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American Idol S19 Power Rankings (Top 16) Apr 12, 2021
imageThey made some TOUGH cuts this week. The most notable one was my personal favorite of the season Anilee List. She didn’t get much screen time in Hollywood week, and I think that hurt her. Her voice is incredible and I wish America saw what I saw (also, editors, what the hell???). Other shocking cuts were Mary Jo Young and Jason Warrior who I was CONVINCED were locks to advance. Warrior went first in the night, so that might’ve hurt his chances, but there is no feasible reason why Mary Jo could’ve gone home this early. Truly a shocking night.

16. Alanis Sophia- This was the first dud of the night. Similarly to her last solo, she saved some great belty stuff for the end, but in her last solo, the belt stuff was perfectly pitched. This time, it wasn’t. The higher stuff sounded shakier and pitchier than usual, with one particular note feeling overly strained. Even in the non-belt sections, the verse was just FAR too low for her. “The Story” is a tough song because it shows so much range, and there’s really no way to change the key without it being either too high or too low at times. She has potential, but this vocal just wasn’t very strong.

15. Colin Jamieson- Colin won me over with his duet with Tori Kelly, but I’m worried this was another step back for him. I think his voice gets a bit breathy, and in a song that is already softer and less belty, the breathiness dragged it down for me. I do think when he hits those huge belt notes, it’s really strong, but he didn’t give us any of that until the VERY end of the song. When he got there, it was REAL good, but he only gave us literally two or three belt notes, while the rest was too breathy and unfulfilling. This was probably the lowest point of the second half of the night.

14. Hunter Metts- Hunter was much better this time around, but I still think he may be slipping a bit in the grand scheme. As other people emerge as breakout talents (like Ava last episode, and Madison this episode), I think Hunter is staying along the same path, and it’s making him stand out less and less.

13. Caleb Kennedy- I haven’t been the biggest Caleb fan, but he does know how to do country really well. This was a tad pitchy throughout, but he really got the grit and mood of the song spot on. He’s only 16 years old too, which I always forget. That’s really impressive. Good for him! Not my favorite, but good for him.

12. Graham DeFranco- Graham was the first surprise of the night to make it through to the top 16, because I truly thought he could’ve easily been cut based on his solo last week. I thought this song was fun and groovy, but in the grand retrospect of the whole night, I do worry that it wasn’t enough of a standout performance to garner enough votes. This would be great in Graham’s overall set list, but as his ONE performance to get him into the top 12, I don’t know if it was enough.

11. Ava August- Ava has such a unique quality to her voice. I don’t think this vocal was nearly as impressive as her last two vocals (both solo and duet). This is the case where the song choice was wrong, but her talent is good enough to compensate for it. She may go through based on her strong showing in the top 24, but this was a step back surely.

10. Alyssa Wray- Alyssa got through as the first member of the top 16, to nobody’s surprise. I think this was a step back for her, contrary to what the judges believe. I think she almost got a tad overdramatic in her vocal this time, especially when the band came in and she was trying to find the balance with the band. While she’s still one of the better vocalists of the bunch, I just don’t think this was her best, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s less of a lock to make the top 12 now.

9. Cassandra Coleman- Cassandra was much better tonight than she was on her last solo. She really excels in those quieter more sincere moments. That’s where the true magic is. When she got to the chorus, I feel like the band consumed her a bit and that’s where a bit of the shakiness came in. I think she has to really control the nerves and she could be a real superstar. But I agree with Luke, those verses were SO good, and that alone may be enough to get her through to the next round.

8. Chayce Beckham- Chayce hasn’t been my favorite, as I’ve felt like he’s kinda done the same thing each and every week. This is a bit more of the same, but he at least took a tad more command with his vocal, and I think he ended the show on a pretty solid note. With some contestants somewhat slipping from last week, Chayce slightly improved, and I think that’s why he’s higher up on this ranking than even I expected.

