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Survivor Tengaged: Season 1 Episode 5

Jan 17, 2019 by Haykee
imageAlso hosted by BBMeganNicole

Previously on Survivor: Malolo won immunity for the first time post-swap and Liv was sent to ghost island. At ghost island J2999 did not have a chance at the game. At her first tribal council, Maxi was voted out in a vote of 6-3. 15 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Tribe Swap:

On Malolo-
ItsLiv (Liv) -Naviti- -Malolo-
top20fan33 (Cameron) -Malolo- -Naviti-
Sweetblossomrose1 (Nick) -Malolo- -Naviti-
Cihan (Cihan) -Malolo- -Naviti-
Skiinny (Skiinny) -Malolo- -Naviti-

On Naviti-
SaskiaRae (Saskia) -Naviti- -Naviti-
TheDeceiver (Deceiver) -Malolo- -Malolo-
Caleb9211 (Caleb9211) -Malolo- -Malolo-
Runaway (Runaway) -Naviti- -Naviti-
CoCoVanderbilt (CoCo) -Naviti- -Malolo-

On Yanuya-
Iceey (Ryan) -Naviti- -Malolo-
J2999 (J2999) -Naviti- -Malolo-
Raiinbowners (Abbey) -Naviti- -Malolo-
Icarus_Mark (Mark) -Naviti- -Naviti-
TheACF12 (TheACF12) -Malolo- -Naviti-

At the immunity challenge, Yanuya & Naviti win, sending Malolo to tribal council.

At Malolo camp, Cihan & Nick bond over their love of the game. Cihan & Liv bond slightly over not being in the majority alliance. The targets are:
Liv is targeting Nick
Nick is targeting Liv
Cihan is targeting Cameron
The final targets are Nick & Liv.

At Naviti camp, Caleb9211 & Saskia have a disagreement about Caleb9211's bossy nature in the challenge. CoCo & Deceiver bond slightly over being on Malolo before the swap.

At Yanuya camp, Mark is impressing his team with his performance in the challenge. Mark & Abbey bond strongly about TheACF12's off-putting attitude. Ryan takes over the gatherer role, impressing his team.

At tribal council, Jeff begins to ask questions. All of the castaways (Liv, Nick, Cihan, Cameron, & Skiinny) are asked questions.

The castaways vote:

First vote: Nick

Second vote: Liv

Third vote: Liv

The fourth vote and the 6th person voted out is.... Liv, please bring me your torch.

Liv, your tribe has spoken. (4-1)

Liv: Nick
Nick: Liv
Cihan: Liv
Cameron: Liv
Skiinny: Liv

Confessional Count for Episode 5:
4: Cihan, Liv
3: Ryan, Nick, Mark
2: Abbey, Caleb9211, Deceiver, Saskia
1: J2999, CoCo, TheACF12, Cameron
0: Skiinny, Runaway

15th: ItsLiv (Liv) (Naviti/Malolo/Malolo) (4-1  Day 17)
16th: Maxi1234 (Maxi) (Naviti/Naviti) (6-3  Day 14)
17th: TaraG (Tara) (Malolo/Malolo)  (5-3  Day 12)
18th: Supercooldrew5 (Drew) (Malolo/Malolo)  (5-3  Day 9)
19th: CalebDaBoss (Naviti)  (5-2-2  Day 6)
20th: Sharon (Malolo)  (6-3  Day 3)


Oh, a swap to 3 tribes?  Interesting!  Also, glad to be getting some positive screen time finally  :)
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 17, 2019
Ugh yes I’m an icon

Give me that screen time!!
Sent by Iceey,Jan 17, 2019
Iceey sooo iconic
Sent by BBMeganNicole,Jan 17, 2019
im a legend
Sent by skiinny,Jan 17, 2019

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