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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games 101: Districts 4, 5 and 6

Feb 21, 2021 by NanoNerd
District 1

M-Sebastian ( LaCroix)
F-Brenda ( FromAWindow)

District 2

M-Franzi ( CruelSummer)
F-Citrine ( franzella)

District 3

M-Sony ( kingjames13)
F-Wanda ( LaylaLove)

District 4

M-Kwen ( Ratchett)
F-Rocky ( humanwebjet1)

District 5

M-Char ( Treeko)
F-Alycia ( varlto)

District 6

M-Cris ( iCristian)
F-Tokyo ( SeaViper)

District 7

M-TB ( tbrown_47)
F-Hannah ( Yandereboy12)

District 8

M-Ivory ( Hong)
F-Ebony ( EbonyGothChild666)

District 9

M-Nick ( hayden9102)
F-Carol ( CarolinaSteele)

District 10

M-Sal ( bigdizzleyomama)
F-Beck ( Becksta20)

District 11

M-Chris ( christossss)
F-Ellie ( Vessas)

District 12

M-Jessie ( Jessie_)
F-Joshina ( Joshgillespie)

-District 4-

Kwen Vorhaus (Male Tribute)
Age: 14

Kwen isn’t like your typical District 4 kid. He’s not passionate about the hunger games, and he never wanted to be a part of them. He usually never volunteered or took part in the process... until the events of last year’s games.

Kwen’s brother won the process and became one of the tributes for the 100th annual hunger games. However, he was killed on the third day. And it wasn’t quick either... the male tribute from District 1 tortured him and brutally murdered him on camera for all of Panem to see. Kwen’s brother pleaded for mercy, but he was never shown any. Watching his brother being tortured on live television ignited something in Kwen... and this year, he volunteered.

Just like his brother, Kwen excelled in the process. He eventually became the official tribute, and his only goal in mind going into the games is to get revenge on District 1 for his brother’s death.

Rocky Kotter (Female Tribute)
Age: 15

Rocky has been waiting for this day her entire life. She has been dreaming of being in the hunger games ever since she was born.

She comes from a family of 14 kids, with Rocky being the second youngest. All of Rocky’s siblings have tried to win the process, but none have ever been able to. Rocky is the first member of her family to have become a tribute. She wants to make her family proud, and bring both glory and a high reputation to her family’s name.

-District 5-

Char Peckham (Male Tribute)
Age: 15

Char comes from a relatively poor neighborhood. He’s not homeless, and he has had enough food for his family to get by, but his house is small and he doesn’t own much.

When his name was picked, all he could think about was winning the games and helping his family to become wealthier. He knows his odds are slim, but if he can help his family in any way, he’s going to give it his all.

Alycia Kayfetz (Female Tribute)
Age: 16

Alycia is known as one of the popular girls. She is friends with most of the other kids her age, so as you can imagine, it was quite a shock to hear her name be called.

Alycia was scared at first, but then felt more relaxed as she heard her peers cheer her on after her name was called. Her whole District will be watching her, cheering her on.

-District 6-

Cris Akemann (Male Tribute)
Age: 15

Cris enjoys the outdoors. He often likes to hunt, and is very nifty with a spear. He would often hunt for things that his family could eat for dinner.

When Cris’s name was called, all he could think about was how he could win. He knew he could use his hunting skills to his advantage, and that everyone wouldn’t see how much of a threat he is. But we’ll see how he really does in the games...

Tokyo Wakeham (Female Tribute)
Age: 17

Tokyo has been known to be a prankster for most of her life. She never really took the hunger games or the reapings seriously, and for the most part just watched them like they were football games. Some people described her as a girl born in the wrong district, since she shares of the qualities that career tributes have.

When her name was reaped, however, she was speechless. She had never actually thought about what it would be like to actually compete in the games, and she realized for the first time in her life that she was in danger. She’s taken this as a wake up call, and all she wants to do is survive.



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