7. Madison Watkins- Madison has never been the best vocalist, but I think she has finally found out how to stand out despite not being the best singer. And that’s in the storytelling. She is one of the best storytellers. I felt 100% connected to her vocal the whole way through. There were missed notes every here and there, which is inevitable, but even in those missteps, her passion and storytelling was there one thousand percent. I thought she’d be going home last week, but she really earned it with this performance. When she almost broke down into tears at the end….wow. Did she just emerge as a possible contender?

6. Willie Spence- Willie is in the top 16, no surprise. I thought the judges overhyped this performance JUST a tad. It was backed with so much phenomenal power and control, which impressed me. He just has to make sure he doesn’t let the power of the song overshadow the lyrics themselves. When he got into the bigger moments, I couldn’t understand a word he was singing, and I think he just needs to keep in mind that the notes are only half the battle. That being said, he has the star power, he has the stage presence, and his pitch is absolutely spot on. Still a highlight of the night.

5. Grace Kinstler- Grace is such a talent, whatever she sings will be amazing. I love how she’s still taking Joss’ note about holding back on the big guns until the end of the songs. Even when she holds back, her notes are still really big and powerful, only proving just how talented she is. The biggest challenge for her now is going to be making the right bridge from the softer stuff to the bigger show-stopping notes, rather than just flicking on a switch. She’ll sail through for at least a few more rounds completely unscathed.

4. Wyatt Pike- I love Wyatt. There’s something about him that is so genuine and sincere. The thing with Wyatt is, he knows he’s not the best singer of the group. But he uses that to his advantage, taking a spin on a song and making it completely his own to fit his personal voice and style best. This arrangement was SO goddamn cool, and if America heard what I heard, he should sail through with no hesitation or Wild card needed. He’s so good at what he does.

3. Deshawn Goncalves- Deshawn absolutely rocked it tonight, and happened to give my favorite performance from the first half of singers. His vocal control is spot on, and he really knows when to hold back and when to really go head on with those power moments. This arrangement was so cool, and really showcased a true unique artistry that I think very few singers tonight truly showed. I hope he gets through, because he is one of the most unique talents this season.

2. Beane- Beane (and my number one pick) are my two favorites now that Anilee is gone, and I cannot wait to see Beane continue to grow in this competition. This was the most vulnerable Beane has been on stage, but also the most commanding he’s been as well. The vocal was so strong, but it’s really in Beane’s performance and delivery that he truly shines. Winning this competition is not going to come down to sheer talent, but rather how you USE your talent. Beane used his talent to almost perfection.

1. Casey Bishop- My GOD this was good. Casey knows how to be a true artist. Her verses were pure magic, with such a beautiful simplicity with a dark edge. Then she cranked it up to 11 on her bigger closing moments, showing just how capable her talent and voice is at her age. This was how to do rock and roll on this show, and even if the judges are taken aback by it, I am TOTALLY here for it. She’s radio ready more than anyone else.

This is so tough to predict since a lot of guaranteed advances (Jason Warrior, Mary Jo Young) didn’t advance. Luckily, the wild card will save two people from elimination. The guaranteed people (in my opinion) to advance are Willie, Grace, Casey, Deshawn, Chayce, Beane, and Alyssa based on their overall season performances. As for the remaining three America votes, I think they’re really digging Hunter so I’ll reluctantly put him through. I think Cassandra has been a popular favorite from the beginning too, and anyone who liked her will be EXTRA inclined to vote for her since she was last to be called safe in the first half. And I truly believe Madison did enough to secure that 10th slot. Now between Wyatt, Caleb, Alanis, Colin, Graham, and Ava, it’ll be up to the judges. I’m gonna stick with one guy and one girl. Wyatt is my one guy, I really think he has a shot. As for the girl, I think they’ll go with Ava. Despite a bad song choice, she really emerged as a strong contender with her Groban duet, and I think they’ll keep the youngest contestant around as a good dark horse contender.


