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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


8thApr 5, 2021 by Marwane
✴ Happy Happy birthday buddy, I know you think that these are cringe but I had to make one for your very special 19th birthday. I never would have thought we would have become good friends over the last few months but honestly I'm so glad we got as close as we did. You are one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of meeting since coming back to this website & I absolutely love our late night/ early morning calls. I hope you have an incredible year filled with nothing but happiness & joy. I appreciate you tons buddy, keep smoking that kush & hustling, you deserve the world. By your #1  ZOON

Here are some messages from your beautiful friends on here! Enjoy :D

✴ Happy birthday Zay, you're a psycho but you know it, I love playing code names with you and hunger (even if you're a dumb bitch in that!) but you're a good guy and hope you have a great day, oh yah that time everyone thought you died because you were at 18 hours ago, was funny!  Sosyomomma

✴ HAPPY NASTY NINETEEN ZAY :heart: :smile: we only became good friends only recently but you are one of the nicest and most loyal people i've happened to meet on the site. cutthroat definitely brought us closer together and since then i've enjoyed every conversation we've had with each other! continue being the KING that you are and i hope your day is especially blessed because you deserve. hugs! drinks on me EOWWWW

✴ Zay, you are seriously one of my best friends on this website. I appreciate you more than you know. We started out not getting along, but when we took the time to get to know each other we hit it off so well. You're super fun and you don't take things too seriously and I love that. I'm glad to call you my friend and I look forward to our games and experiences in the future. I hope you have an amazing birthday, ZayJuggz $  Lemjam6

✴ Zayyyyyyy! Happy birthday you sweet legend!! You are such a sweet king, thank you for always being such a great person and I hope you enjoy your wonderful birthday. Still to this day you are the best Survivor Ally of all time.Lots of good vibes and lots of positivity coming your way this upcoming year for you. May this year bring you tons of blessing and happiness that you deserve king. Love you my baby pink biffle <33  Willie_

✴ Happy birthday Zay!! We used to hate each other but now I consider you one of my closest friends. You are one of my favorite people to play games with and you have great taste in TV shows. I hope our friendship only continues to grow from here. I hope your birthday is absolutely great luhv :revolving_hearts:  Jojo7784

✴ Happy birthday Zay!!! Thank you for carrying me in survivor merges, being an incredible group game ally and overall an A+ friend! Hope you are spoiled today like the king you are!  Oysterman11

✴ Happy birthday, zay! i’m so glad we got to meet last year and got the chance to reconnect more recently. you’re such a chill person and i always enjoy being on calls with you. hope you have an amazing day and get a birthday frooks win :heart:  Holllyy1230

✴ Happy birthday Zay!! You’re someone I’ve met more recently on my return to tengaged, and when we bonded over Summer Walker, I knew we’d be friends instantly!! I hope you have an amazing day, you deserve it :slight_smile:  Boneworks

✴ Heyyy Zay!! Happy birthday!! You're so much fun to go on calls with and just hang out whether it be inside of games or outside. You've always been really nice and really chill to me so I appreciate that and respect and like you so much!! Hope you have an AMAZING day. :heart:   @NotNicky333

✴ Zay, one of my oldest t friends :heart::heart: it all started when we were young problematic teens. We’ve gone from attacking people in games to now attacking people on the blogs page. We’ve come so far :joy: I love you so much and despite the few hiccups in our relationship I think our friendship is stronger then ever. I hope you have the best bday and party it up as much as possible  BlueJay7622

✴ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAY MONEY! from enemies to lovers, that's what we are! i'm so happy we've gotten to know each other a lot more thru #priv and i'm honoured to call you my friend. you're such a sweetheart and you're absolutely hilarious - your little snickers on call never fail to make me smile and i hope you get treated like the king you are today! love you sm!!! :heart:    PureEssence

✴ Happy birthday! I hope it’s a great one.  I really think we get along so well and I’m glad we’ve gone on some group calls recently and have been on the same vivor tribe. We see eye and eye on so many things and I feel like we mesh really well. Hopefully our friendship keeps growing. I hope you enjoy your day and have everything happen that you want!    Sjsoccer88

