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Does Skype still exist? Dec 5, 2021
I haven't opened that shit in months
Points: 28 3 comments
I had 7 cups of coffee today Dec 5, 2021
I have no nicotine, so im substituting my urges with coffee and im wired af. Dont vape kids.
Points: 31 2 comments
23 Nov 7, 2021
its just such a random and ugly number
Points: 291 24 comments
TV Star. Oct 11, 2021
Points: 475 32 comments
Vivor Homies Oct 7, 2021
The fact that you homies are having a vivor funeral for my 4 merge streak is so funny to me. Much love tho appreciate it

Points: 111 6 comments
Essence Sep 23, 2021
Why did Ricard say "Come on in guys" was inappropriate and that it shouldn't be used in today's time and age yet he called his tribe mates "guys".. i feel like this was unnecessary to change?
Points: 375 16 comments