Going Into the Top 10- Willie Spence, Grace Kinstler, Casey Bishop, Deshawn Goncalves, Chayce Beckham, Beane, Alyssa Wray, Hunter Metts, Cassandra Coleman, and Madison Watkins

Getting One of the Two Wildcard Spots- Wyatt Pike and Ava August

Going Home- Caleb Kennedy, Graham DeFranco, Alanis Sophia, and Colin Jamieson

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American Idol S19 Power Rankings (Top 24, Group 2 Duets) Apr 11, 2021

12. Hunter Metts and Jewel- I hate to do this, but this was the weakest duet of the night. Even if Hannah’s wasn’t as vocally impressive, she at least seemed to have fun doing it. Hunter didn’t seem to be enjoying himself at all. He seemed so out of his element, which was really upsetting to see. He has the potential, but this is the first time I truly thought he was struggling to keep up with the rest of the pack. He’s slipping, and he’ll need a good top 16 song to make it to the top 12 (assuming he’s enough of a fan favorite to stick around past this round that is). Jewel was good though!

11. Hannah Everhart and Jason Aldean- I liked this better than her solo, but again, I just don’t think her vocals stack up to her stage presence. It was fun, it was fine, but ultimately, it was pretty forgettable.

10. Chayce Beckham and Brandon Boyd- I didn’t love this duet. Again, I think Chayce is starting to sound a bit the same in each song, and this particular duet didn’t allow him to truly stretch his range. He’s got a good enough tone to keep him around, but this was really weak in my opinion.

9. Liahona Olayan and PJ Morton- This was a nice laid back duet that I think allowed Liahona to shine as a vocalist. But in the grand scheme, it might’ve been a tad TOO low-key to stand out at the end of the day. Knowing her potential for a really good duet (like we saw in auditions with her brother), this was a tad disappointing.

8. Caleb Kennedy and Jason Aldean- Caleb was good. Jason was good. It’s country, you either love it or hate it. There were elements of other duets that just stood out a bit more for me.

7. Madison Watkins and Tori Kelly- Here’s the thing. Madison sounded good on her own, but next to Tori, she really seemed overshadowed. And it’s not a Ryan Tedder scenario where I felt like Tori was actively trying to overshadow her (see Colin’s write up a few spots higher on the list), I just don’t think Madison could physically reach Tori’s heights. Tori murdered this song, which is why it’s as high as it is…but considering I have to take Madison into account here, that’s why it’s as low as it is.

6. Jason Warrior and PJ Morton- This didn’t hit the heights of Jason’s solo, but I do think he and PJ had a really great vibe going with this song. Some of the riffs and runs didn’t completely line up with one another, but overall, a solid duet.

5. Casey Bishop and Brandon Boyd- I honestly think Casey held back a tad with this duet. It was good, but considering she had just popped off with that amazing solo, this honestly felt a tad underwhelming. It was still great because Casey herself is so good (and Brandon is also good!), but she needs to lean into the “Decode”ness if she wants to win. She very well could.

4. Colin Jamieson and Tori Kelly- This was a complete turn-around for Colin. He went from someone I didn’t even have on my radar to a true FRONT runner (at least for tonight). He rocked it. Tori was giving it her all, and Colin matched her level. He knew the stakes, and he rose to the occasion. I am willing to forgive his solo because this was flat out awesome.

3. Mary Jo Young and Jewel- I swear this is a new Mary Jo this week. She absolutely crushed it with this duet, holding her own with Jewel. It was clear in the pre-video package that she wasn’t on Jewel’s musical level in terms of knowing what “unison” meant or something like that…but she sure sang like she did. She sang with such power and really impressed me with the harmonies as well. She could be a star, especially after her two performances tonight.

2. Ava August and Josh Groban- Josh Groban snags the top two spots. Best duet partner ever? I think so. This duet of “Both Sides Now” was incredibly heartfelt and really blew me away. It was like a bundle of magic, and really swept me up. Their harmonies and all were just mesmerizing. One of the best of the night, only outdone by ANOTHER Josh Groban duet…

1. Beane and Josh Groban- I know everyone will be talking about the Ava duet, and they honestly should…but this was my PERSONAL favorite duet of the day. There was such a great honesty and storytelling from both of them (like Ava), and I have to commend Josh for shining on his own but allowing for the Idol contestants to be the star as well. Beane really stood out here, with some smooth soulful runs and riffs, and an amazing sincerity. It was a beautiful duet that I’ll always remember, second only to Willie’s from the night before.

