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Happy 23rd @BBMeganNicole ❤️ Dec 25, 2019
Happy Birthday BBMeganNicole

Happy birthday Sean! You have been my ride or die for over a year now! I’m so grateful for our friendship and everything that we have experienced together over this past year. You are truly one of, it not the most, important and influential people in my life. I could not see my life without you or our work time calls. Thank you for always having my back even if I didn’t deserve it half the time. Now it’s time for some gifts!

As Jackie said, go out there and party your ass off. You deserve it. I can’t wait to see you in May when we can party OUR asses off. I love you ❤️. HayKee

Happy Birthday Sean! While you may still hate me from that first Roblox Survivor Game we played together, I like to think of you as one of my good friends on here. You’re a great person, no matter if anyone tries to tell you otherwise. Wishing you an amazing 23rd birthday! pokepat

Dear sean, even though my message won’t stand out, my weight does to you, and you make it clear, and you also make it clear that your like a brother to me, yeah I just bro zoned you but really, your amazing and you’ve taught me how to be more mature and funny, thank you crimsonteer

Happy birthday Sean! I hope today is amazing. I miss talking to you. You are an absolute sweetheart ❤️ mercedes415

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!! I love you so much you’re so funny and great to talk to I miss our calls!!!! I hope you have the best birthday everrrr you deserve everything good to come in this crazy life :) thumper91

Happy birthday BBMegman / Mangan / Mickey Mouse ! Hope you have a great day Sean thriving as the MAN you are , and get everything you want, I’m glad we’ve spent a year getting to know one another and getting close, I enjoy talking to you whether it be just generic typing convos or through calls etc., a great guy and glad to know you! Enjoy whatever you get up to king you deserve it ! xx j2999

BBMEGANNICOLE, 23, FLORIDA BAYBAY! Happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite people I’ve met on this site! I adore you and love you Sean! I hope you have the best birthday and an awesome Christmas! I know that I’ll always have a true friend in you, and you always have one in me. Lots of love to you, enjoy Christmas and your birthday hope it’s fabulous as you are! ♥️ C_Shizz96

Hey Sean!! Happy birthday man, you’re An amazing person who will go far in life no matter how many times you want to pick fights or engage in fights in bitchy sisters (I’m obviously kidding) ily and I hope you have An amazing day asking logan to hang out w you 😉😉 Bvance1212

Happy B Day BBFatty! I hope you don't raise your cholesterol too much today, wouldn't wanna see you go out too soon! But regardless I hope you have a v good birthday surrounded by the people you love, youve been a good friend to me and many others for a while now and we all support u king. I will of course continue to call u fat and watch you be pressed, but enjoy yourself <3 purplebb4

Hey BBMEGAN FATTY WHORE SLUT CHOLESTEROL INFESTED CUNT. I wish you a very happy happy birthday. I hope you get a lot of sex from your sexy man. Thank you for being a great friend and always a fun person to talk to. You have a lot of impact in my life. I hope when you turn 56 today that you stop rigging Brants and become a fair host. Also, stop having sex with multiple men for once and settle for one. I know it's hard to be a hoe when you're born one but please get a vaccine for that. Anyways, I love you so so much. Please dont change except that horniness and have a great birthday and Merry Christmas.  Latisha0987

"MERRY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!!!! First of all, you are such a king!!! But ever since I was on that call with you and the other players when the Cutthroat Survivor Henan reunion was going on, I knew that me and you were definitely going to be good friends even though you led my demise LOL. I am soooo happy and blessed that we have gotten to know each other in the past several months. You are also always sooo supportive of me for anything and always never fail to put a smile on my face whenever you talk in Bitchy Sisters I hope you have the best day and Christmas ever!!! I love you sooo much!!! <3 ~ Love, Grace pinkiepie512
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M&L Survivor Season 2 Jul 3, 2019
If you want to play a survivor group game please join! :)

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Happy Birthday Hoe May 26, 2019
Happy birthday Latisha0987. <3 Love you!
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Please get this blog to +200 Apr 30, 2019
I'm sorry if I spam again but I really need this. Thanks you guys <3
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I've never been so happy to be single. Apr 20, 2019

Thanks for the support.

and others.
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