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Oct 17, 2015 by GA097
Just caught up and my heart sank when she gave that confessional about wanting Spencer out bc I thought for sure it meant Bayon was losing and voting her out. And now they're showing fucking Kimmi bitching about Monica in the promo for next week?? Please tell me I'm just being paranoid and let us all gather and pray that she, along with Kass and Ciera at least make the merge
p.s RIP Jeff Varner



I have a feeling Monica is going home next episode for SURE.
She got a little air-time this episode, to kinda connect her with the next one when she gets voted off.. And in the promo kimmi said Monica is a snake and Kimmi makes it far so I THINK monica is 90% going home next time.. Well not if they win immunity which I hope they do -.-
Sent by JoeDaManXD,Oct 17, 2015
Why does everyone presume Kimmi makes it far though? She has been less visible than Monica (which is really saying something lol) and Monica is way more useful in challenges than Kimmi's fat ass..
Sent by GA097,Oct 17, 2015
GA097 everyone thinks Kimmi makes it far because she is "old school" and has a lot of connections/friends in the game. Monica has no one.. But I think it could be ether Monica/Kimmi going home next ep. if they lose..
Sent by JoeDaManXD,Oct 17, 2015
JoeDaManXD yeah I guess.. Well at least we have a couple of days to mentally prepare
Sent by GA097,Oct 17, 2015

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