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Reward Challenge 7 Max

Oct 18, 2018 by Novamax243
Well I need this blog to be as plussed as much as possible if I want to win the challenge so any plusses would be appreciated.

For whatever reason we also need to have at least 200 words with our blog so uh, I doubt many of you will want to read that much anyway so you can just ignore this last part if you want.

I deserve to win this challenge because why the hell not. It's the final 4 and safety would be quite nice right about now. My competition is barely trying in the game except like 1 other person so yeah. Reward the person who is actually trying in the game I guess. I don't know what else to say really so adding filler words to meet the minimum word requirement. So uh... plus this blog if you like me, plus this blog if you like Survivor, plus this blog if you like anything in this world. Oh god I still have forty more words to go. More filler I guess. Hello world, how is life? I'm sure it could be better considering we're all on Tengaged right now. *shrugs* I think I made it to 200 now. That's nice.


Sent by Christian_,Oct 18, 2018
+8 :)
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