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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Wes!

“I was about to trust Bluejay7622 and start liking him after a 13-post Frookies. I was very wrong. He has a beautiful, angelic face. But you know what? That is exactly what he uses to fool you. He wants you to think "someone who looks that nice could never be evil." He is a wolf in bird's clothing, and it is time for that wolf to shed it's costume and die.” ~Thirteen

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Day 8
25 Nov, 23
19 Nov, 23
19 Nov, 23
14 Nov, 23
11 Nov, 23
8 Nov, 23
25 Sep, 23

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  1. On my way to Mexico :)
  2. Rate my Christmas avi
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  4. Please someone tell me 3rd
  5. I appreciate everyone’s support ❤️17th
  6. All I ask 7th
  7. OMG THANK YOU 52.3%✨1st
  8. ✨ HOLOGRAPHICA #22 ✨3rd
  9. I- 1st
  10. Wait wtf...8th
  11. Karma always wins 2nd
  12. I think I’m losing braincells1st
  13. Am I liked or hated on this site 1st
  14. Its the way 4th
  15. Okay wait here me out 7th
  16. I hope everyone 17th
  17. Good morning everyone ❤️18th
  18. The thing about stars 19th
  19. Mark my words 18th
  20. One of y’all better win 18th

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