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Does the voting thing for season 31 really start tomorrow???

May 6, 2015 by GA097
And does anyone know how the voting will work?
Side note:Praying for Monica, Angie, Sabrina and fucking J'tia to get through, mostly the last 3. I don't really care for any of the guys they chose as there were so many better options to chose from I think (why isn't there anyone from Nicaragua on the list wtf)
P.s If Kelley, Stephanie or Mikayla get through I'm converting to Satanism.
Also, Natalie T. should just evaporate off this Earth. Bitch. That is all.


Stephanie was such an agro bitch though, Id love to see her and J'Tia go at it
Sent by sosyomomma,May 6, 2015
voting opens after the episode airs
Sent by Fobbyiyg,May 6, 2015
fobbyiyg how will the voting work though? Like did they say you get to vote for one girl and one guy only
Sent by GA097,May 6, 2015
GA097 we don't know yet, we only know the spoiled pool and the fact that production will be putting people in from the pool regardless of how votes go
Sent by Fobbyiyg,May 6, 2015
Sent by Timster,May 6, 2015
GA097 Angie and J'Tia got cut
Sent by SuitMan13,May 6, 2015

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