✴ Happy birthday Zmoney. Such a loyal king. We’ve had our ups and downs, but you’re one of the good people on Tengaged. Love and respect you! Keep doing your shit and happy 19th broski! L.T.C  Benp428

✴ Happy birthday Zay! I’m glad we’ve been able to restore our friendship lately or at least working towards it because you truly are one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and I value our friendship a lot. That’s why I hope you have one of the best birthday ever, you definitely deserve it. 19191919 King  GentlemanG

✴ Happy Birthday King !! Enjoy your day today :two_hearts:    Hisoka

✴ Happy birthday Zay!! You’re always so loyal and helpful and you deserve the best day :sweat_smile:. Thanks for carrying me through survivor merges and for always being nice no matter what group you’re talking to. You’re loved by many my guy!! :cowboy::call_me_tone2:  Hwest14

✴ Happy Birthday Zay!!! i love you sm bestie. you're such a bright light and an amazing and loyal friend. i'm soo glad we randomly met years ago in a stars and we have been close friends ever since. we connected because of our love of queen ariana, and i just love that for us! i hope you have an amazing and stress free birthday. you deserve the world cutie:heart: love you so much  Deshonbannedisback

✴ Zay I met you because you stole @zforzombies acc but u actually gave it back when I gave u a white level multi I think. Since then I’ve talked to u a decent amount and ur actually really funny and I love when ur on call and becoming friends w u in priv :heart: enjoy ur bday my king !  Flickgamecolin

✴ Happy Birthday Zay! You taught me how to play hunger, carried me in frooks, and tried to keep me calm during stars which is not an easy task. You've been like a big brother too me since i joined this site and ive had fun talking to you and doing survivor rankings.
Happy B-Day!  Rohanprabhu

✴ Zay, I feel like I've only known you for a short time, but it's never about the amount of time you know someone, it's about the quality. You have proven yourself a multitude of time to be a loyal, trustworthy person even in the face of having the opportunity to take the easy way out of things. You always have my back and I will always have yours, duh. You are the sweetest little buddy on TG and I'm so happy we've become such great friends. ILYSM :heart: Happy birthday!    ElectraViv

✴ Zay, this is going to be cliche as fuck. But if ANYONE would've told me that you'd be my closest friend on this site a couple of months ago, I would've BLOCKED them on everything. I'm so glad the Ethnic Gays have brought us closer together. I still remember laughing my ass off on our first real call which ended up being 8 hours long so that's how I knew you were a KEEPER. You are by far the most intelligent person that I've ever met on here. There's not a single problem that you can't help me solve. I also don't know anyone else that can save 500 in Zoo (you fucking freak) YOU ARE THE FROOKS LEAGUE.. love you forever bestie n stay cute. Have the best 19th birthday.  iiGalaxyii

✴ Zoon my own best friend ‘forgot’ to ask me to send a message for your bday so i’ll be a strong independent man and make a blog myself. Love ya bud, i am wishing you the bestttt for the year to come full of happiness and success. You kill me with your humor and sass and even though you bully me constantly I know i’ll always be your no 1. King shit  happy bday Christossss

Sorry if I missed any of Zay's friends, I tried to get as many people as possible in a very short time. Feel free to comment or mail me and I can add you to the blog :D


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✴ Happy Birthday King !! Enjoy your day today :two_hearts:  - Hisoka

What a great friend, love the simple one liner
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Happy birthday zoon !
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Happy birthday
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omg ily all so much!! <3
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happy birthday <3
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Happy birthday zoon! 🥳
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Hope you had a great BDay king Zoon
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happy bday mate hope you have a goodun Zoon
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Leg 8 final destination:

To cross the finish line and complete this game you must to to the blogs page and make a blog. Title of the blog must be the name of the largest city from this state.

Inside the blog, tag Cherita, and then list all 8 cities you visited, in order.

First person to do this correctly is the winner and will receive a gift this week. Next 5 people to do so will be entered into a and one of the 5 will receive a gift in an upcoming week. Thank you for participating!
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