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Dec 30, 2013 by GA097
Holy shit Monica tanked in the finale. I get that she would rather stay loyal to her final 3 who were arguably less likable but holy fuck what a little tease. Why would you go up to the girls and tell them up front that you're willing to go with them when you know the jury is already extremely pissed at you for being the swing vote who got them out and it wasn't even silly unconvincing editing she straight up told them not to lose hope yet lmfaoo way to make yourself look worse. She knew she was the only way Tyson could win so he absolutely had to take her to the end. That given she could have literally done what ever the hell she wanted without risking her game. Example: she could have utilized this by going with the girls at final 5 (Tyson is immune and uses idol on Gervarse bc again, he HAS to sit with him and Monica in order to win) Ciera still goes and Monica gets Vytas Ciera Laura; and likely Tina/Katie and BAM shit got interesting and she wins. Overall it was still a good season even though I hated the outcome and there were so many better what-if scenarios that were sooo closeeeee to happening, and it didn't feel like a legitimate season of survivor half the time... Oh gawd this got long #survivor


Disagree....The jury was wrong to hate on Monica for not flipping. The real person they all should have been mad at is Ciera. She didn't flip at Final 7 when she had the chance; but rather waited 1 round too long (the white rock round).

If I was Monica, I would have pointed this out to the jury. Had Ciera flipped at Final 7 and went with Caleb, Hayden, and of those people in the Final 3 wouldn't have been there, and probably none of them would.
Sent by KarmaSutra,Dec 30, 2013

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