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PYN Random Survivor 10: Sri Lanka RESULTS

May 8, 2019 by Novamax243
Some of you just signed up for this yesterday, most of you waited half a year, but here it is! This season is rather uh... interesting to say the least. The winner was certainly the most unexpected one we might see for a while as they wracked up a total of 22 votes over the season not even taking into account FTC votes. While the season was not top teir in my opinion, it definitely is one of the more memorable ones due to the running gag of the winner being scapegoated during majority of the tribal councils.

Ceylon (Dark Teal Buffs):
LeeMont JonMcGillis
Chrystean Christian_
Dalton hellomynameis347
Viktor MyMilkshakes
Benji lionsden121
Yanagisawa Foxy_Piplup
JR J2999
Vlaho varlto
MacArthur Macda27
Jayson MudkipzFTW

Kandy (Orange Buffs):
Priya TaurusMoon
Trinity aria_grande
Danica SharonMaItems
Gemma BluJay112
Natalie MrOrange890
Issy immaxyman
Lena C_Shizz96
Asiya purplebb4
Matilda mbarnish1
Xella FireX



i swear u rig these against me i have signed up like 20 times and i dont think ive made merge more than like 2 times
Sent by Christian_,May 8, 2019
this is BrainJak u hoe
Sent by MudkipzFTW,May 8, 2019
Sent by MyMilkshakes,May 8, 2019
Finally made f3 I guess ;(
Sent by lionsden121,May 9, 2019
Ay, 2nd win (Viktor should win tho)
Sent by Foxy_Piplup,May 9, 2019

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