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I just had one of those days

Aug 28, 2018 by Novamax243
Where you can never seem to catch a break and relax a bit.

Woke up at 8:45
Mourning routine/Breakfast until 9:20
Went to Classes until 2 in the afternoon
Quickly grabbed lunch to go so I could work on a Calculus lab until 3:30 with a classmate
Rode my bike to the clinic to get a foreign object removed from my ear canal (Don't ask)
Got back to my dorm to briefly work on some seminar homework until a bit before 5
Went to an introductory student senate meeting until like 7:20
I talked to some people I met there for a bit and now I'm here at 7:40 (I'm in MST)

I still have an essay to write and online math homework (Separate from the Lab I mentioned earlier) that are due at midnight. And in addition to that I need to prepare a solo for an acapella choir group I got a callback for. This is only my second week of college and I'm super drained due to all the stuff that's happening. X_X


Sent by Lalisa,Aug 28, 2018

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