah & Alan (-5)
9. Sean & Lindsay — 

Biggest Rise: Lauren & Gleb (+5) 
Biggest Drop: Kel & Witney; Ally & Sasha; Hannah & Alan (-5)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Oct 26, 2019

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