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Survivor Tengaged: Season 1 Finale Part 1

Jan 20, 2019 by Haykee
Also Hosted by BBMeganNicole

On Lavita:
Cihan (Cihan) -Malolo- -Naviti- -Malolo-
Skiinny (Skiinny) -Malolo- -Naviti- -Malolo-
CoCoVanderbilt (CoCo) -Naviti- -Malolo- -Naviti-
Iceey (Ryan) -Naviti- -Malolo- -Yanuya-
J2999 (J2999) -Naviti- -Malolo- -Yanuya-
Raiinbowners (Abbey) -Naviti- -Malolo- -Yanuya-

At the immunity challenge, CoCo wins individual immunity and is guaranteed a 1/5 shot at winning. CoCo also wins a steak dinner with baked potatoes, bread, & dessert. CoCo shares the reward with Abbey & Ryan.

At camp, Abbey & CoCo bond over their alliance that they formed on the original Naviti. Abbey & Skiinny bond strongly over the last vote. CoCo & Cihan bond strongly over their love of the game. The targets are:
Cihan is targeting Ryan
CoCo is targeting Cihan
Ryan is targeting Skiinny
The final targets are J2999, Cihan, & Ryan.

At tribal council, Jeff begins to ask questions. All castaways get a question.

The castaways vote:

First vote: Ryan

Second vote: J2999

Third vote: Skiinny

Fourth vote: Cihan

Fifth vote: Skiinny

Sixth vote: Cihan

We have a tie between Skiinny & Cihan.

The castaways vote again.

First vote: Cihan

Second vote: Cihan

The third vote, 15th person voted out, and the 8th Jury Member is.... Cihan, please bring me your torch.

Cihan, your tribe has spoken. (4-0)

Abbey: Cihan/Cihan
J2999: Cihan/Cihan
CoCo: Skiinny/Cihan
Ryan: Skiinny/Cihan
Cihan: Ryan
Skiinny: J2999

6th: Cihan (Cihan) (Malolo/Naviti/Malolo/Lavita)  (2-2-1-1/4-0  Day 36)
7th: Runaway (Runaway) (Naviti/Naviti/Naviti/Lavita)  (3-0*  Day 35)
8th: Caleb9211 (Caleb9211) (Malolo/Malolo/Naviti/Lavita) (4-2-2  Day 32)
9th: TheDeceiver (Deceiver) (Malolo/Malolo/Naviti/Lavita) (2-2-1/2-1  Day 29)
10th: TheACF12 (TheACF12) (Malolo/Naviti/Yanuya/Lavita) (3-1-1  Day 29)
11th: Sweetblossomrose1 (Nick) (Malolo/Naviti/Malolo/Lavita) (5-3-3  Day 27)
12th: SaskiaRae (Saskia) (Naviti/Naviti/Naviti/Lavita) (4-4-4/4-3-2  Day 25)
13th: top20fan33 (Cameron) (Malolo/Naviti/Malolo/Lavita) (6-4-3  Day 22)
14th: Icarus_Mark (Mark) (Naviti/Naviti/Yanuya) (4-1  Day 19)
15th: ItsLiv (Liv) (Naviti/Malolo/Malolo) (4-1  Day 17)
16th: Maxi1234 (Maxi) (Naviti/Naviti) (6-3  Day 14)
17th: TaraG (Tara) (Malolo/Malolo)  (5-3  Day 12)
18th: Supercooldrew5 (Drew) (Malolo/Malolo)  (5-3  Day 9)
19th: CalebDaBoss (Naviti)  (5-2-2  Day 6)
20th: Sharonmaitems (Sharon) (Malolo)  (6-3  Day 3)


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I’m the robbed queen
Where’s redemption island? :,(
Sent by Runaway,Jan 20, 2019
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