This group was all in all weaker than group one. I think there are at least 7 people who could be eliminated: Madison Watkins, Hannah Everhart, Chayce Beckham, Colin Jamieson, Liahona Olayan, Caleb Kennedy, and Hunter Metts. Who does this mean in terms of who is SAFE? Easy: Beane, Ava August, Casey Bishop, Mary Jo Young, and Jason Warrior should be safe with no ifs, ands, or buts. As for the remaining three slots, I think Hunter and Chayce are both enough of favorites to make it through, despite being slightly underwhelming (or in Hunter’s case, severely underwhelming). As for who definitely goes home, I think it’s safe to say we won’t see Hannah or Liahona in the next round. So between Madison, Colin, and Caleb, I have to go with the person who I think is going to resonate the most with audiences, and I sincerely believe COLIN won many people over with that duet.


Going Home- Hannah Everhart, Liahona Olayan, Madison Watkins, and Caleb Kennedy

Going Into the Top 16- Beane, Ava August, Casey Bishop, Mary Jo Young, Jason Warrior, Hunter Metts, Chayce Beckham, and Colin Jamieson

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American Idol S19 Power Rankings (Top 24, Group 2 Solos) Apr 11, 2021

12. Hannah Everhart- I didn’t like this performance. She ended a whole half-step higher than the music. For non musicians, that means that she was singing the wrong notes in the end. And it showed. She has a confidence and stage presence, but I think she lacks control. This was a disappointing performance, but after that Hollywood week drama with Claudia Conway, I lost a little respect for her. She probably means well, but I haven’t been a fan of hers since that Claudia duet where she basically walked away when she was paired up with someone.

11. Hunter Metts- Chandelier is my favorite pop song. Trent Harmon’s performance of Chandelier on American Idol is my one of my favorite Idol performances of all time. The song shouldn’t be done again on the show, and despite Hunter trying a new take on it, this just wasn’t it. It wasn’t showcasing his voice, it felt like he was holding back, and it ultimately failed to make any impression on me. At least it was better than Hannah’s.

10. Liahona Olayan- Like Hannah, I kinda lost a bit of respect for Liahona after the duet Hollywood round when she totally shut off. I think she has improved since, but I still don’t think I’m really a fan of what she’s doing in terms of her style in this competition. It’s fun, but it doesn’t showcase enough of the actual voice itself, and I worry it won’t read to audiences at home as well as it did live and in person for the judges.

9. Colin Jamieson- Colin had the biggest 180 of the night. I didn’t like his solo (but stay tuned for the next blog, because I LOVED his duet). His solo was a little all over the place. Fun and playful, but a tad messy in vocals, and when he brought the guitar into it, he seemed a bit distracted. Luckily (as I said) he really stepped it up with that duet.

8. Madison Watkins- Madison has a great stage presence, but I worry there are simply better voices in this competition (and we’ll get to that duet soon). Her song was a smart choice being that Justin Bieber is a popular choice. I just think she did good but not great enough to truly stand out in this round. But there were far worse performances tonight, so she’s still in the clear I think.

7. Chayce Beckham- This performance was…good. Chayce has an interesting quality to his voice. I just worry that it’s a bit too “same old, been there done that” type vocal. I want to see him do something new, because it’s getting a tad stale. That being said, his vocal quality itself is really interesting, and I did still think this was stronger than his duet.

6. Caleb Kennedy- I didn’t hate this. I’m not a huge country fan, but Caleb did pick a great song for his voice with this song. I don’t think he’s as strong as some other Idol country stars, but he’s probably my favorite strictly country voice THIS season (but with Cecil and Hannah, is the bar really that high?)…my only thing is…LOSE THE HAT. It shades his eyes. Show your eyes dude!

5. Ava August- Ava had a GREAT showing in this round. I think her take on “Drivers License” was unique and showed a real quality to the star she could be. But stay tuned for my comments about the duet, where she REALLY transformed into a true star overnight.

