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Dancing With The Stars S28 Power Rankings (Round 1)

Sep 17, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageA new season of Dancing with the Stars is back, and we already have stars leaving because of injuries, people scoring 3’s, people scoring 7’s, and contenders emerging amongst the rest. I seriously don’t know how much of the “shift” in voting will change the outcome of the season, but I am definitely looking forward to this bunch, as a majority of them show potential, and the ones who are scoring well are already impressing me greatly. So let’s rank last night’s dancers.

12. Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold- This was really bad. Lamar must be pissed that this beat him in scoring. I am too.

11. Lamar Odom and Peta Murgatroyd- Lamar wasn’t good. His first half of the dance looked like somebody showing Frankenstein how to dance. But I definitely think he tried, and as the dance went on, he found a bit more comfort. I think 3’s were definitely way too harsh for Lamar, and I could see him getting a big up in scores next week because 3’s are so rare. I think he has a good positivity about this whole thing, so I hope he gets another shot to prove the judges wrong. Again, not excusing the poor dancing, but I think he has more potential than someone like Spicey.

10. Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov- Kate danced a lot better than I expected her too, but still needs a lot of work. She’s no superstar, but she definitely brings a fun energy to the dance floor, and I can see her as a personality going far. She seems a bit stiff but I think she has the potential to make a breakthrough with a little more work. 

9. Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson- Kel, for as energetic and funny of a human as he is, seemed to have very little energy when it came to the dance floor. I still liked his routine enough, but think he’ll need to focus on the steps, while still maintaining that energy and positivity. I think he let his mind take over, and his energy didn’t help him keep focused. I think Kel is someone who will improve the most of everyone, but right now, he’s got lots of ground to make up. And especially going so early in the night, I almost forgot about him.

8. Ray Lewis and Cheryl Burke- Ray isn’t necessarily a seasoned dancer, but I really thought he did well. He has a natural lovableness about himself, and I think he’ll definitely win over lots of people’s hearts. His dancing definitely needs a little bit of refinement, but as a first showing, I’m pretty impressed.

7. Mary Wilson and Brandon Armstrong- Mary is a legend of a human being, but I’ll have to say, I wasn’t as rah-rah about this routine as the judges were. Her foxtrot was good, but I just don’t think the dance itself excited me too much. Technique, yes. Entertainment, meh. But I just love Mary herself. I think her age is going to work for her, as everything she does is even more impressive given her age, but with that, I think she is going to struggle going forward with some faster dancers. I love her spirit and energy, so I hope she keeps up the good scores, but I see her struggling a bit in a few weeks time.

6. Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber- Ally’s routine seemed a bit messy, but I really think she had one of the hardest routines to do, and she actually did a really good job. She was moving quickly, showing some sass, and bringing big energy to the dance floor. I think the judges definitely diminished their score because of the current dance moves, and had they stuck to more traditional choreography, they would’ve scored better. Ally’s ability is definitely promising.

5. Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson- If anyone was most underscored, it’s probably Karamo. I think he has a lot more potential than most, and I think he’s going to be just fine in the competition. It was underwhelming because of how much expectation the judges had for him, as did I. I think he’ll take this criticism well and deliver big time next week.

4. Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Valentin Chmerkovskiy- Sailor stepped in for her mom and still got one of the highest scores of the night. Good for her. I think she needs to work a bit more on her performance and musicality, but the natural talent is definitely there and I can’t wait to see her with a full week of rehearsal under her belt. Christie, I had you predicted to make final three, so maybe your daughter will be able to make you proud.

3. Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko- Lauren was such a treat to watch. She had so much exuberance and joy coming out on the dance floor. Obviously, she’s got a little bit of polishing to do, but I really think she nailed her routine and won everyone over in her interviews. She just comes across as a true sweetheart and I think she’ll be around for a while so we can keep rooting her on throughout the weeks. While I think Hannah and James had the best dances of the night, I think Lauren was my “favorite” in terms of enjoyment and overall feeling I had watching her.

2. Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten- Hannah came out the gate swinging, and did a really impressive job in the first go-round. I think, of everyone there, Hannah might have an edge on most, as she looks like she probably has some past dance experience, but I definitely think she is going to be one to watch. Melissa Rycroft won the whole thing and Grocery Store Joe had a huge following last year, so I think Hannah should have no problem going deep in this competition.

1. James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater- Holy crap, what a great first dance. His opening bit was just jaw-droopingly awesome, and the whole routine that followed definitely showcased so much potential, personality, and promise for James. I loved his first routine, and while I think some others will share the top of the leaderboard in weeks to come, I think James is the man to beat right now (I mean, obviously). Great first dance, best of the night.

After the whole group went, I definitely think there are lots of contenders. In tier one, we have Hannah, Lauren, James, then right behind them is the bunch of Karamo, Ally, and Sailor. Then you have the whole bunch of Kel, Mary, Kate, and Ray, and then you have Lamar and Sean on the bottom. I do think anyone besides Lamar, Sean, and probably Kate (but she does have the votes) could win, and in this first elimination, I think it’s a no brainer we’ll see Spicey go home, as long as it’s up to votes and not dancing itself. If Lamar goes, I won’t be upset, but I’m hoping he gets another shot to dance, whereas I could care less about Sean. Bye.


Going Home- Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold



As for how I think the SEASON will play out:

12th- Sean & Lindsay
11th- Lamar & Peta
10th- Mary & Brandon
9th- Kate & Pasha
8th- Ray & Cheryl
7th- Kel & Witney
6th- Karamo & Jenna
5th- Sailor & Val
4th- Ally & Sasha
3rd- Lauren & Gleb
2nd- James & Emma
1st- Hannah & Alan
Sent by PowerRankings101,Sep 17, 2019
I agreee man PowerRankings101
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