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I can't believe Monica was voted out Oct 22, 2015
imagefor fighting to put marine animals back in the sea
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I hope you have a great weekend everyone! Oct 22, 2015
Except for you, Kimmi Keppenberg, fuck you.
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I can't believe Monica Padilla gets voted out in 6 hours for saying "girls' alliance" Oct 21, 2015
God bless her

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God I wish Monica started on the other tribe Oct 19, 2015
Instead of like Kelly and then got PG/Shirin/Kelley/Abi together along with Jeff and ran the shit out of those first two tribals before getting inevitably murdered by Kimmi's fat ass at the swap. What an alpha male-hating feminist warrior
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Well... shit Oct 17, 2015
I think I read legit #survivor spoilers on FB
Can I unsee what I just saw? Were there any other seasons where the bootlist was pretty accurate but the winner was incorrect? The only one that comes to my mind is in Phillipines where everyone said Mike was winning but then Denise was like lol nope ^_^
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Pray4Monica Oct 17, 2015
Just caught up and my heart sank when she gave that confessional about wanting Spencer out bc I thought for sure it meant Bayon was losing and voting her out. And now they're showing fucking Kimmi bitching about Monica in the promo for next week?? Please tell me I'm just being paranoid and let us all gather and pray that she, along with Kass and Ciera at least make the merge
p.s RIP Jeff Varner

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