4. Beane- I love Beane. I know people didn’t love his Dua Lipa song, but I thought he actually did something really interesting with it. I did notice some pitch issues, which felt out of character for Beane, but his actual style and his stage presence are enough to solidify him as a serious contender. He is an artist, and I am really amazed whenever he performs, regardless of how good the vocal is.

3. Jason Warrior- My GOD this was good. Jason kinda came out of nowhere. He had a good showing at his audition, a great showing at his Hollywood week performance, but he truly emerged as a star tonight. I think this may even put him in top 10 contention. This was excellent.

2. Mary Jo Young- Mary Jo was my second favorite solo of the night. She seemed SO confident. I think it’s interesting seeing some people with no experience really crack under pressure, yet Mary Jo embraced it and almost did BETTER with this added pressure. She stepped it up when she needed to, and she emerges as an even bigger contender after this performance. I loved it.

1. Casey Bishop- Casey is a rockstar. Literally. I hope the voters are digging the rock vibe, because I think Casey (especially given her age) completely won the night for me and continues to stand out as one of the show’s best vocalists. This was impeccably good.

Check out my next blog for the duet rankings and my thoughts on their overall chances of advancing to the top 16.

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American Idol S19 Power Rankings (Top 24, Group 1 Duets) Apr 11, 2021

12. Cecil Ray and Jimmie Allen- Jimmie tried his best, and got Cecil to come out of his shell a LITTLE bit. Still not enough though, and I don’t think Cecil stands a chance at advancing. But I’m glad he went out on this performance and not his treacherous solo.

11. Alana and Brian McKnight- Brian is SUCH an amazing duet partner, bringing so much soul to his vocals. Unfortunately for him, his two duet partners weren’t really stepping up to his level. I spent the whole time watching Brian, and didn’t pay much attention to Alana’s vocal. This similar thing happened with her solo, where I just didn’t think Alana stood out much. She’s great, but not a star.

10. Cassandra Coleman and Ryan Tedder- Is it just me or did Ryan Tedder try to ousting literally all of his partners? I thought these celebrities were there to boost their contestants up, not try to overshadow them. I did think this was a better vocal from Cassandra than her solo, but even then, I did sense a bit of shakiness in the vocals. Not the worst duet of the day, but still underwhelming given her potential going into this round.

9. Deshawn Goncalves and Ryan Tedder- Again, I feel like Ryan Tedder was just trying too hard to upstage Deshawn, almost like he was in the Voice battle rounds. I felt like Deshawn had the potential to really amaze, but didn’t get the chance to. This just wasn’t the song for him, and while both him and Ryan sounded good individually, I don’t think it necessarily came together.

8. Andrea Valles and Brian McKnight- I liked this duet a bit more than her solo. Even then, I still think Brian was the much stronger of the pair. They definitely had a really good chemistry and vibe going, but of all the powerhouse duets tonight, I still don’t think this stood out nearly as much as the others. Brian is great though, and while I’m not predicting Andrea or Alana to make it, I think Brian should be commended for being an AWESOME duet partner.

7. Alyssa Wray and Katharine McPhee- I liked their duet, but given how strong their solo was, I don’t think this duet was as memorable. Alyssa is a star, and I think Katharine was a great powerhouse duet partner, but ultimately, not the duet I’ll remember most of this night.

6. Wyatt Pike and Ben Rector- I love Ben Rector, so this pairing excited me. Wyatt seemed like a natural up there, even without a guitar. They were vibing, having a great time, and I had a great time watching them.

5. Anilee List and Joss Stone- I do think this was a match made in heaven. The beginning of the song was fine, but a tad underwhelming. It was the end, where both women got to just RIP on those vocals and runs and riffs…that was so much fun. I love watching people who CAN excel with runs and riffs, and Anilee proved that she could hold her own with the best in this duet. Not as good as her solo, and not the best duet of the night, but I think this was enough to get people to notice Anilee again. Why they didn’t show her much in Hollywood night is a damn mystery.

4. Graham DeFranco and Ben Rector- Wowza. Graham really impressed me with this duet. It was sweet, sincere, heartfelt, and full of warmth. This could very well send him into the top 16 if we’re ignoring his disappointing solo.

