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Why do Tina and Katie have diff last names?

Dec 8, 2013 by GA097
I remember them teasing Katie for being single on the show so she's not married. Mmmm.... #survivor


GA097 Tina got remarried (her current husband isn't Katie's dad)
Sent by tofutime,Dec 8, 2013
Tina married a guy with last name Collins.   Thus, Katie and Taylor (RIP) were born Collins.

Tina then divorced and married Dale Wesson.  Tina took Dale's last name Wesson.

However, Katie and Taylor (RIP) kept their original dad's last name because that's what they had since they were born.
Sent by Survivorfan1111,Dec 8, 2013
survivorfan1111 i find it disrespectful that you even have to mention Taylor's name. By adding (RIP) after his name each time, youre basically mocking him
Sent by baller123,Dec 9, 2013

I mention Taylor because he deserves mention.  He was a Collin just as much as Katie.

And RIP means Rest in Peace.  I want to remind everyone what a good soul he was.
Sent by Survivorfan1111,Dec 9, 2013
survivorfan1111 umm, i know nothing about who he was? Do you even know or are you just saying that?
Sent by baller123,Dec 9, 2013
survivorfan1111 baller123 wtf are you even saying, how would that be offensive to his family members let alone fucking you? Go recount your chromosomes u dropped some
Sent by GA097,Dec 9, 2013

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