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If BB Canada did a dynamic duos season

Aug 14, 2019 by Novamax243
Who would your ideal cast be? This is assuming it's a full returnee season and not just like 3 duos like they had in BBUS. This would be my ideal cast, but also keeping it in the realm of realism. Plus I know a lot of these showmances aren't together anymore, but are still are on good terms if I am not mistaken.

Season 1 Duos:

Season 2 Duos:

Season 3 Duos:

Season 4 Duos:

Season 5 Duos:

Season 6 Duos:

Season 7 Duos:
None, best I could think of would be Adam/Sam and they had their own array of issues

So the full cast would be

Alec Beall
Derek Kesseler
Emmett Blois
Jared Kesler
Jordan Parhar
Peter Brown
William Laprise Desbiens
Zach Oleynik

Brittnee Blair
Dre Gwenaelle
Jillian MacLaughlin
Kaela Grant
Kelsey Faith
Rachelle Diamond
Sabrina Abbate
Sarah Hanlon

I avoided returning players with these picks, or else both the pairing of Cassandra/Tim and Demetres/Ika would definitely be on here.


Ika needs to return lmao
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Aug 14, 2019
Gary/Suzette were icons
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Aug 14, 2019

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