3. Alanis Sophia and Jimmie Allen- This was a stellar duet to kick the night off. “Shallow” is a great song, and they made it a FANTASTIC one. Jimmie himself sounded so good on this, but Alanis was also holding her own, void of any pitch problems like her solo song. This solidified her spot in the top 8 for this group.

2. Grace Kinstler and Joss Stone- Joss gave Grace the BEST advice. Wait for those runs and riffs. Make the audience wait for them. I think this advice will last with Grace all season. Once Grace finally let loose, it felt EARNED. This is a dynamite duet and really ended the show off strong. Grace could very well win, and I wouldn’t be disappointed. She did excellent. Joss also amazing.

1. Willie Spence and Katharine McPhee- My favorite duet, maybe ever. This was excellent. Stardom through and through. One of the rare magical moments we see on Idol nowadays. If Alyssa won the solo round, Willie won the duet rounds heads and toes above everyone else.

Lots of amazing duets. I think the duets, in all, were stronger than the solos (with the exception of maybe Alyssa and Deshawn specifically). Determining who will advance to the top 16 will be tough because I think there are at least 9 people who stand a chance. The three I am immediately cutting are Cecil Ray, Alana, and Andrea Valles. All three did a good job, but just didn’t stand out amongst the entire group of contestants. As for who DEFINITELY makes it, I think there are four sure-fire contenders: Willie, Grace, Alyssa, and Deshawn. Those four have been some of the bigger contestants all season. I think, after the duets, I can confidently predict Alanis as well. This leaves Anilee, Cassandra, Graham, and Wyatt for the last three spots. I think Cassandra and Wyatt have the better two stories, but Anilee had the best vocals of those four. Graham is interesting because he had a bad solo and an excellent duet. Is that duet enough? Ultimately, I think Graham will just miss the cut, but it’ll be close.


Going Home- Cecil Ray, Alana, Andrea Valles, and Graham DeFranco

Going Into the Top 16- Willie Spence, Grace Kinstler, Alyssa Wray, Deshawn Goncalves, Alanis Sophia, Cassandra Coleman, Wyatt Pike, and Anilee List

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American Idol S19 Power Rankings (Top 24, Group 1 Solos) Apr 11, 2021

12. Cecil Ray- Yikes. I always respected Cecil as a person, but this performance was filled with some weird tonal choices, bad pitch problems, and a lack of confidence. This would’ve gotten torn apart by Simon Cowell or Harry Connick Jr. These judges are just way too kind, even in their criticisms. Hey, it’s ABC owned nowadays, so they are trying to make everything very positive and family friendly, I get it. But still, I think these contestants need a tad more constructive criticisms, otherwise, what’s the point of a judge anyway.

11. Alana- I’ll admit, Alana has talent but I don’t remember her much at the end of the night. She just doesn’t scream “star” to me, which is unfortunate because her duet (which I’ll talk about later) was great. Of everyone tonight (even Cecil who I thought was much weaker vocally), she is the one I’ll remember the least.

10. Cassandra Coleman- I’ll be honest, Cassandra had my 2nd favorite audition of anyone (next to Anilee, who we’ll get to in a sec), but she has since gotten a tad weaker in my eyes. While she is finding more confidence, her vocals have been getting a little shakier. They may be nerves, but I really didn’t love this performance as much as her others. I think she has an endearing story, but this performance didn’t win me over, and I’m worried it may not win others over either.

9. Graham DeFranco- I didn’t love Graham’s solo performance. It seemed pitchy at times, and didn’t really stand out from the crowd. I think he knows his style, however, and I appreciate that. His duet was another story, which we’ll get to in the next blog post.

8. Andrea Valles- I liked Andrea’s performance. Didn’t love it, but I did like it. She has a really cool style and stage presence, and I love the use of her culture in the song choice and the vocal she delivered. I worry that she might be a tad forgettable simply because the songs she’s picking aren’t these huge anthems. But we’ll see.

7. Alanis Sophia- Alanis started with some major pitch problems in the first half of her solo. But in the SECOND half, she absolutely killed it. She had some huge belt moments that really showed off her power in both her vocal quality and her range. This was a good performance, especially kicking off the night and overall live shows.

