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Why do people share their phone numbers with other users?

Jun 14, 2019 by Novamax243
I know I would want my personal life to be as separated as possible from Tengaged. The only user who has my number is austino15fffan and he only has it since we went to the same university.


Literally same. All the people I have I went to high school with.
Sent by pinkiepie512,Jun 14, 2019
bc I like to keep in contact w my friends n FaceTime
Sent by lexeyjane,Jun 14, 2019
Ikr? i've only given it to people I have met irl / interract with way beyond tg. I don't even like to  really add tgers on social media honestly
Sent by Anas,Jun 14, 2019
The only one who has mine is gaiaphagee and that’s just because I’ve known him for like 7 years LOL
Sent by Christian_,Jun 14, 2019
Sent by austino15fffan,Jun 15, 2019

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