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It's kind of sad

Jul 22, 2018 by Novamax243
How this site has actually gone downhill since the arrival of moderation. The selective banning, the questionable choice of focusing on designs instead of the serious issues that plagued the site, and most importantly how aggressive everyone has become now. It's no secret that people are searching for ridiculous reasons to get others in trouble. Like seriously, it's one thing to have an issue with a person because you dislike them. But to literally go out of your way to try to get them in trouble with moderation over a minuscule issue is just depressing.

Overall, I'm not mad about the crackdown on rules. As someone who joined Tengaged in late 2015, I experienced the full length of the "dark ages" of tengaged without knowing what it was like with moderation so I am glad to see some order finally return to the site. But that being said, moderation need to learn to be impartial in their decisions because it's quite clear to all of Tengaged that there is bias by the people running the Admin account. I really want this moderation thing to turn out alright in the end because I believe that Tengaged can be a much better site with it. So to the new mod team, whoever you may be, please recognize your own faults when it comes to fixing this site. All of us here truly want the best for this site but you are the only ones with any power to do anything. If you guys don't do the right thing, this site will continue to spiral downward into a greater mess than it already was. So just remember that pretty much all of Tengaged is counting on your guys to turn your act around and finally return this site to its former glory.


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