6. Wyatt Pike- Wyatt is an interesting case. He knows his artistry and really sells what he does really well. In comparison to others, he doesn’t necessarily stand out as much, which is my only worry, considering he performed very early in the night. I still think he’ll make it far, but I do really like Wyatt’s style and artistry and hope he makes it through for his uniqueness and stage presence alone.

5. Deshawn Goncalves- I’ve always loved Deshawn. This wasn’t my favorite vocal of his, but it’s still one of the strongest of the night for the sheer voice alone. His voice is incredible, and no matter what song he picks, he will excel. I adore his voice and think he’ll really amaze throughout this competition.

4. Grace Kinstler- Grace is a damn powerhouse, and I think this was a really fun song choice, especially at this stage of the competition where she’s enough of a front-runner to take some cool risks. I don’t know if this will go down as one of her most memorable performances, but she owned and commanded the stage. Her duet was her particular standout of the night, but this was still damn good.

3. Willie Spence- Willie is such a natural that even in a less memorable song choice, he excels. This was great, as expected. No doubt he’ll go deep (potentially even win).

2. Anilee List- I adore Anilee. She was my favorite audition (her inspiring story and pitch perfect runs and vocals absolutely stunned me), and I’m glad she got to belt out this rendition of a Billie Eilish song. This wasn’t my favorite vocal of the night, but it showed just how amazing her stage presence and confidence is. She wasn’t shown much in Hollywood week, but she really proved here why she’s a contender to go far.

1. Alyssa Wray- I adored Alyssa’s solo. I was never head over heels for her in her auditions and Hollywood week performances, but she really proved that she was here to PLAY. This was the strongest solo of the night, and one of the best performances next to some great duets. She’s a contender for sure.

Check out my next blog for the duet rankings and my thoughts on their overall chances of advancing to the top 16.

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Hell's Kitchen S19 Power Rankings (Top 4) Apr 8, 2021
imageAmber’s elimination was seen coming from a mile away. Let’s move forward and predict now that the final four seems pretty stacked and fair game.

4. Declan Horgan- I can’t believe I have Declan as my elimination prediction, but it  makes the most sense. He didn’t do anything overly bad in this specific episode, but I do think Cody is gelling better with Kori and Mary Lou (especially) than Declan is. Declan stood out a lot earlier on, but has since faded into the secondary contenders lot of this season. I think he could very well be safe, but it seems like he’s in the most danger.

3. Cody Candelario- Cody is certainly most improved this season. But because he did take a while to get going earlier this season, I wonder if he’ll just go home as a last resort. Of all four chefs, he took the longest to step up. That could be all the reason Ramsay needs to get rid of him. Also, there was lots of attention given to him being upset by Mary Lou taking Kori and not him on the challenge, which may lower his morale (though it didn’t seem to be a big deal during service). But I think he’s been super consistent as of late, and is doing a great job of communicating with his team and cooking delicious food.

2. Kori Sutton- Kori and Mary Lou are pretty much even right now as for who could take the win. I just don’t think Kori has been getting as much overtly positive content as Mary Lou. That’s the only reason I put her at 2nd, despite thinking she’s very capable of winning, and seems to have the least amount of drama attached to her, especially after Amber tried calling out Mary Lou for her flirtmance with Cody.

1. Mary Lou Davis- Mary Lou continues to impress. She won the challenge, where she made the tough decision of taking Kori over Cody. This shouldn’t come back to bite her, and I think this will bite Cody’s morale more than hers. She is in her own lane and is cruising. She nominated Amber (rightfully so), and didn’t just nominate Cody to appease Amber. She’s playing this game successfully, and is cooking the best she’s ever cooked this season. She’s who I hope wins, and she’s who I think will win.

I think Declan and Cody, while great, are the two who may be on the chopping block. I don’t know if this will be a double elimination or a single elimination. Either way, Kori and Mary Lou will probably come out the other end unscathed. Between Dec and Cody, I think I’ve gotta go with recent consistency over season consistency.


Going Home- Declan Horgan

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