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Is it just me

Apr 30, 2015 by GA097
or is the season of #survivor incredible-(y fucking awful)
Like seriously holy shit what a fucking tease of a season. Literally every week after the Kelly blindside, 98% of each episode is building up the downfall of the worst alliance I can remember, but then at the end of each tribal it... doesn't happen? At least in other seasons if the outcome is shitty I can just stop watching, whereas in this season they just troll us every week by giving false hope throughout the entire episode only to crush it in the last 40 seconds.


Sent by temponeptune,Apr 30, 2015
I stopped watching South Pacific pretty early on in the season

I regret nothing
Sent by sahmosean,Apr 30, 2015
Mike COULD win immunity every single week from this point on, just like Fabio or Kelly, and we'll see the most amazing immunity run ever as he gets his deserving million dollars in the end.
Sent by Tailslover13,Apr 30, 2015
tailslover13 That's really far fetched.. But if it does somehow happen then I'm sure we'll all be excited when we read about it on wikipedia instead of watching the finale
Sent by GA097,Apr 30, 2015
oh it is
Sent by CarsonWorld,Apr 30, 2015

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