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Survivor Tengaged: Season 1 Episode 1

8thJan 16, 2019 by Haykee
image(The simulator is... Ghost Island) (Also hosted by BBMeganNicole)
On Malolo-
Caleb9211 (Caleb9211)
Cihan (Cihan)
SharonMaItems (Sharon)
Skiinny (Skiinny)
Supercooldrew5 (Drew)
Sweetblossomrose1 (Nick)
TaraG (Tara)
TheACF12 (TheACF12)
TheDeceiver (Deceiver)
top20fan33 (Cameron)

On Naviti-
CalebDaBoss (CalebDaBoss)
CoCoVanderbilt (CoCo)
Icarus_Mark (Mark)
Iceey (Ryan)
ItsLiv (Liv)
J2999 (J2999)
Maxi1234 (Maxi)
Raiinbowners (Abbey)
Runaway (Runaway)
SaskiaRae (Saskia)

The castaways get off of the boat and gather on their mat in front of Jeff. The tribes are told to pick a team leader. Malolo chooses Nick while Naviti chooses Runaway. The leaders are told to pick a runner & a puzzle solver for the first reward challenge. Nick chooses Deceiver as the runner and Sharon as the puzzle maker. Runaway chooses J2999 as the runner and CalebDaBoss as the puzzle maker. The challenge begins. Near the end of the challenge Runaway gets nervous and forfeits the challenge to keep the fishing gear. This means that the winner of the reward is Malolo, they win a massive shelter making kit, twenty eggs, and some flint.

At the immunity challenge Naviti wins immunity and get their flint, as well. The winning tribe get to send a player from Malolo to Ghost Island. The Naviti tribe chooses to send Drew to Ghost Island.

At Ghost Island Drew smashes an urn and gets the chose to play in a game or sit out. Drew decides to wager his vote and play the game. Drew wins an advantage (The advantage is not in the simulator yet).

At Malolo beach, Caleb9211 and TheACF12 find something in common. Skiinny and TheACF12 also find something in common. A new power alliance forms with Caleb9211, Cihan, Skiinny, Nick, Tara, TheACF12, Deceiver, & top20fan33. There is also an alliance in an alliance. This alliance is Caleb9211, Cihan & Nick. Skiinny wants to target Sharon due to her being the only person not in the alliance other than Drew. Sharon decides that she wants to target Caleb9211, not knowing he is in both alliances. Both of the alliances choose to target Sharon.

At Naviti beach, Liv & Saskia have a small fight due to the construction of the shelter. Liv and Runaway have a minor disagreement due to the fight between Liv & Saskia.

At tribal council, all of the Malolo castaways (besides Drew who is at GI) dip their torch in the fire and sit in their stools. Jeff asks Sharon, Skiinny, Caleb9211 Nick, Tara, and Cihan questions. (Deceiver, TheACF12, & Cameron do not get questions.)

The castaways vote:

First vote: Caleb9211

Second vote: Sharon

Third vote: Sharon

Fourth vote: Caleb9211

Fifth vote: Sharon

Sixth vote: Sharon

Seventh vote: Caleb9211

Eighth vote and the 1st player voted out is... Sharon please bring me your torch.

Sharon, your tribe has spoken.

Caleb9211: Sharon
Cihan: Caleb9211
Sharon: Caleb9211
Skiinny: Sharon
Nick: Sharon
Tara: Caleb9211
TheACF12: Sharon
Deceiver: Sharon
Cameron: Sharon

Confessional Count Episode 1:
9: Skiinny
4: Cihan, Sharon
2: Runaway, TheACF12, Nick, Liv, Tara
1: J2999, Caleb9211, Saskia, Mark, Maxi, Drew
0: Abbey, CoCo, Ryan, Deceiver, Cameron, CalebDaBoss

20th: Sharon (Malolo)  (6-3  Day 3)

There will be 4 episodes a day. Battle of the Frats will be released on BBMeganNicole 's blog following the ending of this season.

We hope you enjoy episode 1!


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love this omg im slaying
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Abbey Saskia Maxi and I are slaying
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